Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 7  I ISSUE 16  I Sept 1, 2014

Oasis Valleys: Final Phase of Construction Surges Ahead!

Oasis has been working for human and social development for over 25 years now, has created unique courses in these areas. Various workshops have been designed for the facilitation and creation of better human beings, better organizations, better society, and better World!

With a view to consolidate our activities,“OASIS Valleys” - a unique dream project in the subcontinent and perhaps Asia's first Institution of its kind for Character-building and Scientific Human Development Courses - has been created amid 9-acre of organic model farm-forest at Chanod, Vadodara.

First phase of construction was completed by the end of 2011 and a functional institute was inaugurated in January 2012. So far, more than 3000 children & 1000 adults have been benefited from various camps and workshops in the first two years with a total of 465 plus program days.

Oasis programs, especially children camps, have expanded many folds then and a genuine need arose to expand the facilities, and so the 2nd and final phase of construction was initiated in January 2014.

Phase II (Final): 2014-15

Area of New Construction 2015: 17,000 sq.ft.

Estimated Cost:     Rs. 5.0 Crore**

• Dormitory: Residential facility for 100 kids with
    separate area for Boys & Girls

• 8-10 Classrooms: Of Different sizes from 200 -
    600 sq.ft.

• Kitchen & Services: Expansion including
    dining area, dish-wash, staff accommodation

• Utilities: Overhead Tank, Generator, Fire Safety
    Equipments, Solar Systems

• Campus Development: Pathways & Steps, Pond,
    Amphitheatre, Playground

(** Final figure under evolution till all the working drawings received)

Phase I: 2008-11

Area of Old Construction 2011:
    17,000 sq.ft.

Total Cost:     Rs. 2.5 Crore

• Training Halls: 2 Training halls with
   capacity to hold 120 children or 70
   adults each
• 11 Residential rooms: 200 sq.ft. with
   boarding facility of 3-4 adults in
• Kitchen & Services: Temporary
   kitchen, store & multi purpose hall
   for boys-dorm cum dinning area
• Utilities: Fence, Borewell
• Campus Development: Plantation of
   5000 trees, 118 species of fruits,
   jungle & herbal trees

New Team takes over with Renewed Mission

Central Team of Oasis Valleys Phase II Development:

Project Leaders:

Parag Shah, Oasis Valleys Project Vision & Team Leader:
(Diamantaire, Surat)

Mind of a genius in Architecture, competent technocrat, a brilliant facilitator of institutions, stupendous all-round contributor at Oasis

Snehal Shah, Oasis Valleys Project Vision & Team Leader and Design Head:
(Chief Architect, Essteam, Surat)

Pursuer of mammoth excellence, project mastermind and a hallmark of a human being

Yogesh Patel, Overall Project Co-ordination & Resource Management:
(Businessman - Transport, Surat)

Dynamic entrepreneur, motivator, enthusiastic leader and a giver par-excellence

Viral Patel, Project Management & Execution:
(Land Developer, Vadodara)

Thorough gentleman, silent determination and a big-hearted contributor

Siddharth Mehta, Resource Generation Team Mentor:
(Diamantaire, Surat)

An explorer, genuinely passionate about living, loving, learning, sharing and facilitating

Support Team: Resource Generation

Vijay Dalal, Coordinator, USA:
(Financial Advisor, New Jersey)

Man of vision & mission for social welfare, profound thinker and enthusiastic mentor, huge achiever yet amazingly humble; he cares & shares his life lion heartedly

Mihir Kaji, Coordinator, IT & Corporate Section:
(Finance Advisor & Planner, Surat)

An epitome of nobility, authenticity, sincerity and affectionate giving

Jigar Shah, Coordinator, Surat Team:
(Asso. Director, CA Firm, Surat)

Studious, deeply committed, thoroughly positive and completely reliable

Hiral Patel, Coordinator, Vadodara Team:
(Project Admn. & Camps Facilitation, OASIS)

A brave and sensitive soul, fast track dedication, woman with a golden heart

Dr. Ami Desai, Central Co-ordination:
(Trustee, OASIS, Surat)

Steely determination, inherently calm and simple, fiercely independent

Share and Care Foundation, USA - We thank them for being our resource co-ordinating partner at USA for Oasis Valleys funding program.

Support Team: Execution

Preeti Nair, Legal:
(Managing Trustee, OASIS)

Sensitive & simple-hearted, affectionate and disciplined, Hard core administrator

Dr. Pallavi Raulji, Onsite Management:
(Trustee, OASIS)

Deep conviction & faith in cause, tremendous energy to pursue & accomplish, service is joy for her

Mehul Panchal, Landscape Development:
(Trustee, OASIS)

Brilliant Earth Engineer at Oasis, dreamer, intelligent, deep sensitivity for environment, gentle and with artistic sensitivities

Binit Shah, Accounts & Audit:
(Chief Accounts Coordinator, OASIS)

Multi-tasking champion of Oasis, hard working, thoughtful, trustworthy, compassionate and highly dedicated

Support Team: Consultants

Hemant Shukla, Chief Structure Designer:
(Technocrat Consultants, Surat)

Profound and sound knowledge, open minded, competent inputs as engineer

Mahadevbhai Desai, Structure Consultant:
(CMD, Sthapati Designers & Consultants, Navsari)

Great visionary & dreamer, exemplary commitment for nation building, unmatched energy to pursue dreams till end; Pioneer of Vanche Gujarat Abhiyaan

Support Team: Coordinators

Alkesh Raval, Phase I construction Coordination & Data:
(IT, DTP & Publication Coordination, OASIS)

All rounder, On-the-job learner & emergency life-line at Oasis- extremely hard working and dedicated team mate

Sheeba Nair, Individual & Team Support, Policy Issues:
(Trustee, OASIS)

Brilliant combination of Intelligence & Innocence, Mesmerising Orator & World-class Facilitator, Ever smiling and out to make world a happy place

Project Mission Statement

While we build Oasis Valleys,

Oasis Valleys builds me-us-Oasis Movement...

Our Spirit - Let's BE the change that we wish to see in the world.

Our Endeavour -
To engage hundreds of lifelong friends of Oasis,
Who share our sensitivity for the cause of Nation Building through Character Education and
To create Oasis Valleys institute through their wholehearted blessings and thoughtful involvement.

Our Practice - This journey is our ongoing workshop of Living, Loving and Learning..!


Because we said, we would..


- Oasis Valleys Team

You give but little when you give of your possessions,
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give!
- Kahlil Gibran

Key Values for Creation of Oasis Valleys

Project Values

1. OASIS TRUST: People based Voluntarism, Oriented to Education and Development
2. OASIS VALLEYS: Sustainability, WOW Feeling and Functional
3. CONSTRUCTION: Simplicity, Honesty, Transparency
4. TEAMWORK: All bloom!, Diversity, Generosity, Synergy, Learner Friendliness, Discipline
5. DECISION MAKING: Inclusiveness, Consensus

Architectural and Design Values

1. Oneness with nature
2. Transparency
3. Articulates with our philosophy
4. Flexibility for growth possibilities
5. Contextual
6. Hygiene/ Cleanliness
7. Innovative, Energy Efficient
8. Low Capital

Key Values of Construction /Execution

1. Execution as early as possible to respect donor fund
2. Zero-waste Management
3. Win-win approach with all agencies
4. Zero-accident: Safery as top priority
5. Work execution & Quality exactly as defined
6. Be prepared with plan for any crisis Today
7. Maintain Budget & Time schedule as committed
8. Keep institute running

Oasis Valleys Central Team Meeting at Surat on 21st Aug
to Realign with Vision & Values

Ongoing Construction of Phase II

(click here for brief project overview)

Appeal for Contribution:

All who wish to join, contribute or need more details, please write to Dr. Ami Desai on

Friends from USA & overseas may directly write to Preeti Nair on

Corporates wishing to partner, please write to Mihir Kaji on

Why should you contribute for this project?

o We need license to drive a car, but not for marrying!
o We need years of education for being employed but not for producing & rearing children!
o We are taught how to speak, read, and write but not how to listen & understand the other

• Being formally educated is not the guarantee for happiness today.
• There is no alternative to being a good human and so education for character building is very, very
• It’s easy to contribute for religious or emotionally appealing projects.
• It requires lot of thoughtfulness to contribute for investing for bettering human beings.
• We all have power to transform the society. Our decisions and actions can create a better society.
   It’s our choice.

If you also share this dream of ours, if you wish to gift something great to the youths which they will never forget in their lifetime, if you wish to leave a legacy for our nation that goes well beyond organizational and commercial success, we sincerely invite you to join us in reaching this movement to every single youth of this country.

The True spirit of Giving

We create our living by what we get, but we create our life by what we give.
So, let’s give a lot and give whole-heartedly.

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