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Wish You a Very Happy & Healthy 2015!

Oasis Movement Furthers Growth at Various Fronts

An Over View of the Past Year

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Monthly Journey of Oasis Movement


Oasis L3 Course for New Batch of 20 Professionals Begins

Highlights of the Month:

• New batch of 20 professionals began Oasis L3 Course, facilitated by Sheeba Nair (Trustee, OASIS & Chief Facilitator).

• 27 teachers from Anand Dist. Joined ‘Hun Chhu Jyotirdhar’ Abhiyaan (HCJ Abhiyaan) with having their first workshop at Oasis Valleys, which was facilitated by Hiral Patel (Oasis Chief Program Coordinator).

• Navsari group of professionals began the third year (Diploma Year) of Oasis L3 Course with the first workshop of series, called Integrity Series. Sanjiv Shah (Founder, Oasis Movement) and Sheeba Nair are facilitating the series.


Second Batch of Organizers & Leading Teachers of HCJ Abhiyaan
Tasted the First Workshop of Oasis L3 Course

Highlights of the Month:

• Second batch of Organizers & Leading Teachers of Hun Chhu Jyotirdhar (HCJ) Abhiyaan tasted the first workshop of 4-year Oasis L3 Course facilitated by Sheeba Nair.

• First group of Navsari Teachers (HCJ Abhiyaan) & Professionals of L3 batch-2013 entered into the 2nd year of the workshop series, which is called Love Series.

• Children of Navsari, Vadodara Schools and Charlie Trust, Surat experienced Life Camps.

• Youngest Oasis Facilitator, Hiral Soni (Std. 12th Student) had her first experience of facilitating Life Camp with the lead facilitator Hiral Patel.

Movement News:

"Hun Chhu Jyotirdhar" Abhiyaan:

# Love Series (2nd Year) began for first batch (2013) of Navsari Teachers. 3 workshops were organised in 3 groups, at 3 different venues during 14 to 16 February.

# Session on Ayurved & Health by Sanjiv Shah for 80 HCJ Teachers at Navsari on 1st February received warm response.


Series of 9 Life Camps and a Dream India Camp
Kept Oasis Valleys pulsating with Joy & Happiness

Highlights of the Month:

• Series of 9 Life Camps kept Oasis Valleys pulsating with Joy & Happiness of Children.

• Month ended with high energy Oasis Dream India Camp for special group of 10th & 12th Board Students from Navsari & Vadodara.

Movement News:

Construction (Phase II) at Oasis Valleys Institute began

• Phase II of construction began at Oasis Valleys Institute which will expand residential facilities & Kitchen to accommodate more than 100 children & 30 adults at a time.


Dream India Camp in Kannada Language for Bangalore Youths

Highlights of the Month:

• A special Dream India Camp was organized for youths of Bangalore, associated with Oasis ASHA and other social organizations. The language of conduction was Kannada, which was very unique feature of this camp. Oasis ASHA Founder, Dr. Neha Vakharia facilitated the camp.

• Another batch of HCJ Abhiyaan Organizers & Leading Teachers had their orientation workshop at Oasis Valleys.

• Oasis Movement Core Committee had their special workshop of L3 Course.

• A special Life Camp was organized for girls of Navsari & Vadodara schools, which was facilitated by Hiral Patel & was supported by Purvi Naik (Oasis Program Coordinator, Navsari).

Movement News:

Oasis Schools Project:

• Under the project of Oasis Schools (promoting schools working on principles of Freedom & Happiness), first meeting was organized at Oasis Head office, Vadodara, on 8th April, 2014, where 26 people – school authorities, principals & leading teachers – had taken part.

Oasis-ASHA (Adolescent Students' Health Alternative), Bangalore:

• During their Golden Jubilee Celebration, Bhagini Samaj Charitable Trust, Bangalore, felicitates founder of Oasis-ASHA, Dr. Neha Vakharia.


In Leadership Dream India Camp, Young leaders of Oasis Took Challenge of Makeover of Oasis Valleys Campus & Institute

Highlights of the Month:

• With 3 Dream India Camps back-to-back, ‘Enjoy-Learn-Create-Together’ reverberated in valleys for long time.

• In special Leadership Dream India Camp, young Oasis Leaders took challenge of makeover of Oasis Valleys Campus & Institute.

Movement News:

Oasis Indian Young Leadership Development Project (IYLDP):

Special Leadership Development Camp at Himalayas

• Under Oasis IYLDP, a special leadership camp at Himalayas was organized for 16 young leaders during 24th May to 4th June. Pallavi Raulji & Hiral Patel facilitated the camp and were supported by Binit Shah & Viral Panchal.


Special Dream India Camp for Girls of
Shabari Chhatralay & Higher Secondary Girls Hostel, Kaparada

Highlights of the Month:

• Special Dream India Camp for Girls of Shabari Chhatralay, Kaparada & Higher Secondary Girls Hostel, Bilpudi, Dist. Valsad, was organized and facilitated by Hiral Patel & Mayuri Gohil.

• Love camp for senior girls of D.D.Girls High School, Navsari was facilitated by Chaitali Mehta, Trustee, OASIS.

Movement News:

‘Hun Chhu Jyotirdhar’ Abhiyaan:

• 100 More Teachers Join the Movement in the month of June. 4 New Batches started by 4 new Facilitators – Nipun Shah, Pratiksinh Parmar, Ar. Snehal Shah, Dr. Atul Unagar.

• With the first workshop during 5th to 7th June at Khedbrahma, Sabarkantha Dist. joins HCJ Abhiyaan. Dr. Atul Unagar facilitated the workshop.

ASHA, Bangalore:

• On 24th June, ASHA Oasis organized a Team Building Meeting to mark the beginning of the new academic year. 21 volunteers got together for the meeting in which 7 new volunteers joined ASHA Team.
• New team of 7 team-mates took over the complete responsibility of ASHA, this year.


Workshops & Construction continue as Monsoons hit Oasis Valleys

Highlights of the Month:

• Workshops continue amidst ongoing construction at Oasis Valleys Institute & rain.

• In Love series, 2nd workshop was organized for the L3 Batch-2013.


Love & Life Camps for Special Group of Children of Surat & Navsari

Highlight of the Month:

• Charlie Trust Children had Love camp; second in the series of camps under Oasis Freedom Movement for Children. During the camp Charlie children celebrated Friendship day with children of construction team labors.

Movement News:

ASHA Oasis:

ASHA Oasis launches Workshops for small children against Child Sexual Abuse. 300 Volunteers participated in series of Training Workshops - 285 at Bangalore & surrounding area and 14 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

• ASHA activities in Ahmedabad expand as more volunteers join the team.

‘Hun Chhu Jyotirdhar’ Abhiyaan:

• With 38 teachers of Gurukul Schools, Pirana, Ahmedabad Dist. joins HCJ Movement from this August. First workshop was facilitated by Mehul Panchal, Trustee, OASIS.

Oasis Publication:

In the presence of Leading Citizens & Doctors of Vadodara, Oasis Publication celebrated launch of its latest book 'Sneh, Sarvar ane Chamatkar', a gujarati translation by Dr. Amrut Patel (Superintendent, Satyagrah Hospital, Bardoli) from Bestseller Book 'Love, Medicine & Miracle' by American Surgeon, Dr. Bernie Segal.


First Bi-annual Learning Retreat for HCJ Facilitators

Highlights of the Month:

• Integrity Series of Diploma Year of Oasis L3 Course concluded for 2 batches of professionals.

• First batch of HCJ Facilitators underwent intense training at Oasis Valleys in their first Bi-annual Learning Retreat. Siddharth Mehta took responsibility as Chief Mentor.

Movement News:

ASHA Oasis:

• “Good Touch Bad Touch” Workshop For Principals & Teachers of 100 Govt. Rural Schools of Hosur (Tamil Nadu) was organized on 9th September.

• Workshop on" Good Touch and Bad Touch" was organized for around 106 teachers of govt. rural schools of Krishnagiri dist., Tamil Nadu on 13th September 2014.

Oasis Publication:

• In a special launch ceremony at Vadodara on 28th September, Oasis Publication released the latest publication “Aakhare Aazad”, translation in Gujarati from a revolutionary book “Free at Last” from the founder of Sudbury Valley School, USA, Mr. Daniel Greenberg.


Oasis L3 Course for Teenagers Launched;
Young Leaders appreciated it well

Highlights of the Month:

• Dozen Oasis Camp Facilitators planned 15 Dream India Camps for year 2015 in their first training workshop, which was facilitated by Sheeba Nair.

• New chapter in Oasis Character-building Education Movement began with the first workshop of Oasis L3 Course for Teenagers. 42 young leaders experienced L3 Course and appreciated it very much. Sanjiv Shah & Sheeba Nair facilitated the first workshop, which lasted for 6 days.

Movement News:

Oasis launched a special L3 Course for Children of Navsari. Parents, Teachers & Children attended Orientation Session on 2nd October.


Diwali Vacation ended with Dream India Camp

Highlight of the Month:

• 48 children from all over Gujarat & outside Gujarat participated in Dream India Camp during Diwali Vacation.


Second Bi-annual Learning Retreat for HCJ Abhiyaan Facilitators
Received Very Warm Response

Highlights of the Month:

• Second Bi-annual Learning Retreat for HCJ Abhiyaan Facilitators was warmly facilitated by Siddharth Mehta under the guidance of Sheeba Nair.

• Learning to be Responsible Human-beings in the atmosphere of Freedom, special groups of children from Charlie Help Universe Trust, Surat & Oasis ASHA Project schools of Ahmedabad had their Dream India Camp at Oasis Valleys. Dr. Ami Desai, Trustee OASIS, facilitated her first D.I.Camp with Mehul Panchal.

• First time in the history of Oasis, within a span of 10 days, Dr. Pravin Shah, renowned vascular surgeon from New York, USA, experienced Oasis Workshop, underwent training for being facilitator & facilitated his first workshop for group of 15 professionals.

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