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Very Happy & Joyous New Year!

Oasis Movement : 2013

Oasis Valleys: Very Fast Becoming A Hub For
Initiating Processes To Revolutionize Education System

Oasis Valleys In 2013, Statistically -

Total Beneficiaries


Program Days


No. of Camps for Children


Children Beneficiaries


No. of Workshops


Total Workshop Days


Photo Journey Of Oasis Movement 2013


Beginning Of Love Series In Oasis L3 Course At Oasis Valleys

Highlights of the Month:

• Second year in Oasis L3 Course (the Philosophy, Art & Science of Living, Loving & Learning) began for the group of close friends and long time movement supporters. The second year is dedicated to Learning to Love.

Movement News:

Oasis organized an interactive public function with Nipun Mehta on "Understanding Giftivism" on 27th Jan at Vadodara.
{Nipun Mehta, from Berkeley, USA, is the founder of (formerly CharityFocus); work of which is based on volunteerism, technology and gift-economy.}

• MHS Vishesh (‘Mahan Hrudayona SaReGaMaPaDhaNi’) workshop series ended with celebrations.


"Hun Chhu Jyotirdhar" Abhiyaan Begins With Orientation Sessions

Highlights of the Month:

• “Hun Chhu Jyotirdhar” Movement began with orientation of teachers for specially designed Oasis Course. The whole movement is based on voluntary commitment of individual teachers.

• A new batch of Oasis L3 Course began for some 23 professionals.

• Children & Youths of C K Prajapati Schools enthusiastically participated in Oasis Camps

Movement News:

ASHA – Oasis organized series of events for distribution and promotion of Hygiene Kits in 14 Govt. Schools of Bangalore benefiting some 620 students and 136 parents.

Oasis iLead Program was extended to Mindtree, USA. {Oasis iLead Program is a special series of Oasis workshops designed for senior management at Mindtree, a global IT solutions company based in Bangalore, India and is being conducted over last two and a half years.}

• Oasis Workshops for Sr. Management of Excel Group of Companies began at Oasis Valleys.


Back-to-back 8 Life Camps Marked The Month

Highlights of the Month:

• A series of Life Camps at Oasis Valleys kept it busy & pulsating for many days.

• New facilitators of Oasis Camps experienced the basis of working with children with Oasis philosophy. It turned out to be a life changing experience for them.

Movement News:

ASHA (Oasis) celebrated International Women's Day at Madurai, Tamil Nadu. A series of mini workshops conducted on adolescence at 7 different urban and rural locations of Madurai (Tamil Nadu) for 7th & 8th std. girls. Some 1600 girls participated and benefited from the program.

• ASHA organized a mini workshop on adolescence for some 45 differently-abled students of APD (The Association of People with Disability) center at Kamthapalli Village, Di. Kolar, Karnataka.

• A hygiene Camp was organized at Vatsalyadham, Kukeri for their 97 students.


With 1st Batch Of Teachers, Oasis Course Begins
For "Hun Chhu Jyotirdhar" Abhiyaan

Highlights of the Month:

• Some 84 teachers from Navsari Dist. took lead and joined the 4-year Oasis Course as part of …Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan. The movement began with the start of workshop with the first batch.

• Patriotism Camp organized on Women Empowerment at Oasis Valleys. 50 students from various cities of Gujarat took part in the camp.

At the end of the 5 day camp, on 21st April, the participants took out a rally in Vadodara city.

• Training for new facilitators of HCJ Abhiyaan began at Oasis Valleys.

• Special L3 Course for Oasis Core Committee Members started.

Movement News:

• 3 Day Oasis Life camp was organized for 6 to 8th standard students of Samarth Vidya Mandir School – Helpers of the Handicapped (HOH), Kolhapur (Ujgaon), Maharashtra.

Camp included kids from different social background including socially disadvantaged community and physically challenged students from the HOH hostel studying in this school.


3rd General Summerhill Camp,
Another Milestone In Oasis Freedom Movement

Highlights of the Month:

• 80 children from all over Gujarat and from Mumbai got together at Oasis Valleys during 4th May to 10th May for the 3rd General Summerhill Camp. It was another step towards freedom & happiness for children.

• 113 students of 'Vatsalyadham', part of Shantaba Vidyalaya, Kukeri, Dist. Navsari, participated in the 2nd special Summerhill Camp organized at Oasis Valleys during May 2013. Camp was very important to give big thrust to the growing confidence of children.

• Oasis Course for 3 more batches of teachers of ...Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan began.

Movement News:

• During this summer vacation, 19 selected teenagers were taken to Himalayas for Advanced Leadership Development Camp under IYLDP(Indian Young Leadership Development Program). This project was the first of its kind project with the teenagers to create a team of responsible citizens & able leaders.


Special Summerhill Camp For Children Of 'School On Wheels'

Highlights of the Month:

• Special Summerhill Camp for students associated with 'School On Wheels' (a Project run by Sister Nivedita Foundation, Rajkot). 78 Students from 8 Schools of Saurashtra, Gujarat, celebrated Festival of Happiness & Freedom at Oasis Valleys.

• Special batches of Navsari Children & Youths enjoyed Oasis Camps at Oasis Valleys.

Movement News:

• 7 New members of ...Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan joined as facilitators and their training started at Oasis Valleys.


Children, Youths, Teachers & Parents Visit Oasis Valleys
In Various Programs

Highlights of the Month:

• The beneficiaries of Oasis Workshops started paying forward by sending their students to Oasis Valleys for Oasis Camps. Mahesh Purohit, participant of Oasis L3 Course, sent his students for Oasis Workshop.

• Hiral Soni, student of std. 11 and youngest member of Oasis Team, shared her growth & learning process at Oasis with HCJ Abhiyaan Teachers and her story moved many of them deeply.

Movement News:

• Life camps and Oasis Workshops continued to keep Oasis Valleys busy.

• iLearn Dialog Circle, an advanced leadership program designed for an in-house project at Mindtree (IT Multinational), was conducted by Oasis at their Bangalore office for 2 batches of leaders.


Life & Love Camps, Leadership Camps, Envi. Camp, Workshops....
A Month Full Of All Sorts Of Activities

Highlights of the Month:

• 17 teenaged students from Navsari, chosen from Oasis Life Camps, were invited for Advance Leadership Development Camp organized during 3rd and 4th August, 2013.

• 19 Teenagers associated with SOW (School On Wheels, Saurashtra) were also invited for Advance Leadership Development Camp.

• Environment Awareness Camp was organized at Oasis Valleys for 5th Graders of Fountainhead School, Surat. 82 kids participated in the camp over 2 days.

• As intervention for boosting their enthusiasm, Summerhill Review Camp for Vatsalyadham students was organized at Oasis Valleys. 78 students participated in it.

Movement News:

• ASHA (OASIS), Bangalore included new team members and their training began.

• Another workshop for Excel Group Management Team at Oasis Valleys.



Oasis Workshops Continue In Heaviest Of Rains At Oasis Valleys

Highlights of the Month:

• Oasis Valleys witnessed heaviest rain of last one decade, but Oasis Workshops continued without interruptions.

• 2 more workshops for Excel group of companies conducted at Oasis Valleys.

Movement News:

• 1st year concluded for the 1st batch of ...Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan Teachers with very positive and encouraging feedback.


State Level Organizers Boost "Hun Chhu Jyotirdhar" Movement

Highlights of the Month:

• First Oasis Workshop for State-level Organizers of ...Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan. The workshop was conducted at Oasis Valleys for around 19 Trustees and representatives of various educational institutes from different parts of Gujarat.

• Mital Desai, one of the teacher of …Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan, inspired by Oasis workshop, organized a special session for girls of her school, D D High School for Girls, Navsari (Gujarat), which was conducted by Hiral Soni. Some 100 girls participated in the program which touched their heart to the core.

Movement News:

• Group of 9 teachers from Karnataka, associated with Sikshana Project, tasted Oasis Program organized at Oasis Valleys during the month. It was highly appreciated and the teachers committed to join …Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan.

• 1st year concluded for the new group of L3 course with very positive feedback.


Special Summerhill Camp For Young Leaders Of Oasis

Highlights of the Month:

• The Biannual Summerhill Camp during Diwali was special. Participants consisted of selected teenagers with leadership qualities who were chosen from around 10 Summerhill camps organized at Oasis Valleys over the last 2 years.

• The 3rd Special Summerhill Camp for Vatsalyadham (Kukeri, Dist. Navsari) Students was organized at Oasis Valleys. It was highly encouraging camp for all teenagers.

• After highly inspirational session at their school, D D High School for Girls, Navsari; Life camp was organized at Oasis Valleys in the month of November for the girls. 50 enthusiastic girls participated in it.

Movement News:

• Last batch of 1st group of …Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan teachers concluded their 1st year.


Teachers Of Anand Dist. Begin Their Journey At Oasis Valleys
With "Hun Chhu Jyotirdhar" Abhiyaan

Highlights of the Month:

• Anand became the second district to join …Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan after Navsari. First batch of 21 teachers from Anand Dist. began their journey with Oasis Course. It was also a beginning of a new journey for Dr. Kishor Naik (Navsari), as facilitator.

• Oasis Workshops were organized for teachers of Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch (Gujarat) who wish to join …Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan.

• Life Camps for special groups of students from Sadvikas Center, Surat & Anand Niketan School, Kaparada were organized during the month.

Movement News:

• Sr. Management of Agrocel Ind. Ltd., Kutch (Gujarat), part of Excel group of companies, attended Oasis Workshop.

• Diploma Series started in Oasis L3 Course for the group of close friends & professionals.

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