Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement         Year 9 /  Issue 8 /  Mar 16, 2016
After Decade & Half, New Team Takes Over Bangalore Centre
(Above photo) New team of Oasis Bangalore beaming with joy after first regional retreat
Dozen Members Begin Journey to be Oasis Life Camp Facilitators
(Photos above) Top: Facilitator Sheeba Nair listening to the participant;
Bottom: Team of Life Camp facilitators after the retreat

From 25th to 27th December, 2015, a retreat for orienting Oasis Life Camp facilitators was organized at Bangalore, which was facilitated by Sheeba Nair, Trustee, OASIS. A dozen members and volunteers associated with Oasis Bangalore, participated in the retreat. 

On the last day of the retreat a special meeting was called inviting all members who were associated with Oasis Bangalore Centre since inception. 
The Process of changeover begins...

In the process of expansion of Oasis Movement, new teams are taking over Oasis Regional Centres. At Oasis Bangalore Centre, the takeover began with a first meeting on 27th December, 2015. About 65 members who have directly or indirectly contributed to Oasis and are associated with Oasis Bangalore activities (including team members, beneficiaries, contributors and volunteers), joined the meeting. The meeting was facilitated by Sheeba Nair, Trustee, OASIS and was assisted by Dr. Neha Vakharia, Founder of ASHA Project, Bangalore & Trustee, OASIS.  
(Photo above) Team-mates and invitees sharing in the meeting
The event started with a brief introduction of all present. The introduction was heart touching as they shared the wonderful transformation in their life after getting connected with Oasis as well as the contributions they made to Oasis in turn.
Crux of few sharing –
“I am in a home where I don’t get encouragement or freedom. The first time when I came to Dream India camp, I felt the real freedom and also could find out my talents. Being a jury in the camp brought out my leadership qualities. Now, I am a very confident girl who can live independently. Oasis programs have definitely brought the turning point of my life.”Shalini, Dream India Camp and Life camp Participant
“I could see how Oasis helped women including my mom to be independent and respectful. I have seen her grow as a much better person. I have seen Oasis helping my neighbors who were home-makers to bring out their potential and not only to help themselves but also to help the world to become a better place to live.”Nishant Sanghvi, Oasis Member (son of Neeta Sanghvi - Chief coordinator, Oasis Bangalore)
“Oasis ASHA program has a great impact in our schools in Coimbatore. It is a very good program and must for kids. It is beneficial to both the teachers and students and has been appreciated by many. It’s designed very well. We are glad to help as much as possible to spread this program and to reach as many schools as possible within our service duration.” - Mr. & Mrs. Krishnamoorthy, HM of Government Schools, Coimbatore
(Above Photos) Left: Facilitator Sheeba Nair interacting during the meeting;
Right: Sheeba Nair (in the centre) with Neeta Sanghvi (on right)  & Ahalya Desikan (on left)

After the introduction session, Oasis Bangalore centre's journey of 15 years was presented followed by Oasis movement's vision to reach to the heart of each & every child. Then, they had zone-wise discussions to brainstorm on ideas & suggestions to take the movement further. 
Neeta Sanghvi was announced the new Chief Coordinator of Bangalore centre and Ahalya Desikan, as Chief Coordinator, Oasis Life Camps, Bangalore.

All departed with promise to meet again in coming retreats to take their journey to higher levels.
Team Members Come Forward to Shoulder Responsibilities
In First Regional OMCC Retreat, at Bangalore

“Two Beautiful Days were filled with Love, Joy and Inspiration;
Team is fully charged and clear about roles & goals for the entire year”

(Photo above) Participants in dialogue with facilitator Sanjiv Shah

On 13th & 14th February, 2016, First Regional OMCC (Oasis Movement Core Community) Retreat was organized at Bangalore. 19 Team members and volunteers participated in the retreat which focused on personal vision and Oasis Movement vision. Coordinators were invited to lead various activities to be carried out at Bangalore Centre. 
The team was divided into four groups based on their common interests and purposes. After discussions & questioning from members each group defined their team goals for the year 2016. 

The retreat was facilitated by Sanjiv Shah, founder, Oasis. 
(Photos Above) Left: Team-mate sharing her vision and goals;
Right: Sanjiv Shah, Retreat Facilitator, in dialogue with team

New Executive team that emerged in the retreat is as follows:
  1. Neeta Sanghvi – Chief Coordinator, Oasis Bangalore
  2. Ahalya Desikan – Chief Coordinator, Oasis Life Camps at Bangalore
  3. Neelam Patwari – Team Coordinator, Oasis Dream India Camps & Life Camps
  4. Veena Toshniwal – Team Coordinator, ASHA Project & Cleanliness Campaign
  5. Shalini – Team Coordinator, Youth Empowerment activities
  6. Nirali Dhum – Team Coordinator, Resource Generation
The team has planned around 70 Life Camps in Bangalore this year along with other programs for children & youths. 

Oasis congratulates them all and wishes a wonderful journey of living, loving and learning ahead... 
Oasis South Gujarat Centre News

Rural Children of Adada, Navsari, Participate in Life Camp
“શિબિરમાં અમે શીખ્યા કે મુશ્કેલી આવે તો ગભરાવું જોઈએ નહીં;
ગમે તેવી મુશ્કેલી આવે આપણે ખુશ રહેવું જોઈએ”
(Photos above) Top: Happy Group of students with their facilitator Purvi Naik;
Bottom: Students in various processes of the camp 

Oasis Life Camp was organized by South Gujarat Centre for students of Adada Primary School, Dist. Navsari from 19 to 21st February, 2016. 52 students from std. 7 & 8 participated in the camp which was facilitated by Purvi Naik, Oasis Navsari. 

Crux of feedback from students - 

“હું શીખ્યો કે જુઠ્ઠું નહીં બોલવું અને કોઈને હેરાન નહીં કરવા. જીવનમાં હિંમત ના હારવી.” - હર્ષિલ દેશમુખ
“શિબિરમાં શીખેલી બાબતો મારા જીવનમાં ઉપયોગી થશે. મારું જીવન મારી પસંદગી છે. કોઈ મને ચીડવે તો હું દુઃખી નહીં થાઉં. કોઈ મને કામચોર કહેશે તો હું મારી જાતને કહીશ કે તું કામચોર નથી.” - શિવમ લુહાર
“પૂર્વીદીદી અમારી સાથે ખૂબ સારું વર્તન કરતાં હતાં અને અમને ખૂબ સરસ રીતે બધું સમજાવતાં હતાં.” - મિન્ટુ કુમાવત
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