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M. S. University of Baroda Joins Hands with OASIS
To Initiate India’s First Health and Hygiene Course
Inauguration of the Certificate Course on Health and Hygiene in Faculty of Social work,
M. S. University of Baroda
The Institute of Leadership and Governance, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in partnership with Oasis Trust, launched certificate course on Health and Hygiene, India’s first such course offered by any university. It is an academic collaboration where Oasis Trust will conduct the course for students of M. S. University. 

The course was inaugurated on 8th January 2016, in the presence of Dr. Parimal H. Vyas, Vice Chancellor, M. S. University of Baroda, Dr. Neerja Jaiswal, Registrar, M. S. University, Mr. Jigar Inamdar, Honorary Director, Institute of Leadership and Governance, Dr. Mona Mehta, Home Science faculty, Ms. Shilpi Sharaswat, Home Science faculty, Dr. Neha Vakharia, ASHA Project Founder, Oasis, Bangalore and Dr. Maya Soni, Oasis, Ahmedabad.

The course is designed to train the college youths for Health and Hygiene where they can reach out to school children and community.

Chief Objectives of the course are:
  1. To educate participants on the importance of health and hygiene education in schools.
  2. To inspire participants to take an active role in promoting health and hygiene around their community and in society as a whole.
  3. To equip participants so they can teach and educate underprivileged section of society about the importance of health and hygiene.
  4. To institutionalize basic habits of health and hygiene education. 
Course duration:10-12 days spread over 3-6 months; 3 days workshops every One and a half months.
First Workshop Orients Youths
For Basic Needs and Disease Prevention
Photo top: Dr. Neha Vakharia addressing the young participants
Photo bottom left: Participants presenting their understanding

Photo bottom right: Dr. Maya Soni, demonstrating Oral Hygiene
43 youths attended the first workshop conducted on 8, 9, 10 January, 2016 for Health and Hygiene, which was facilitated by Dr. Neha Vakharia, Founder ASHA Project, Bangalore and Dr. Maya Soni, Oasis, Ahmedabad. Youths were educated for My precious Body, Air, Water, Food, Oral Hygiene, Worm Infestation and Anemia. They also discussed the practical difficulties that they would face while conducting the sessions in schools. They prepared charts for presentations and interactive learning for school children.

Feedback of Participants after attending the first workshop:
“To do special” એટલે કે કોઈ એવું કામ કરવું જે સમાજ માટે બહુ જ important હોય, પરંતુ, એની સમાજને ખબર હોવા છતાં પણ લોકો તે સુધારવાના પ્રયાસો તરફ આગળ વધતા નથી; જે “Health & Hygiene” પ્રોગ્રામ થકી સમાજને inspire કરે છે. આ પ્રોગ્રામ એવો એહસાસ કરાવે છે કે ગમે તેટલો પણ કિમતી સમય છોડીને સમાજ સુધારણાનું આ કામ કરવું તે ભવિષ્ય માટે લાભદાયી સાબિત થઈ શકે છે. - Yash Shah
After seeing those children & ladies who are not having day to day basic things which we get easily, I realized how precious these common small things are. At last, one aim in my life I want is to give small contribution to make my city healthy and hygienic. - Shweta Jadhav
Biggest thing that I learnt is that happiness isn’t something what you will find in driving an expensive car, living and expecting for more and more money, luxury, comforts but in the smile of a child for which you have worked. The satisfaction that one gets in helping others is the most amazing of all. - Wasim Munshi

As an implementation of this workshop the youth volunteers visited Vadodara Municipal Corporation Schools to educate the children about health and hygiene.

Crux of Feedback from Youth Volunteers after the first experience of educating the children:
“Students welcomed us very enthusiastically, they were eager to learn and very much curious. Student & us, all enjoyed very much. They promised us that they will take care of health & hygiene very sincerely.” -
Anand Kapdi
“સ્કૂલના બાળકોની સાથે એવો આનંદદાયક અનુભવ થયો જેનું શબ્દોમાં વર્ણન કરવું ખૂબ જ મુશ્કેલ છે. દિલથી કશુંક નવું કરવાનો આનંદ આવ્યો. બીજા દિવસે બાળકોએ કહ્યું કે આખી સ્કૂલમાં આ ક્લાસ ભણાવવામાં આવે.” - Bharti Chhowala
In the Second Workshop, 
76 Youths Sensitized to Impart Adolescence Health Education,
And Preventive Measures against Child Sexual Abuse
Top, Photo left: Dr. Neha Demonstrating the Concepts; Photo right: Participant learning by doing 
Bottom, Photo left: Participants sharing their understanding, Photo right: questions raised freely

The second workshop was conducted on 29, 30, 31 January, 2016 for topics of Adolescent Health and prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. 38 new volunteers joined in for the course enthusiastically, making the total strength of 76, after the first workshop.
Intense participation was observed as the youths were sensitized for physical, psychological, and behavioural changes during the period of adolescence. An atmosphere of sharing queries was built among the volunteers where they also shared their personal traumas about sexual abuse in their childhood.
Feedback from Youth Volunteers for Second Workshops:
"બાળકો સાથે થતા શારીરિક અન્યાયના વિષય માટે ખૂબ જ દુઃખની લાગણી થતી હતી, આને લઈને હું સાંભળું કે પેપરમાં વાંચું ત્યારે થતું કે આમાં હું કંઈ કરી ના શકું? પરંતુ આ વિષય અહીંયાં શીખીને હું બાળકોને સમજાવીશ ત્યારે હું પણ કંઈ કરી શક્યો એ વાતનો મને આનંદ થશે." - Jaymin Patel
“From the beginning till the end everything was amazing. The knowledge, guidance, love, information and the overall experience was something that not only will help me to polish my skills but also will help me to impart some knowledge to my friends, family, neighbours and in future my kids; ultimately reaching as many people as possible. The kind of atmosphere built in workshop, is something I liked the most.” - Wasim Munshi
The environment created during session was very good. Every one of us was free to ask any type of questions. Our queries were satisfied entirely. Topics like adolescence, physical and psychological change were discussed without any hesitation. - Rucha Pardikar 
Youths Open Up on Current Scenario of Public Health in India
In Third Workshop
Top left: Healthy interaction with Facilitators, Top right: Learning through Role-play
Bottom left: Engrossed in Chart preparing, Bottom right: Display of Problems of Public Hygiene

The third workshop was conducted on 5, 6, 7 March, 2016. In this workshop, the volunteers discussed current scenario of Public Health and Hygiene in India and what can be the possible solutions. All participants were appreciated for their bold and responsible initiative towards Health and Hygiene of their own selves and of the community as a whole.
Participants Celebrate International Women’s Day in Novel Way
Young Volunteer Demonstrating the Concepts to Children
On the occasion of International Women’s Day, 8 March, 2016, the course participants took up the initiative to reach out to 1200 children of 34 schools of Vadodara Municipal Corporation. They educated the children of 6th, 7th and 8th standards about 'Good Touch, Bad Touch' and cleared many myths and misconceptions of children about menstruation, sex and their private parts.
Some Burning Facts of India!
  • Today in India 25-35% of the births are given by adolescent girls of age around 17 years.
  • 25% of girls born in India each year die before 15 years of age.
  • 53% Of Children in India are sexually abused.
  • 72% of these children do not talk about their abuse and suffer for the rest of their life.
Some reflections from the course participants after taking Adolescent Health Class for children:
When as a health teacher, I came across different views, perceptions, superstitions prevailing amongst children, I realized that our Nation and society badly needs this kind of Adolescent Health education programs. It is through workshops like this that we can scientifically address the myths and doubts of our children.” -
Wasim Munshi
“While taking adolescence class for government school children I realized that even today so many myths and superstitions are prevailing in our society.” - Anjali Jha
Reflections of government school children on attending sessions of the young Health Teachers:
“Now we know that we can protect ourselves.” -
Anjali Kumari                             
“We came to know that if somebody touches our private parts we need to do 3 things. 1.Shout, 2.Run and 3.Tell someone you trust.” -
Luhar Devraj
“If someone touches us with bad intentions, we should tell to someone whom we trust the most. And we came to know how to take care of our private parts and their cleanliness during menstruation.” - Archana Lalajeet
The Facilitators
Dr. Maya Soni                                                                    Dr. Neha Vakharia

Dr. Neha Vakharia and Dr. Maya Soni facilitated these workshops under the ASHA Project of OASIS Trust. 

Reflections from Participants for Facilitators:
“I feel very inspired by seeing their selflessness and efforts for society. Very happy to see that such persons are working in India. I must say both of them are very encouraging and positive to everyone.” -
Rucha Pardikar
“The best thing about facilitators is that they always wore a smile on their face, no matter what the situation is. While taking any decision, they didn’t behave with us as if they were our trainers, but they took decisions after having everybody’s opinion. They had always appreciated us and encouraged us.” - Riya Engineer

Final Outcome: In 3 months time, 55-60 volunteers poured in an average 10-12  hours for educating around 1000-1200 children of  34 Govt schools of Vadodara city about Health and Hygiene.
The Group with their facilitators
Reflections by Local Newspapers
Divya Bhaskar, Date: March 9, 2016
Gujarat Samachar, Date: March 9, 2016
Event to Create Awareness @ Public Hygiene & Cleanliness
Top left: Rally through streets; Top right: Skit on the roads;
Bottom left: Street Play at Railway Station; Right: Cleaning toilets

Mass Awareness Event on Public Hygiene was carried out in Vadodara City on 21st March, 2016 by the participants of Health & Hygiene Course.
The program was carried out at many public places namely, Sayaji Garden, Railway Station, Transcube Ved Mall and various faculties of M. S. University. The objective was to sensitize and motivate citizens of Vadodara to take up responsibility to keep the city clean and hygienic. Through Rally with banners and slogans, Skits, and Street Plays, messages were spread across the larger mass. The volunteers also cleaned the toilets of various faculties of their university.
Team Alive
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• Kshama Kataria   • Mayuri Gohil    • Sanjiv Shah   • Shrey Shah
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