Newsletter cum Magazine of Oasis Movement  •  Year 10  •  Issue 13  •  23 May, 2017
Summer Sparks Series of Oasis Programs for All
From Teens to Adults, Students to Professionals
(Photo above) Refreshers of Self Leadership Workshop with facilitator Aatmaja Soni
Refresher courses of L3 Workshop for Teenagers were organised to enroll budding teenage leaders from Vadodara, Dang and Bengaluru. Aatmaja Soni, youngest facilitator of Oasis, initiated the journey of teenagers from Vadodara in helping them search their unique potential. This workshop on Self Leadership was organised from 3rd to 5th May, 2017 at Oasis Valleys. Similarly, Praksha Desai facilitated a 3-day workshop for new leaders of Dang from 31st March to 1st April, 2017 in Dang. Second batch of Bengaluru teenage leaders was facilitated by Dr. Neha Vakharia from 14th to 20 April, 2017 at Bengaluru.
Ongoing Professional Batches 
Proceed To New Year of Oasis L3 Workshops


(Photos above and below) Batches of Young Professionals and Couples initiate their Year of Integrity


Sr. No. Dates Program (Venue) Facilitators
1 2 Feb
Delegation Workshop for Young Professionals (Oasis Valleys) Sheeba Nair
2 2 - 5 Feb
Oasis L3 for Young Professionals - Integrity Part 1 (Oasis Valleys) Sheeba Nair
3 9 - 12 Feb
Oasis L3 for Batch of 2014 - Empathy Part 1 (Oasis Valleys) Sheeba Nair
4 16 - 19 Feb
Oasis L3 for Young Couples and Professionals - Integrity Part 1 (Oasis Valleys) Sheeba Nair
(Photo above) Batch of Year 2014 Begin Year of Empathy
(Photo left) Oasis Valleys Staff in Group Discussion during Oasis L3 Workshop
Oasis Valleys staff got together to learn and practice values and principles of Life from 25th to 28th Feb, 2017. The workshop was facilitated by Binit Shah (CEO, Oasis Valleys).
2 More Freedom Workshops Trigger Need for Educational Reform
(Photo above) Freedom workshop participants at Sandip Desai Primary School
Oasis Freedom Movement Workshops were initiated to bring about an awareness in adults, parents and teachers for the need of educational reform through Freedom in the Development of Children. The third workshop in this series was organised from 18th to 19th March, 2017 at Oasis Valleys which was facilitated by Sheeba Nair and Viral Patel. The fourth workshop was organised on the local level for the first time in Sandip Desai Primary School, Navsari from 27th to 28th March, 2017. This workshop was facilitated by Viral Patel and Mital Patel.
Oasis Core Community Members Brace Up for
Back to Back Movement Programs in 2 Retreats
(Photo above) Session of sharing during Oasis Movement Core Community Retreat
The core members of Oasis Movement came together for revising their yearly goals on 31st January, 2017 at Oasis Valleys. Regional Coordinators of Oasis Movement (Vadodara, South Gujarat, Bhuj, Dang, Bengaluru and Jammu & Kashmir) got together from 16th to 17th March, 2017 to review the execution of their projects in the first quarter of the year. Sessions of sharing, learning and planning were the highlights of the retreats.
Press Conferences for Awareness on
Keeping Pressure Low on Board Exam Students

(Photo above) Mahadevbhai Desai addressing Media in Press Conference at Navsari

Oasis Movement organised Press Conferences in Navsari on 12th March, 2017 and in Vadodara and Ahmedabad on 14 March, 2017 to appeal students, parents, teachers and the society for creating a joyful, rather than stressful atmosphere during the Board Exams.

Media Coverage


(Photo above) Media Coverage in Navsari and (Photo below) in Ahmedabad

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