Newsletter cum Magazine of Oasis Movement  •  Year 10  •  Issue 15  •  23 June, 2017
11 Life Camps & 6 New Local Facilitators:
Oasis Touches 536 Students of Jammu & Kashmir
Pilot Life Camps by Oasis Facilitators
“I Saw a Dream and Shared with My Friends”
Facilitator Sheeba Nair encouraging a student to share
in Oasis Life Camp at Mubarak Mandi, Jammu 
With the Support of RMSA (Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan) J & K, Oasis Life Camps were initiated for Higher Secondary School students of Jammu & Kashmir from April 2017. 

The primary purpose of Life Camps is to bring out hidden strengths of teenagers, as also to build their self confidence. The camps are conducted in a child safe atmosphere where students feel empowered to share their opinions, thoughts, feelings, dreams without any inhibitions in a joyful environment.
Oasis Life Camps are the basic program under its IYLDP (Indian Young Leadership Development Project) to identify & recognize students with leadership potentials while affirming each & every child about their goodness and strengths.

Oasis team comprising of Sheeba Nair (Project Facilitator, J & K), Nowsheen Khan (Life Camp coordinator, Kashmir) & Jolly Madhra (Life Camp Facilitator, Jammu) conducted pilot camps in few schools of J & K. In order to reach to maximum children Oasis organized Facilitator Training & invited teachers, principals, young students, citizens who also share common dream as Oasis. Positive & enthusiastic response displayed by the team of new facilitators has been heartwarming as it has unleashed series of Life Camps at J & K.
Dates School / Venue No. of
Oasis Facilitator
1 4-6 Apr, 2017 Govt. High School, Kothi Bagh, Srinagar, Kashmir 33 Nowsheen Khan,
Oasis Facilitator, J & K
2 24-26 Apr, 2017 Govt. Girls High School, Mubarak Mandi, Jammu 52 Sheeba Nair,
Trustee, OASIS
3 27-29 Apr, 2017 Govt. Girls High School,
Jakh (Samba), Jammu
48 Jolly Madhra,
Oasis Facilitator, North India
Facilitator Nowsheen Khan helping a participant at HS, Kothi Bagh, Srinagar
Facilitator Jolly Madhra explaining a concept at HSS Jakh (Samba), Jammu
Finer Moments of Oasis Life Camps
Sharing of Pain & Joy in the Camps
A conducive atmosphere brings out inner most feelings of participants
Oasis Life Camp Facilitator Training at Kothi Bagh, Srinagar
“I learned to believe that
Each and every child is special without any exceptions”
Facilitator Sheeba Nair discussing with participants
Oasis Life Camp Facilitator Training program was organized at Srinagar on 6 & 7th May, 2017 where 19 selected teachers & youths participated. (Two more people were separately trained for Oasis Life Camps, at Jammu.)
Some Reflections from Teachers:

The workshop was quite attractive and informative. I enjoyed the delivery of the topics and the group discussions. I learned new ways to teach the students. I also learn to love the students. In future I will try to be more patient and will always keep a smile on my face while entering in my class. I learned to believe that each and every child is special without any expectations.
- Syed Minu Bashir Balkhi, Lecturer, Govt. High School, Mirgund, Pattan, Baramulla
1. I loved the module of Oasis (Life Camp). It is fully educational. This module will definitely boast the students. I enjoyed group discussions.
2. I learnt to be good listener and how to help children to live life.
- Sameer Bhat, Teacher, Govt. Boys High school, Khrew

Dear Sheeba,

I enjoyed being the part of Oasis Life camp conducted by you. I am inspired by your dedication and confidence. I am looking forward to work with you again.

- Khalid Mahmood Shah, Teacher, Govt. Boys High School, Nagrimalpora, Kupwara

Demonstrative Life Camps for New Facilitators
 “We learnt that we always have choice in life,
We want to remain happy or sad is our choice”
Facilitator Nowsheen Khan with trainee facilitator Aarzoo 
encouraging Participants in a demo Life Camp, Organised at HSS Sonawar 
Trainee facilitator Pranshu (left) in discussion with students 
with facilitator Hiral Patel (right), HSS Channi, Jammu
Trainee facilitator Javid Ali Paray at HSS Mirgund, Kashmir
Dates School / Venue No. of
Facilitator & Trainees
4 8-10 May, 2017 Govt. High School, Sonawar, Kashmir 30 Nowsheen Khan with
Fida Abid Qayoom, Aarzoo
& Parvaiz Ahmed
5 21-23 May, 2017 Govt.  High School, Channi, Jammu 40 Hiral Patel (Trustee, OASIS) with Vinod Raina & Pranshu
6 24-26 May, 2017 Govt. High School, Mirgund, Kashmir 52 Nowsheen Khan with
Javid Ali Paray
Some Reflections from Students about Life Camps and their Facilitators:

“मुझे इस केम्प में बहोत मज़ा आया. इस केम्प में हमने बहोत सारी activities की. इस केम्प में हमें stage पर बोलने का मोका मिला. लाइफ में सबसे ज्यादा मज़ा हमें इस केम्प की वजह से आया क्योंकि जो डर हमारे दिल में था वो अब दूर हो गया हैं. हम चाहते हैं कि ये Life camp फिर से आये.”

“मैंने इस केम्प में बहोत कुछ सिखा हैं. मैंने सिखा कि जब हम दुःखी हो तब बोलना चाहिये- ‘I am the best!’ केम्प में हमने फिल्म देखी. उस में से मैंने सिखा की हमें कभी भी हार नहीं माननी चाहिये. जीवन में कठिनाइयां आए तो हमें डरना नहीं चाहिये. हमें आगे बढ़ते रहना चाहिये.” 

“I learnt that we should never hesitate for speaking anything on stage among people. We should always have trust on ourselves. We should have self-confidence. And the most important thing that I learnt from this camp is that nobody is worst or bad, we all are the best.”

“इस केम्प में मैंने बहोत enjoy किया क्योंकि हिरल दीदी और भैया हमें अच्छी अच्छी कहानियां सुनाते थे और अच्छी बातें बताते थे. उन्होंने हमारे dream को पहचानने में हमारी मदद की. जिससे हमें पता चला कि हमारा सपना क्या है और उसके लिये हमें क्या करना चाहिए.”

शीबा दी, आपके आने से पहले हमें यह पता नहीं था कि Pro-action क्या होता हैं. और Visualization का भी पता नहीं था. आपके आने के बाद हमें जिंदगी से भी डर नहीं लगता हैं. पहले कोई कुछ बोलता था तो हम रोने लग जाते थे. पर आपने हमें बताया की हम किसीसे कम नहीं हैं.

Dear Nowsheen Didi, Thank you मुझे इतना कुछ सिखाने के लिये. हमने आपसे बहोत कुछ सिखा. हमने आपसे वो चीज़े सीखी हैं जो हमने कभी सोची ही नहीं थी. और आज हम वो चीज़ कर भी सकते हैं. आप बहोत अच्छे हो. हमारे साथ बहोत मजाक-मस्ती भी की. आपने हमें सबके सामने बोलने के काबिल कर दिया.
New Life Camp Facilitator-beings at J & K
Life Camps by New Trained Facilitators
“इस केम्प से हमें अपने सपनो को पूरा करने की प्रेरणा मिली”
New Facilitators Anjum Afshan and Aarzoo with Girls of Amira Kadal HSS
Javid Ali Paray with jubilant students of Ahmadpora HSS 
Fida Abid Qayoom with Archanderhama, Singhora, HSS students 
Vinod Raina with happy boys of Govt. High School, Akhnoor, Jammu
Fida Abid Qayoom with students after the camp at HSS, T K Bala, Pattan, Kashmir
Dates School / Venue No. of
7 11-13 May, 2017 Govt. High School, Amira Kadal, Kashmir 73 Anjum Afshan, Lecturer,
H.S.S. Lalpora, Baramulla
8 16-18 May, 2017 Govt.  High School, Ahamadpura, Kashmir 60 Javid Ali Paray, Teacher,
Govt. H.S.S., Sherabad, Pattan
9 18-20 May, 2017 Govt. High School, Archanderahama, Kashmir 37 Abid Qayoom, Teacher,
H.S.S., Singhora, Pattan
10 24-26 May, 2017 Govt. High School, Akhnoor, Jammu 32 Vinod Raina, Teacher,
H.S.S. Bajbain, Rajouri
11 6-8 June, 2017 Govt. High School, T K Bala, Pattan, Kashmir 60 Abid Qayoom, Teacher,
H.S.S., Singhora, Pattan
Life Camp Activity Moments
  Team Alive
Alkesh Raval Avani Kulkarni Hiral Patel
Kshama Kataria Mayuri Gohil Mehul Panchal
Sanjiv Shah Sheeba Nair Vatsala Shah
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