Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement         Year 9 /  Issue 12 /  Apr 16, 2016
Oasis Movement in March 2016

Corporate Professionals experience Oasis L3 Workshop

First Workshop Inspires Hewlett Packard Team, Bangalore
(Photo Top) Facilitator Sheeba Nair, clearing the concept to participants;
(Photos Bottom) Participants in group discussion

Telco Big Data Analysis (TBDA) Group from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bangalore had their first workshop of Oasis L3 Course at their premises at Bangalore from 1st to 3rd March, 2016. 19 team members participated in the workshop which was facilitated by Sheeba Nair from Oasis.
“It is one of the best workshops I have attended;
Will make me productive professionally & personally”
The Group with facilitator Sheeba Nair
Crux of reflections from participants after the workshop:

“This workshop was an emotional journey for me. I think it transformed some part in me; I am at a lot of peace since then. After a long tussle I really know what matters to me most. I have decided to live each day as it comes and live as it is my last day.
I have started looking at paradigms and it helps to know that everyone is right from their perspective. It is helping me smile away in tense situations, reduce stress and maintaining harmonious relationships. I think I have a better view of situation in many cases than just being reactive.” Saurabh Jain

“It is one of the best workshops I have attended. It is nice experience and will help me to apply in my day to day activity, and make me productive in professionally and personally. This workshop will - 1. Help me to effectively manage my time. 2. Help me to say “No” as and when needed. 3. Help me to use my creative side both in work & personal life. 4. Help me to bring out my best leadership qualities.” Asit Piri

“The 3 days was a beautiful journey of understanding & self-realizing some of the aspects which were not given priority due to the rat-race. The course has both depth & breadth which helps any layman to understand.” Nancy Namitha

“It was a great experience; it helps us to understand & live our dreams. I feel like this kind of workshop should be conducted for every employee of the company. It’s very helpful in day to day life and also in the future.”Hafeezur Rahman

The workshop was an eye-opener to many aspects of life which were either never thought of or were taken for granted. It taught me so many things that would help me as a person in terms of becoming a good human being, a good citizen. It helped me identify what and where I am right now, the gaps and steps to reach my goals. A variety of real life experiences shared by Sheeba eased the entire process of visualizing and understanding. Overall, it was very fulfilling!!!”- Sambhavi Dhanabalan

“Facilitator is a very talented and evolved person. Strong person who is really in control. A facilitator who listens. A facilitator that speaks with reason and purpose. A facilitator who enjoys life. It was good to meet someone like Sheeba, and would love to continue to know her as I evolve.” - Anand Kulkarni
Special Retreat Reconnects Alumni of L3 Course
(Photo top) Participants listening intently to facilitator,
(Bottom left) Discussion in small group, (middle right) Couple sharing their journey,

A special retreat was organized from 11 to 13 March at Oasis Valleys where alumni friends from different batches of Oasis L3 Course were invited. 17 people participated in the retreat. An atmosphere of joy was created as old friends were reconnected who shared their journey of life. Participants learnt new concepts on spirituality which helped them to look at life afresh & take up new challenges. The retreat was facilitated by Sanjiv Shah & Sheeba Nair, questions were answered, doubts were cleared, and Life was celebrated at its best. 
“અદ્ભુત અનુભવ થયો; અધ્યાત્મ વિશેનું સાચું જ્ઞાન પ્રાપ્ત થયું”
“Retreat was a wonderful learning experience”
The group with their facilitators
Crux of reflections from participants after the retreat:
“It was a great learning about inner tools of Mind to be applied in daily routine, what we do; we are responsible for our own self. ‘Getting irritated is not others problem, it's our own problem’ - was understood much clearly. Sanjivbhai and Sheebaben had beautifully explained everything.
I loved listening & understanding each and every celebrations shared by friends. I was feeling proud of speaking my celebration on Mike. Movies too motivated. Group discussions took out fear of discussion, gave lot of courage and confidence. Everything was to the point of satisfaction. Thank you to whole oasis team.” - Krina Shah, Surat

“The retreat was a wonderful learning experience. There were so many burning questions in my mind. All of them were so easily resolved. Now my mind is ready to take up new challenges.” – Anuradha Mehta, Surat

“The retreat was very fruitful, got an opportunity to meet new friends, and was able to witness their wonderful journey of struggles and learning, through their sharing.
The reading meditation helped me a lot and gave deeper understanding of purpose of books.
I feel that such retreats are very essential to keep learning on, and crossing orbit. Furthermore, I suggest that if time permits we should take new challenges which can help us grow further in our life's mission.” - Viral Patel, Vadodara

“Reading meditation on Hridaye Kranti helped me to understand better how our thoughts shape our lives. The session on ‘मन, बुद्धि, चित्त, अहंकार’ (4 Inner tools of Mind), helped me to deepen my understanding about their roles in our lives. Sharing from alumni of different batches helped me to reaffirm the belief that once we have crossed the orbit it is not possible to go back in early life.” - Hiral Patel, Vadodara

“અદ્ભુત અનુભવ થયો; અધ્યાત્મ વિશેનું સાચું જ્ઞાન પ્રાપ્ત થયું. સંજીવભાઈએ કરેલ ચિંતન સ્પર્શી ગયું. જૂના સહભાગીઓનું મિલન આનંદદાયક રહ્યું.” - જયેન્દ્ર ધૂમ, સુરત

“ખૂબ જ સરસ અનુભવ રહ્યો. જૂના મિત્રોને ફરીવાર મળ્યાનો આનંદ અને એમની સાથે વિતાવેલાં જૂનાં વર્ષોની યાદ તાજી થઈ. દરેકના જીવનમાં કોણ વ્યક્તિ ક્યાં હતી અને આજે ક્યાં છે એ ઉજવણીના sharingમાં જાણવા મળ્યું. સંજીવભાઈના દરેક સેશનમાં અધ્યાત્મની શોધ અને હૃદયે ક્રાંતિ પુસ્તકો પરની સમજાવટ હૃદય સોંસરવી ઊતરી ગઈ. ખૂબ જ સરસ સરળ અને સમજાય એવી ભાષાના પ્રયોગ મારફતે જીવન જીવવા અને સાથે સાથે અધ્યાત્મ શીખતા થઈ જવાની ચાવી મળી ગઈ.” - કીર્તિ ધૂમ, સુરત
Friends and Team-mates Enter ‘Year of Empathy’ In L3 Course
(above) Participants engrossed in discussion
A batch (2013-16) consisting of Friends and Oasis Movement Core Community Team-mates commence their fourth year in L3 Course. Called as Year of Empathy, participants began their journey into spirituality. The first workshop was organized at Oasis Valleys from 3rd to 5th March, 2016. The series has been facilitated by Sanjiv Shah & Sheeba Nair, Oasis.
Executive Members Share Responsibilities 
In Second Retreat of Oasis Movement Core Community
(above) Movement facilitator, Sanjiv Shah, addressing the core community

From 22nd to 24th March, second retreat of 2016 for Oasis Movement Core Community (Executive Members) was organized at Oasis Valleys. 18 adults and 18 youth participated in the retreat which was facilitated by Sanjiv Shah and Sheeba Nair. The agenda was to review first quarter with respect to goals taken by team-mates and share the movement responsibilities amongst executive members. Everybody reviewed and redefined their goals for 2016. 
Facilitators Get Ready to Take Life Camps to Children
(above) Facilitator Pratiksinh Parmar, addressing the aspiring Life Camp facilitators

17 professionals, teachers & volunteers participated in Oasis Life camp facilitators' training organized at Oasis Valleys from 6th to 8th March. The training oriented the participants for creating right atmosphere in Life Camp so that children learn & blossom. Principles and Values for Oasis Life Camps were discussed along with the modules. The training was facilitated by Pratiksinh Parmar & Pallavi Raulji
(below) Facilitators in discussions
Oasis South Gujarat Centre

Life Classes Continue to Inspire Rural & Urban Children

“મારા જીવનમાં ગમે તેવી મુશ્કેલીઓ આવશે તો પણ
હું હાર્યા અને ડર્યા વગર એનો સામનો કરીશ”
(Top Photos, left) Facilitator Praksha Desai encouraging girl to share, (right) learning through discussion,
(Bottom) Happy Group with facilitators
Oasis Life Camp was organized at Uttar Buniyaadi Ashram Shala, Hidla, Dangs from 28th to 30th March, 2016. 42 tribal children of std. 9 & 10, participated in the camp which was facilitated by Praksha Desai, Oasis (South Gujarat) and Mital Patel, Surat.
Children learnt to take life into their own hands, got courage to dream big and to face any problem in life. Camp increased their confidence.
શિબિર બાદ બાળકોએ આપેલાં અભિપ્રાયોના અંશો:

“આ શિબિરમાં ભાગ લેવાથી મારામાં સાચા નિર્ણય લેવાની ક્ષમતા અને આત્મવિશ્વાસ કેળવાયા. તે ઉપરાંત જીવનમાં મારા લક્ષ્યને પહોચવા સતત પ્રયત્નો કરતા રહેવું અને હિંમતથી દુઃખનો સામનો કરીને આગળ વધવું એ શીખવા મળ્યું.” - માધવ ગામીત

“મને સૌથી સારું ગમ્યું કે આગળ આવીને બોલવાની હિંમત વધી.” - અજય ગામીત

“આ શિબિરમાં મને જીવન પસંદગીની વાત ખૂબ જ ગમી અને શીખવા મળ્યું કે  આપણા જીવનમાં સારી જ પસંદગી કરવી જોઈએ કારણ કે એ આપણ ને મળેલું  જીવન અણમોલ છે.” -
અર્પિતા ગામીત

“કઈ રીતે આત્મવિશ્વાસ કેળવી અમારે અમારાં જીવનનો સામનો કરવો એ આ શિબિરમાંથી જાણવા મળ્યું.” -
અભિષેક ગામીત

હિંમતથી અને નીડરતાથી કઈ રીતે અને કોઈ પણ જગ્યા એ મુશ્કેલીઓનો સામનો કરીને એમાંથી બહાર આવવું અને જીવનને સરળ બનાવવું એ શીખવા મળ્યું. -
માધવી ગામીત

મને આ શિબિરમાં પોતાના જીવનનો આધાર બીજા પર રાખ્યા વગર કઈ રીતે જીવવું  અને દરેક પ્રશ્નનો હલ કેમ કાઢવો તે જાણવા મળ્યું. મને ‘જીવનની પસંદગી’ બાબત સૌથી વધુ સ્પર્શી ગઈ. - અંકિતા

“અમારા સંચાલકે ખીજવાયા વગર અને ખૂબ પ્રેમથી અમને સાંભળ્યા, તેમ જ અમને આગળ આવી બોલવાની હિંમત પણ પૂરી પાડી.” -
મમતા ગામીત
“પોતાના પર વિશ્વાસ રાખી આપણે આપણા લક્ષ્ય સુધી
કઈ રીતે પહોચવું એ શીખવા મળ્યું”
(Photo top) Facilitator Purvi Naik addressing children,
(bottom left) Children learning through Role-play, (right) learning through Game

Oasis Life Camp was organized for children of Sandip Desai Primary School, Chovisi, Navsari from 17th to 19th March. The camp was facilitated by Purvi Naik (Oasis, Navsari) and co-facilitated by Falguni Desai, Navsari. 52 students participated in the camp. 
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