Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 8  I ISSUE 23  I Dec 1, 2015

Celebrations Begin at Oasis Valleys
With Completion of Expansion of Institute

Welcome to 'New' Oasis Valleys!

Dining Hall - ‘संयम’

A new large size multi-purpose hall at top floor, chiefly to be used for dining; with sitting capacity of 300 people.

Dormitories: ‘જિંદગી’ & ‘स्नेहम्’

Newly built Dormitories, mainly for Children; which adults also can use and can be used as class room for activities, too.

Improved Facilities at All Levels

Facilities improved at all levels with an aim to give more comfort.

Oasis Pond: ‘રણદ્વીપ’

Properly constructed Oasis Pond at the end of Valley 2, which will be a water body to cool atmosphere in summer and an Oasis for birds!

Solar Water Heating System

In a step forward to Green Building, Solar Water Heating System with latest technology is included. A 4000 Litres per Day capacity System is installed.

Bio-Filter, A Green Sewage Treatment Plant : ‘નિર્મળ’

Another feature towards Green Building is latest Sewage Treatment Plant, called Bio-filter. With the use of farm waste, bacteria culture and earth-worms, sewage water is filtered and turned into good usable water for cleaning and agriculture purpose. The plant will treat 15000 lts of sewage water in a day.

Improved Pathways in Valleys

Improved Pathways in valleys and sides of Building. (Work is in progress at the moment)

Sturdy and Enhanced Directional Boards

More strong & improved directional boards at all important locations for visitor friendly experience.

Families & Friends Experience ‘New’ Oasis Valleys
In First of Series of Inaugurations

(Above Photo) Oasis Valleys construction coordinator Alkesh Raval explaining the concept to guests

On 20th November, a group of 50 guests, which mainly included family members of Oasis Team of Vadodara, visited Oasis Valleys on the occasion of first Inaugural event of Oasis Valleys Institute. A series of inaugural events have been organized in coming couple of months.

During a program of 3-4 hrs, guests took a farm and institute tour. Oasis Movement Core member & OV construction coordinator Alkesh Raval explained the values practiced at farm and in designing & construction of the building. During the sharing session after the tour, family members expressed their support and heartfelt wishes to Oasis.

The whole program was coordinated by Dr. Maya Soni, Chief coordinator, Oasis Ahmedabad.

“I wish Oasis would spread its roots more and more into the society”

Photo above: Dr. Maya Soni in action during the sharing session

Couple of reflections from Guests:

I'd heard a lot about Oasis before my visit to its campus on 20th Nov, 2015. After writing on a book published by Oasis in my weekly column, I came to know about various activities and programs conducted by it. After that, a full-fledged write up by Oasisian and my friend Kshama Kataria in our half yearly magazine 'Jalso', my desire to visit Oasis became intense.

During our visit there for nearly half a day, not for a single minute did we felt that we were first-timers. An effortless environment of camaraderie, informality, friendliness was prevalent all the time, as if we know everybody and everybody knows us. The values being taught there was easily and naturally reflected in everybody's attitude.

The beautiful campus and the hard work to make it so, is worth praising but more important is the values being practiced there.

I wish Oasis would spread its roots more and more into the society and wish the Oasisians all the best for that.

~ Biren Kothari, Writer (Biographical Writing) & Columnist, Vadodara

ક્યારેય સ્મરણ કરીએ તો એવો રમણીય કુદરતનો ખોળો જ્યાં અદ્ભુત શાંતિ અને નિર્ભયતાનો અનુભવ થાય એવી સંસ્થા; જ્યાં હાજર દરેક વ્યક્તિને એકબીજાની કાળજી હોય, એકમેકના સહકાર અને નાના મોટા દરેકને આદરથી કાર્ય કરવાની ધગશ હોય, સારાં કામ કર્યાનો સંતુષ્ટ અને નિર્મળ આનંદ ચહેરા પર છલકાતો હોય.

ત્યાંના મનમોહક વાતાવરણની વાત કરીએ તો પ્રવેશતા જ વૃક્ષોની ઝૂકીને સલામી ભરવાની અદા, આછા ગુલાબી રંગની સાડી ઓઢેલાં કાચનારનાં વૃક્ષો, લાલ ઝૂમરની જેમ ઝૂલતી ગળો, દેખાવ અને સ્વાદમાં અનેરાં એવાં સીતાફળ, કેળા વગેરે ફળો, સુગંધિત પુષ્પોનાં વૃક્ષો, નજરમાં વસી જાય તેવાં શાકભાજી, વાલોરનાં ફૂલોથી આચ્છાદિત જાજમ! અવનવી પણ છતાંય ઘણી જૂની ગંગામાની સ્વનિર્ભર જીવન શૈલી દર્શાવતો પ્રયોગ!

સર્વસ્વ કુદરતને સોંપી દેવાની ભાવના ઊભરાઈ આવે તેવું એક માત્ર સ્થળ! સાત્વિક આહાર, સ્વચ્છતા અને સ્વાસ્થ્યની તકેદારી રાખતી સુવિધાઓ! જાણે એક નાનકડું સ્વર્ગ!

~ રેખાબેન કુલકર્ણી, નિવૃત્ત બેંક અધિકારી, વડોદરા

Guests with Oasis Team & Staff, at the end of the program.

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