Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement   Year 10 /  Issue 02 /  January 17, 2017
Children Demonstrate Active Responsible Citizenship
Next Freedom Movement for Children
Children in Next Freedom Movement for Children Rally in Vadodara
120 children along with 30 youths came together to create awareness for the suppressed children in education system on December 19, 2016 in Vadodara. In the morning they performed street plays in different parts of the city on problems of Domestic Violence, Waste Management, Superstitions, Freedom of Choice, Pollution and Village Development. After which they conducted a survey on Corruption and Education System. They also conducted survey and signature campaigns on Discrimination. They conducted survey and performed skits on Consumerism. At noon, they rallied down from Gandhinagar Gruh to Sayaji Baug. In the afternoon, children and adults had a discussion on 'What is Freedom?' and the kind of freedom do children want.
Nation is Free but Children are Captive…
Does Failure in Academics mean Failure in Life?
Are Children for the School,
Or is School for the Children?
Don’t convert Schools into Prisons,
Transform Prisons into Schools.
Are highly educated Scholars, 
Better Citizens compared to Uneducated?

Children conducting
Survey on topics like Education System, Domestic Violence and Women Empowerment

Children and Adults in discussion of
'What is Freedom?'
From the Shelf of Oasis Publications
New Book Launch - 'સ્વતંત્રતા - નહીં કે સ્વેચ્છાચાર!'
Translation of 'Freedom - Not License!' - A. S. Neil
Some of the concerns raised by Children on 'What is Freedom?'
Parents say that children must accept their mistakes. Have they ever wondered that why don’t we accept our mistakes? When we do they beat us. How & why will we accept our mistakes? In Oasis parliament we give everybody a chance for learning from their mistakes. Why not at home or in school?

They say we eat a lot of junk food. But when they don’t feel like cooking/get late while shopping they only serve us Maggi/food from restaurants.

They say we don’t take permission from parents while going out to play & don’t come back home on time. When they go shopping why don’t they take our permission? Why there is no time limit on shopping? Even they come late!

Parents: have you ever tried to sit & talk to your parents about all the problems/complaints you have?
Children: When we want to talk to parents they say I am busy, have to go here or there… When they want to talk to us they blackmail us & take our time.

When we grow up all of a sudden you tell us that now you are grown up so take decisions on your own. But if you don’t allow us to take decisions from childhood how do we learn? Then when we make a mistake parents say why did you make a mistake? But we are not trained to take our decisions independently. Then why do you blame us?

Have you ever tried putting trust in us?
In schools we have uniform for children why not for teachers?

If children come late they are punished without even listening to them. When teachers come late why are they not punished?
Teachers decide when we should go to wash room. Why?
You decide what time we should wake up, what time we should study, what time we should play, what time we should go to bed. What we should eat & what we should study. At least let us decide something for ourselves!!

Parents say that when two elders are talking younger ones must not interrupt/speak in between. Why do they interrupt when two small children are talking?
'સમરહિલ' - વિશ્વની પ્રથમ, સાચી લોકશાહી દ્વારા ચાલતી એવી શાળા છે, જ્યાં બાળક શાળા માટે નથી, પણ શાળા બાળક માટે છે. એ. એસ. નીલ દ્વારા લિખિત આ 'સમરહિલ' પુસ્તકના ગુજરાતી અનુવાદથી વાચકો પરિચિત થયા છે, પરંતુ સ્વતંત્રતા અને લોકશાહીથી ચાલતી શાળાના ખ્યાલો સમજવા સહેલા નથી, તેમને આચારમાં મૂકવા જતાં ડગલે ને પગલે ગેરસમજણો વચ્ચે આવે છે. શું સ્વતંત્રતા બાળકોના સર્વાંગી વિકાસ માટે ખરેખર જરૂરી છે? શું સ્વતંત્રતા આપવાથી બાળકો સ્વચ્છંદી નહીં થઈ જાય? સ્વતંત્રતા અને સ્વચ્છંદતા વચ્ચેનો તફાવત શું છે? જુઠું બોલવું, ચોરી, વ્યસન જેવી કોઈ પણ બાળસમસ્યાનો ઇલાજ સ્વતંત્રતાથી શી રીતે થઇ શકે? આ અને આવા અનેક સવાલોના ઉત્તર તેમ જ વધુ માર્ગદર્શન માટે ઓએસિસ ગુજરાતી વાચકોને અર્પણ કરે છે એ. એસ. નીલનું વધુ એક પુસ્તક - સ્વતંત્રતા - નહીં કે સ્વેચ્છાચાર! રોજબરોજની પરિસ્થિતિઓનાં ઉદાહરણ સાથે, સ્વતંત્રતા અને સ્વચ્છંદતા વચ્ચેનો ભેદ સ્પષ્ટ કરતું આ પુસ્તકબાળકોની આઝાદીની તરફેણ કરનારા સહુ કોઈએ - વિશેષ કરીને માતાપિતાઓએ અને શિક્ષકોએ વાંચવું જ રહ્યું.
'સ્વતંત્રતા - નહીં કે સ્વેચ્છાચાર!' (Translation of Freedom - Not License!) is a book for Parenting and Child Rearing that reflects why a child behaves the way he behaves. The author of the book is A.S. Neil. The book is translated by Biren Kothari and published by Oasis Publications.
Media Coverage of Rally on Next Freedom Movement
Divya Bhaskar, December 20, 2016, Page 2
Gujarat Samachar, December 20, 2016, Page 2
Rally Event Reproduced In Navsari and Bengaluru
The Rally Event was replicated in Navsari and Bengaluru on January 1, 2017. 400 students, teachers and parents participated in Navsari Rally, which was followed by a discussion between children and parents and teachers.
Glimpses from Navsari Rally
Book Launch by Vinit Jain and Vinit Patel
Media Coverage of Navsari Rally
Navsari Bhaskar, January 2, 2017

Bengaluru Team of Oasis organized Rally in which 70 children participated. Placards were created by children.
Glimpses of Bengaluru Rally
Children in Rally with Placards
Children Learn Responsibility in Oasis Dream India Camp
Oasis Valleys organized Dream India Camp for 46 children from November 14 to 22, 2017. The camp was facilitated by Viral Patel.
Full time Faculties

Viral Patel (Leadership)
Anuj Gohil (Labor of Love, What is Love?)
Rahul Joshi (Best out of Waste, what is Success?)
Khushboo Vasava (Medicinal Gardening, Creative Craft)
Anita Rohit (Embroidery, Drama)
Reema Maisuriya (Dance, Overall Manager)
Viral Panchal (Farming, Project work)
Hemant Chauthani as full time volunteer

Guest Faculties

Shilpa Shah (Architecture)
Nilam Shah (Rights of children)
Amit Barot (Furniture)
Ashish Shah (Team Building)
Glimpses from the Camp...
Faciltator Viral Patel (Real Estate Developer, Shri Jala Group of Companies)
Reflections from Children...
Reflections from Faculty...
"I like the process of children's parliament because at this age they learn to take perfect decision and how to behave, how to put their arguments in front of others and solve the case." - Ashish Shah (Faculty, Working Together Works)
Team Alive
• Alkesh Raval  • Avani Kulkarni  
• Hiral Patel  • Kshama Kataria   
• Mayuri Gohil  • Mehul Panchal  • Sanjiv Shah
 • Sheeba Nair  • Vatsala Shah
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