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Oasis Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan - RMSA (J&K) Partnership

150 HODs - HOIs Complete First Self Leadership Workshop
Workshop participants of second batch from Jammu with facilitators
7 lead facilitators of Oasis Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan, in partnership with Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan, facilitated workshop on Self-Leadership of L3 series for 6 batches in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This was the first workshop out of the 12 workshops to follow in the coming years. Bringing warmth among the participants in freezing cold atmosphere, these facilitators helped the Heads of Department and Heads of Institution find a new meaning of their lives. Some of the participants shared their dreams and missions from their youth. Not only that, they also worked out and shared what they could do in the present to make a difference in their schools and their lives. While the workshops for two batches J1 and K1 were facilitated by Sheeba Nair in January, the 4 workshops for the batches J2, J3, K2 and K3 were organized in March. The details of the 4 workshops are:
Sr. No. Dates Batch Venue Facilitator,
1 6-8 Mar, 2017 Jammu 2 (J2) IMPA, Jammu Hiral Patel,
Viral Patel
2 9-11 Mar, 2017 Jammu 3 (J3) IMPA, Jammu Hiral Patel,
Viral Patel
3 13-15 Mar, 2017 Kashmir 2 (K2) DSEK, Srinagar Snehal Shah,
Saloni Shah
4 21-23 Mar, 2017 Kashmir 3 (K3) DSEK, Srinagar Siddharth Mehta,
Anuradha Mehta
"A totally different workshop needful to all HODs / HOIs"
Reflections from the workshop participants:

“I am attending this type of workshop for the first time in my life. This workshop increases our leadership qualities and helps in handling the situation while dealing with students and maintains the cordial relationship between students and staff. This will also help us maintain good leadership quality at home for peaceful environment.” 
- Sikander Lal, Principal, GHSS Neel, Ramban


(Photos above) Workshop participants in group discussion

“In this workshop we learnt a lot, which was missing in our real life. During the workshop an excellent environment was created and every member in staff particularly me were punctual which lacks in any other training conducted by any other Govt. department. The quality of the concepts were most interesting and of good morals. During this workshop we gained lot of knowledge about life and development of human being.” - Tirath Lal, Principal, GHSS Paddar, Kishtiwar

“This workshop will be useful in our daily life. First of all, we have to plan the day’s work and then do the same according to the plan already prepared. The teacher should know the abilities of the child, his hidden aspirations and then solve the problems. Teachers will have to work with dedication & spirit to achieve the goals.” - Mohd. Mushtaq, Principal, HSS Harni, Poonch
(Photo right)
Facilitators Hiral Patel and Viral Patel

Reflections for the Facilitators:

“They have good command over the topic. They are very simple, honest, hardworking, punctual and posses all the qualities that a respectable and good citizen should have.”
 - Deldan Angmo, Principal, GGHSS, Leh - Ladakh

“The facilitators dealt with all the participants humbly, sincerely and explained queries raised by them in a very effective manner. The facilitators have good command over subject matter. They shared their life experiences with all participants, which helped the participants in understanding the things very clearly.” - Ram Lal, Principal, GHSS, Kathua
"Only this type of workshops can change the world"
Facilitators Hiral and Viral Patel with participants of third batch from Jammu
Reflections from the workshop participants:

“This type of workshops should be conducted in every state. So that people can understand the value of their inner soul. The change is must in 21st century. Only this type of workshops can change the world. All the topics of the workshop were life changing. All the departments must be given such type of training to create a competition free environment.” 
- Anchal Singh, Principal, Govt., High School, Yourbaltak, Kargil


(Photo right) Participant deep in solitude work
“Good Workshop. Teaches us the value of life. Teaches us the value of relations. Teaches us the value of Time. Teaches us that we should be good human beings. Teaches us to help poor and needy people. Teaches us Planning and Management for every work in profession, family etc. There should be discipline in life. Work is worship. ” - Rajni Kotwal, Principal, Govt. High School - Boys, Bakshinagar, Jammu

“It’s great to be a part of this workshop. We have experienced many important aspects of our living with a scientific approach. Workshop enlightened us and provided a positive insight to lead the meaningful and purposeful life. Workshop was a torchbearer for us." - Ashwini Kumar, Principal, Govt. Higher Sec. School, Gulabgarh (Reasi)

(Photo right) Delightful participants post-activity in workshop

Reflections for the Facilitators:

“They have full power to influence others and have full command on both Hindi and English. They have full knowledge regarding the topics delivered. Their way of satisfying the audience was excellent.” 
- Madan Lal, Head Master, Govt High School, Budhole, Udh

“Facilitators of workshop are so nice and loving from very beginning. There is no such person who does not get impressed by both of them. They have great motivational power. How to solve problems of trainees and to lead the trainees towards the target is impressive. They have positive attitude towards every problem. Soft-spoken and use of language is excellent. The way she impresses by her smile and language is wonderful. There is lot to learn from both of them. They are inspiring, great motivator, soft spoken, intelligent, impressive personalities. May God bless them.” - Shashi Kumari, Head Of Department, DIET, Banihal, Ramban
“A highly innovative program for knowing
the priorities of life.”
Facilitators Snehal and Saloni Shah with workshop participants of second batch from Kashmir
Reflections from the workshop participants:

“I feel that more and more workshops should be organized so that people get benefit from these workshops. This workshop was nicely conducted in a congenial environment. The participants felt themselves free from any pressure. My heart's feeling goes to the facilitators of the workshop. The facilitators’ attitude and behavior were polite with the participants. They never treated participants as participants but treated them as their friends."
- Mushtaq Ahmad Mir, Head Master, Govt High School, Lolab, Kupwara

“It was an excellent workshop on development of daily life. If we follow the teachings it will definitely change our lives. There will be more happiness than sorrow. All the sections of the society should be brought under its ambit so that our society can be nourished and become crime free.” - Manzoor Ahmad Baba, Principal, Boys High Sec. Institute, Nowpora, Srinagar

“By this workshop:
~ We will be able to plan our work.
~ We will be able to give priority in a sequence to our work.
~ We will be doing our work effectively.” 
- Surraiya Makai, Principal, Girls Govt. High School, Budgam
da8c4059-bc8a-44c9-b7b9-67313159f3c0.jpg8410e515-8398-4033-984c-4e6c661979fc.jpg(Photos right)
Facilitators Snehal Shah and Saloni Shah

Reflections for the Facilitators:

“Their art and methodology of delivering the concepts in the workshop were innovative, effective and impressive. I found them calm, sober and confident during their interactions with the participants. They were humble, soft-spoken and above all, they never got angry or furious while confronting with some hard questions and queries.” 
- Mohammad Yousuf Dar, Head Master, Govt. High School, Tekui, Dulwana

“I have never seen such type of facilitators who delivered the things differently with a smile and never became emotional despite many questions that were put by the audiences.” - Favaz Ahmad Sheikh, Head Master, Govt. High School, Chatoora, Watergam, Rafiabad
"This is lone Program that I have attended in my life
where my soul got satisfied”
Facilitators Siddharth and Anuradha Mehta with workshop participants of third batch from Kashmir
Reflections from the workshop participants:

“The workshop was conducted in a peaceful atmosphere. Every participant was fully connected during the lectures. Every Head of the institute responded positively because it helped us to be a successful leader of the institute. It helped us to learn more about the life and activities of the life management. It helped us to learn how to lead a happy life and what activities should be done on priority basis.” 
- Sham Shair Singh, Head Master, Govt. High School, Cheerpora, Anantnag

(Photo left) Workshop participants engrossed in group activity

"I think I will never fail in my life, if I act up on all the techniques used in this workshop. I will be able to teach and deal well with my students, children, family members and also with my colleagues. All the concepts will be useful for my life. I think this workshop brought a change in my behavior and character also.” - Muzafar Khan, Principal, Govt. High School, Narapora, Shopian

“Definitely it changed my behavior. It gives me way how to behave with younger, elders, subordinates, etc. It raised my inner feelings about my needy people. With the help of workshop, I can manage things on priority basis. The movies shown opened our vision." - Fatima Shamim, Head Master, Govt. Boys High School, Netipore


(Photos right)
Facilitators Siddharth and Anuradha Mehta

Reflections for the Facilitators:

“They really impressed me by their nature, behavior, quality of understanding me and motivating me. They behaved patiently. They involved me in all the activities brilliantly. Both were very punctual, cordial and made the program very very successful. This is for the first time in my life that I think I have gained a lot. The time spent here was rightly spent - most precious moments of my life in the real sense of word, worthy enough to remember and implement.” 
- Syed Ab. Rashid Kirmani, Principal, Govt. Boys High School, Dalina, Baramulla

“I pay salutes to these two facilitators for the way they organized the program. The facilitators were knowledgeable, havd real experience of life and hadve the ability to teach the book of life and mold the human behavior.” - Mushtaq Ahmad Langoo, Head Master, Govt. High School, Warpora, Baramulla
Suggestions Offered by the Participants
"This workshop should have commenced 10 to 12 years back"

"Arrange such programs throughout the country often"

"Involvement of more and more people at different levels"

"Starting the programs at grass root level i.e. focus on rural and far flung areas"

"Arrange the programs for couples/family”
Follow-up Sessions for First Batches of Jammu & Kashmir
Followup session of first batch of Jammu
Followup session of first batch of Kashmir
Meanwhile the follow-up sessions for the two batches J1 and K1 were facilitated by Sheeba Nair. The J1 Batch gathered on 12 March, 2017 at Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan Hall, Jammu. The K1 Batch participants gathered on 14th March, 2017 at S.I.E. Hall, Bemina, Srinagar.
Team Alive
• Alkesh Raval  • Avani Kulkarni  
• Hiral Patel  • Kshama Kataria   
• Mayuri Gohil  • Mehul Panchal  • Sanjiv Shah
 • Sheeba Nair  • Vatsala Shah
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