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New Generation Leaders Emerge at Bengaluru Centre
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Dream India Kids Step Up for Right Way to Education
Dream India Camp participants performing act on education system
Bengaluru Centre conducted Dream India Camp from 5th to 12th June, 2016 at Don Bosco, Ajjanahalli. This was the 2nd Dream India Camp this summer. The camp was facilitated by Girish R. and co-facilitated by Shalini R., guided by Neeta Sanghvi. 47 children participated in this camp. 
"I Learnt How to Change Our India According to this Camp"
The Jury at Dream India Camp Children's Parliament
Reflections from participants for parliament:

"‘Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizen’. If you get to know the conduction of parliament, when any of us get to attend parliament, we can ensure that no injustice is done and maintain equality." 
– Ruban Raju K.

"There were some interesting cases too which made me learn some moral values like truthfulness, unity & freedom which are not seen in real parliament." – Dhanopathi S.

"From this children can learn how to solve others problems and how to understand the situation of others." – Harish Ramachandra
"Do not stop Dream India Camp at any Cost
It gives us Platform to Share our Problems & Find Solutions"
Participants in sports and games
Children learnt Self-confidence and Leadership in self-development sessions and applied what they learnt in the other sessions of the camp like early morning exercise session, evening games and Parliament sessions.

Reflections from participants for sessions:

"Self-confidence, because from this I learnt that by thinking positive things, you can increase your self-confidence." 
– Harish Ramachandra

"‘Leadership’ – I learnt qualities one should possess to be a good leader.  One should face problems bravely and find solutions to it." - Shreekanth
"Dream India Camp is God’s Gift to Me"
Enthusiastic Group of Children from Bengaluru Dream India Camp

Reflections of participants for the camp:

"I have learnt to get rid of my stage fear, make new friends and to be honest. Sharing food and feelings. The whole experience was a great inspiration to me."
– Manoj R.

"I learnt many things which will help me in my life, like truthfulness, real meaning of freedom, friendship, love towards nature, friends and the real meaning of family. I liked the session of sharing our feeling, because it helped everyone to feel free and understand the amount of problems each and every one suffer which will in turn help me fight for my goal." – Dhanopathi S.

"‘Friendship’ the time spent amongst friends is the most important moment of my life.  Friendship has the power to erase any pain at all.  It plays a very important part in one’s life.  You might forget anything but not friendship." - Ruban Raju K.
The team of faculties included Girish R. (Leadership Training), Syed Ali (Basics of Acting and Mime), Manjunath A. (Be Friends with Nature and Basics of Adventure), Khusboo S. (Anybody Can Dance and Dil, Dosti & Dance), Pooja N. (Quilling), Vinodpriya (Greeting card), Annappa (Best out of waste) and Neeta Sanghvi (Self confidence). Prakash Y., Bharat Raj and Annappa took early morning exercise and evening games sessions as well.
Facilitator Girish Ramachandra (photo left) and co-facilitator Shalini R. (photo right)

During the camp, the guest faculties visited the campus for a day to share new subjects with the children in the camp. They were Gaurav Sanghvi and Brijesh Sheregar (Make your own Road), Rohan V. K., Cochin (I am Confident), Rachit Shah (Fun with Science), Jinagna Sanghvi (Team Building) and Manjunath A. (Snake, Safety & Awareness).
Bengaluru Dream India Camp Creates Atmosphere of Democracy
Children Imbibe Responsible Citizenship
A glimpse of case from Dream India Parliament

This year's first Oasis Dream India Camp for Bengaluru was conducted from 15th to 22nd April, 2016 at Kengeri for 59 participants. The camp was facilitated by Neeta Sanghvi and co-facilitated by Girish Ramachandra. The camp was conducted in the language Kannada.
(Photo left) Facilitator Neeta Sanghvi and co-facilitator Girish R. affirming participant
"Love, kindness, helpful nature of my Neetudidi were very touching for me. I enjoyed parliament session, assembly duties, games, sharing time and true time.  I liked each and every moment of this summer camp." - Roselin S.
(Photo right) Participants begin their day with positive things about themselves
"In this camp I enjoyed learning science.  I was very dull in science earlier.  Now I got interest in science subject.  I liked the games part very much.  I played with many toys." - Rosaliya S.
Children’s Parliament Enroots Dream India Camp
"I like it because we made our own rules." - Dakshayini S.
"I liked because here everybody got a chance to speak." - Shobha Rani G.
Glimpses from the children’s parliament
Reflections from Participants on Children’s Parliament:

"In this camp the children’s parliament session was very nice. The jury members used to give justice to the children. They used to speak truth. So I liked this session very much." - Abhishek S.

"I liked the parliament session because we could share our problems there. Jury members were giving good justice.  All the jury members had very good qualities." - Supriya B.

"In this camp I liked the parliament session because they never did partiality. They treated us like all are same and equal. This quality of jury members I liked the most." - Padmini L.
Children engrossed in learning sessions
Reflections from participants about the sessions:
"I liked self defense session very much. Whenever I am in trouble I can defend myself without anyone’s help. This is very important in life." - Shivkumar M.

"I liked ‘Best out of waste’ session. Earlier I used to throw waste but now I learnt that we can use the waste also. We can make something nice out of waste." - Ramya G

"I will remember my karate class very much when I go out of this camp. They taught us very well." - Abhishek S.
The team of full time faculties included of Neeta Sanghvi (Leadership Training), Girish R. (Persuasion of Dream), Jebamani A. (Martial Art and Self Defence), Syed Ali (Basics of Acting and Mime), Preeti V. (Embroidery and Fabric Painting), Shalini R. (Self Confidence), Annappa (Greeting Card Making), Vinodpriya (Best out of Waste). Bharat Kumar, Shalini R., Annappa, Syed Ali and Disha Kapasi volunteered for early morning exercise and evening games.

"I didn’t like the last day because I felt sad that here after we are not meeting again and I will miss my friends." - Dakshayini S.
"I liked this camp very much. Here while having food we used to sit together like a family. This I liked the most. There was a family atmosphere in the camp." - Jeeva M.
Teacher's feedback:
"I participated in this camp as a student. I learnt many things here.  I improved my art skills." - Saiyad Ali
"I liked the process of children’s parliament.  All the leaders were of different age groups.  They used to solve the problems and give the justice." - Bharat Kumar H. R.
Guest faculties brought a variety of subjects for the children. The guest faculties were Deepa Shekar (Anybody can write a story), Srividya Natarajan (India’s Little Secret), Vishal Bhatt (Learning Science from Toys), Namratha Bhatt (Discuss, Debate, Derive), Nishant Sanghvi (Learning to click a good photo), Prabhakar R. (Introduction to Universe), Rohan V. K. (I am Confident), Ajit (Learn to Fly), Pravin Ranka Group (Fight Back Be Safe) and Neelam Patwa (Power of Positivity).
Young Facilitators Get First Hand Experience of Life Camp
Oasis Bengaluru Centre conducted a Life Camp at Bosco Rainbow Home. The camp was facilitated by Disha Kapasi and co-facilitated by Shalini R. The camp was conducted from 13th to 15th April, 2016 for 43 participants.
New facilitators Disha Kapasi (photo left) and Shalini R. (photo right)
Feedback of participants:

"Each of us shared our problems faced in our life. I realised that if you share your problems, there will be lot of people around us who will come up with solutions." 
- Anusha V.
"I learnt many useful things from this camp: Self confidence, Positive thinking and no matter what people say or whatever problems you face, you should never lose sight of your Goal." 
-  Suranya K.
"Akka, Please teach other kids also, encourage them to come forward and talk bravely and help them in achieving their goal."
- Mallika N.
Oasis Life Camp Facilitator’s Training was conducted at Bengaluru Centre on 21st May, 2016. The Orientation meet was facilitated by Ahalya Desikan. The training was attended by 4 Life Camp Trainees.
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