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A Very Happy

Bengaluru Children Experience Joy of Learning
From Life Camps to L3 Teens Workshop
Bengaluru team with teenage leaders and regional facilitators Neeta Sanghvi and Ahalya Desikan
Oasis Life Camps Builds Confidence in Kids
(Photo above) Children in St. Sara English School Life Camp with facilitator Neeta Sanghvi
Oasis Life Camp was organised at St. Sara English School, Viveknagar, Koromangala, Bengaluru from 28 to 29 July, 2016, in which 36 children participated. The camp was facilitated by Neeta Sanghvi, C.E.O., Oasis Bengaluru Center.
Reflections from participants for Life Camp

"Self-confidence will help me in competitions. I feel very nice to attend this class. I learnt many things in this class." - Husna Banu S.

"Freedom & treating all friends equal - touched my heart deeply. Also, I liked sessions on positive thinking, hard work and self-confidence." - S. Chandru

Reflections from participants for Facilitator

"My handwriting was not so good and one time grammar teacher scolded me for that. In life camp Neeta didi told about self-confidence so I was very much interested in camp. Thank you very much didi for teaching us that we should not let our confidence go low." 
- Abid Ali R.

One more Oasis Life Camp was conducted for a group of 40 children of Need Base India, Rainbow, Jalahalli, Bengaluru. The camp was facilitated by Ahalya Desikan and Syed Ali from 10 to 11 September, 2016.

(Photo left) Facilitator interacting with a participant
(Photo above) Enthusiastic children from Life Camp
Reflections from participants for Life Camp

"I liked the camp very much. 'Feelings - sharing' session touched my heart deeply. I learnt to encourage and to share. I also learnt that it is not enough to be happy but to make others happy is most important. I learnt that we need to achieve our dream however hard it is and not to give up." - Anusha K.

"I did not have courage to talk in front of everybody. I had stage fear. But in life camp I thought why don't I try and so, I spoke. That touched my heart deeply. I also understood that we need confidence to do anything in life." - Devi P.

"I learnt self-confidence is very important in life. I will always follow whatever I learnt in this camp. I will never let go. I will be true to myself. I will not get destroyed by others. I will share my problems and worries and also learn from others. Thanks for conducting this camp. We understood everything you taught in an easy way." - Jyothi P.

Reflections from participants for Facilitator

"Ahalya akka did camp very nicely. It was very useful to us. I am feeling very happy. So I will be a truthful person, will practice self-confidence and achieve my goal. I will practice all this every day. Syed Ali anna was explaining in Kannada. It was very good and he is also a good person. I pray to god for anna to achieve his goal. Anna, for me you are a hero. Thank you." - Jyothika P. N.

"Thank you for conducting this camp for us. I would have missed a wonderful opportunity if I would have missed this camp. Please teach many children like us. It will save our world. I liked the camp very much. Thanks for teaching us." - Amrutha

"Initially I was not interested in attending the camp. Then I slowly got interested. They both taught us many good things in very nice way. I want you to come again and again. Thanks a lot to both of you." - Devi P.
Bengaluru Teenagers Enter L3 Love Series
Facilitator Sanjiv Shah with Ahalya Desikan addressing Bengaluru L3 Teens participants
Bengaluru children progressed to Love series of Oasis L3 Workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Sanjiv Shah and co-facilitated by Ahalya Desikan. The workshop was conducted at Aashirvad, Bengaluru. 22 teenagers participated in this workshop which was organised from 8 to 12 October, 2016.
Reflections from participants for L3 Workshop
"This L3 camp was very nice. Whatever I learnt here I will never forget in my life. It is really very good. I say this from my heart. This wonderful workshop makes us happy and also to understand the situations. These five days all friends came very close to each other. A very good environment was created. The facilitators taught us powerful principles and topics really well. This is very useful in my life. Thank you Sanjiv bhai." - Manjunath

"This workshop was useful because it strengthens relationships. It also teaches that we cannot change bad people but we can change their opinion about us. Any person will have both good and bad qualities - we should accept that. We should always be happy and we should also have strength to deal with troubles. By attending the workshop I learnt how to live together happily and how to make friends. I will teach this to my friends and make their life beautiful." - Bhoopal

"This workshop is very useful in daily life because whatever we learn here can be practically applied in our lives. So we can see the results. This workshop gives us knowledge about the future course of action. Here we learnt so many topics which are useful for our life. This workshop is a very beautiful environment for learning." - Raghu
Facilitators in action during L3 workshop conduction
L3 Teens participants in action during role-play in workshop
Reflections from participants for Facilitator

"I feel really good about the facilitators as they were very nice to us. Sanjiv bhai and Ahalya didi, you both are like god to us because you are giving good life to us. You have given another life to us. I am thankful to you both for this. You are really amazing people. You show so much kindness to us and also encourage us. I am thankful for this as well." 
- Narasamma

"The facilitators were very close to us and they taught us very nicely. I thank all the facilitators for teaching good things in life and in helping us understand the class. For each question or doubt you are ready to explain many times and give answers. You maintain time very well and come to class on time." - Kanaka V

Suggestions for Workshop

"My suggestion is - take this workshop to as many children as possible and there should be many teachers too. Like me, all children should come and learn. There should be many workshops like this. This workshop should be for longer days, at least for 15 days - this is my wish. Thank you so much for this workshop." 
- Devaraj

"Teach us more. It will be good if we have more friends in our batch. It will help us in better discussions." - Saritha
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