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Oasis Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan Commences at Ladakh, J & K
"Effective, Innovative and Excellent! 
Never Seen Such Program in my 35 years of Career"
Principals, Head Masters & HOD DIETs of schools of Ladakh seen in joyful state 
with their facilitators, Viral Patel & Sheeba Nair, at the end of first workshop

Under the Partnership Project between Directorate of RMSA, Jammu & Kashmir and Oasis - Agrocel, Oasis Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan begins for Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir with the 1st workshop from 25 to 27 July, 2017. 3-days residential workshop was organized for the first batch of Principals, Head Masters & HOD DIETs of schools representing various districts of Ladakh. It was organized at District Institute of Education and Trainings, Leh.

Entitled ‘Self Leadership’, this workshop is the first one in the series of Oasis L3 Course and was facilitated by Viral Patel, Trustee (OASIS) and CEO, Oasis Jammu Kashmir Project. Sheeba Nair, Trustee (OASIS) joined him in the first inaugural workshop.
“This workshop has extracted my inner capabilities and strength”
Reflections about the workshop:

“I feel it is the best workshop to develop leadership qualities in administrators. It is very useful to become a visionary leader.”- Mohd. Asgar, Chanigound  
“It helps to understand actual meaning of life. This workshop helps to remove our weaknesses, negativity, and bad habits. This workshop teaches to care for others in personal and professional relationships.”- Tsering Yangdol, Leh    
“This workshop on Self-leadership Development course is such an excellent course, I haven’t seen and done in my 35 years of service as a Government employee. I have taken lots of trainings and done lots of workshops; but this is the only one so effective, innovative, and excellent. It’s because both the facilitators are efficient, have good command on language and their way of presentation is very effective. It was very heart touching, which led us to weep and laugh. Such training is very very useful for not only principals but also to other social workers/leaders in every field.”- Tsering Dorjai, Diskit, Nubra
“The whole workshop was very interesting and heart touching. My complete emotional and mental self got involved in the workshop. This workshop has extracted my inner capabilities and strength. Besides that, I got a big moral support. This very workshop has cleared my mission and vision of life. Now I can see the world in a more beautiful way. Now my will-power and commitment have become stronger.”- Sonam Wangchuk, Bogdang, Nubra
‘Though I have attended many workshops, this workshop is very special and different. We learned so many things that can change our life style. We have so many paradigms that without this training we are not able to understand who we are and why we are here in this world. About leadership, I found it very touching. It is not my position but in my mindset that counts.
This workshop will change us. We will try to be good human beings with values. We will try to impart all these qualities which we learned here with our staff and students. When I have all these qualities which I learnt, my family life will change. I learnt that everything happening in my life is my responsibility. So now I will not blame others.”- Delhen Angmo, Leh
Participants in workshop process
“It was a game changer and eye opener for my life”
Reflections about usefulness of the workshop:

“When I attended the workshop on 1st day, I thought it will be a routine workshop; but it was beyond my expectations; excellent one. It was a game changer and eye opener for my life. This workshop should be introduced to Politicians/'Netas' and all the HODs, so that we can see change in the entire country.”- Kangchuk Angmo, Leh
“The workshop was so useful. This was the method for a raw person to become a perfect parent, teacher and leader.”- Tsering Wangyal, Bartoo-Sankoo, Kargil
“This workshop has taught us how to lead a peaceful life; how we can share our happiness with others.”- Deldan Angmo, Leh
“I think after attending this workshop I really can change my life; because now I know how to follow my daily routine, how to behave with my family members, how to arrange my tasks, how to co-operate with my associates/friends - staff and all those who are in my relations.”- Mohd. Ibrahim, Tambis, Kargil
(Photo left) Participant sharing her feelings; (Photo right) Group Discussion is going on during the workshop 
Special Announcement
Viral Patel, Trustee of Oasis A Selfless International Society (O.A.S.I.S.), has taken charge as C.E.O. of Oasis Jammu & Kashmir Project.

Hearty Congratulations to Viral Patel from Oasis Team!
Facilitators are Good, Hardworking, Cooperative,
Helpful, Honest, Humble and Respectable
Reflections about the Facilitators:

“The workshop facilitators are highly educated and practical. They have idea of teaching and exposure of life. After meeting them I changed my life style.”- Ali Rehmat, Poya, Kargil 
“When I see the facilitators Sheeba and Viral, I feel good and my heart compelled me to join their sessions. Their smiling faces always guide us to convert our own expression into smiling ones.”- Nawang Namgail, Baima 
“I feel both of you are messengers of God who came to this remote area to change us and our community.”- Delhen Angmo, Liktse
“Sheeba is very energetic and humble and very punctual. I salute to her. She is very smart and her voice is so clear. She is very knowledgeable and respectful. She is very loving and caring. A great personality.
Viral is very calm and peaceful. His humbleness inspires me. He is a great personality. He is very knowledgeable and experienced person. I salute you!”- Rigzin Angmo, Shey, Leh-Ladakh
Facilitator Viral Patel,
CEO, Oasis Jammu & Kashmir Project
Facilitator Sheeba Nair,
Trustee, Oasis Trust
Photo News from Oasis Jammu & Kashmir
Participant Teachers at Review Meet with Sheeba Nair & RMSA (J&K) officers

Review meet of Oasis Life Camp facilitators at Kashmir was organized at Kothibagh, Srinagar on 21st July, 2017. The meet was facilitated by Sheeba Nair. Mr. Tufail Mattoo, Special Project Director, RMSA (J&K) & Mr. Nazir Reshi, State Coordinator, Pedagogy Dept. also joined to encourage the young teachers.
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Kshama Kataria   Mehul Panchal
Sanjiv Shah   Sheeba Nair
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