Newsletter cum Magazine of Oasis Movement  •  Year 10  •  Issue 17  •  24 July, 2017
Children's Freedom Movement Special: Part 1
Freedom Movement for Children is Picking up Pace
January: Rallies on 'Captive Children of Free Nation'
માર્ક્સ અને માર વચ્ચે પિસાતાં બાળકોને આઝાદી ક્યારે?
Photos Above (top to bottom): 1. Rally at Navsari 2. Rally at Bengaluru 
3. Dialogue between Children & Parents/Elders after rally at Navsari

The Mass Awareness Campaign for Oasis Children's Freedom Movement commenced on 1st January, 2017 with rallies at Navsari (Gujarat) & Bengaluru. @ 500 children shouted slogans for Children's Freedom from present Jail type Educational System and later asked many questions to parents in a dialogue. 
Media Coverage
March: Press Conferences on 'Pressure of Board Exams'
સંતાનો મૂલ્યવાન છે કે પરીક્ષાનાં પરિણામો?
Photos (Top to bottom): 1. Mahadevbhai Desai (Navsari) in an interview regarding 'Pressure of Board Exams on Children' in the program organized at Surat on 12th March, 
2. Dr. Mehul Mashkaria (Orthopaedic Surgeon), Indukumar Jani (Social Activist) & Udaybhai Desai (Project Head, Dr. K. R Shroff Foundation), addressing media people in the program organized at  Ahmedabad on 14th March. 

Just before the start of Boards Exams in Gujarat (10th & 12th Std.), Oasis organized awareness program to appeal the parents & family members of students not to create unnecessary pressure of these exams on their children. The program was organized in 3 cities of Gujarat - Surat, Ahmedabad & Vadodara. Leading citizens including Doctors, Social Activists, Architects, School Principals took part in this program and appealed to all through Press & Media
Media Coverage
Chronology of Events
Sr. City / Town Event Date No. of Participants
      2017 Students Others**
1 Navsari Rally – Captive Children of Free Nation 1-Jan 400 70
2 Bengaluru Rally – Captive Children of Free Nation 1-Jan 75 10
3 Surat Press Conference – Pressure of Board Exams 12-Mar  4 21
4 Vadodara Press Conference – Pressure of Board Exams 14-Mar   4
5 Ahmedabad Press Conference – Pressure of Board Exams 14-Mar   9
6 Vadodara Rally – Pressure of Board Exams 27-Mar 87 5
7 Vadodara Rally – Choosing Career 8-Apr 63 7
8 Vadodara Street Plays & Interviews – Choosing Career 18-Apr 50 6
9 Bengaluru Rally – Freedom of Children 25-Apr 63 10
10 Dabhoi Rally – Pressure of Board Exams 29-Apr 93 7
11 Vadodara Rally – Freedom of Children 7-May 72 8
12 Bhuj Event – Dialogue on Freedom of Children 8-May 62 18
13 Chanod Swabhiman Rally Propagation 1-Jun 88 6
14 Vadodara Pratibha Sanman Program & Swabhiman Rally 10-Jun 15 10
15 Navsari Pratibha Sanman Program & Swabhiman Rally 10-Jun 320 40
16 Surat Pratibha Sanman Program & Swabhiman Rally 10-Jun 290 100
17 Ahmedabad Pratibha Sanman Program & Swabhiman Rally 12-Jun 270 50
** Others – Volunteers, Teachers, Parents, Citizens etc
Summer 2017: Rallies & Events during Oasis Children's Camps
Schools – Nursery of Global Citizens?
Or  Factory of Unhappy Children?
Photos Above (top to bottom & left to right):
1. Children of GNKM Thava (Bharuch) protesting at Gandhi Nagargruh, Vadodara,
2. Children of Dream India Camp (Board Special) in a rally at Vadodara 
3. Children taking interviews of citizens at S.T.Depot, Vadodara 
4. Children in a rally at Bengaluru, during their Dream India Camp
Photos Above :
(Top left) Rally at Dabhoi & (Top right) Rally at Vadodara demanding equal rights to children.

(Bottom) Children are in dialogue with prominent citizens at Bhuj during their camp {Invitees in Bhuj were Shri Haresh Dholakia (Prominent Writer), Shri R. R. Patel (Founder Trustee, Shree Kutchhi Leva Patel Education & Medical Trust, Bhuj), Kashmiraben Shah (H.O.D. Eng. Dept., Kutch University, Bhuj) & Harshaben Thakkar (Teacher, Army School, Bhuj). The program was conducted by Pratiksinh Parmar, Coordinator, Oasis}  
Media Coverage
Dear Readers, 
If you also feel and think that the present Education System is not helping children to be Happy, Responsible, Sensitive Human-beings, Please let us know your views. 
If You also have many questions to raise against the system, write to us. We will share them with our readers. 
  Team Alive
Alkesh Raval Avani Kulkarni Hiral Patel
Kshama Kataria Mayuri Gohil Mehul Panchal
Sanjiv Shah Sheeba Nair Vatsala Shah
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