Newsletter cum Magazine of Oasis Movement  •  Year 10  •  Issue 24  •  25 Nov, 2017
Grand Son of A.S.Neill & Vice Principal of Summerhill
Henry Readhead's First Visit to India & Oasis
Inspires Teachers, Principals, Authorities, Parents, Children & many more
“Freedom with Responsibility can really
Make Children Own their Learning”
Henry Readhead in dialogue with guests at Oasis Valleys, Chanod (Vadodara)

Established by A. S. Neill in 1921, Summerhill School is the oldest children’s democracy in the world.  Today, Summerhill is considered as one of the most successful, unique and revolutionary Schools in the field of Education.    
Recreating Summerhill values of Freedom & Happiness for children in Oasis Summer camps in year 2012 made the camps instant success with children. Then, so called, ‘Summerhill Camps’ evolved into ‘Oasis Dream India Camps’ and became the most popular camps not only with children but also with Facilitators, Resource Teachers, Volunteers & Guests. Oasis launched Children’s Freedom Movement in 2016.
Henry Readhead is a grandson of A. S. Neill and currently Vice Principal of Summerhill School. On invitation from Oasis, Henry visited India for the first time and spent a fortnight in a series of Programs across India.  The Program was – ‘Dialogue with Henry Readhead’ & the theme was to discuss - How to inculcate democratic values in Schools, What freedom is for children & How to give it, and How children thrive maximum in such atmosphere of Freedom & Happiness.  
Henry visited 7 places across India in 15 days and had a dialogue with @ 1000 School Principals, Teachers, Authorities, Parents, Children and people from organizations associated with Education & Children.  He visited Oasis Valleys (Vadodara), Surat, Bengaluru, Delhi, Srinagar, Jammu & Mumbai during 25th August to 9th September. 
Henry's Journey through Programs 
Venue: Oasis Valleys, Chanod
Date: 27th August, 2017
No. Of Participants: 85
Organized by: Oasis
Coordinated & Anchored by:
             Hiral Patel,
             Trustee, OASIS

Venue: Wisdom Hall,
             Auro University, Surat
Date: 29th August, 2017
No. of Participants: @ 155
Organized by: Oasis (Surat)
Coordinated & Anchored by:
        Nilesh Vankawala,
       Oasis Coordinator, Surat

Venue: Ashirvad Hall, St.
          Marks Road, Bengaluru
Date: 31st August, 2017
No. of Participants: @ 130
Organized by: Oasis
Coordinated & Anchored by:
      Ahalya Sriram,
      Chief coordinator, IYLDP, 
Venue: B.B.Verma Auditorium,
Date: 2nd Sept, 2017
No. of Participants: @ 75
Organized by: Manzil & Oasis 
        In association with APIM
Coordinated & Anchored by:
      Saumya Sharma, IDEC &
      Manzil Team
Venue: Kothibaug Girls High
            School, Srinagar,
            Jammu & Kashmir
Date: 4th Sept, 2017
No. of Participants: @ 240
Organized by: RMSA (J & K)
Coordinated & Anchored by:
          Saloni & Snehal Shah,

          Oasis Facilitators
Venue: Teachers Audi.,
        Gandhinagar, Jammu,
        Jammu & Kashmir
Date: 6th Sept, 2017
No. of Participants: @ 260
Organized by: RMSA(J & K)
Coordinated & Anchored by:
           Viral Patel, CEO,
           Oasis J&K Project
Venue: CCD Audi. Mahalaxmi,
Date: 8th Sept, 2017
No. of Participants: @ 75
Organized by: SRCC Center 4
  Child Development, Mumbai
                & Oasis
Coordinated & Anchored by:
     Taru Kajaria,
    Oasis coordinator, Mumbai
“Democratic way of conflict resolution was Eye-opener”
“A good perspective on democratic education by Henry”
Henry in traditional Indian Dress while taking session at Mumbai 
In his Sessions Henry explained What is Summerhill by sharing his personal journey at Summerhill - How as a kid he wanted to pursue music and by the age of 30 he realized that his heart lies in Summerhill School as he was constantly talking about Summerhill than music. That’s when he decided to dedicate his life to Summer Hill School and become an educationalist. 
Henry explained how Freedom & Happiness work for wholistic growth of children. He talked about 3 pillars of Summerhill - 1. Freedom, Not license, 2. Equality, and 3. Meeting Process - Resolving conflicts through democratic ways. He talked about rules made by children at Summerhill and shared examples of Meeting Process. 

Highlights of his talk were:
• The word Freedom is not so easy to understand. Freedom is not license. You do need to bring a sense of commitment and structure. The Summer Hill School encourages children to define their own boundaries. Freedom for them does not mean they cross over the freedom of others. It’s about being responsible.
• Education should focus on holistic development of a child, social-emotional development is as important as academic development.
• Children should find their own individual goals and interest themselves, the parent and teacher will only provide the right environment to do this. It is important that we do not jump into taking decision for children.
• Learning should be play. Play is the most natural way to connect with environment, people and themselves.
• School should support children to get where they want to get to. For example- If a child wants to become a doctor, the child should make the decision on the effort that needs to be put into, the school should support this decision and effort.
• The strength of Summer Hill school is its community Mindset, the teachers meet very often and children come together to make decision on things that actually affect them.

During the Questions & Answers session, many were asked and discussed. Some highlight of questions were - 
1) What Summer Hill believes about pedagogy for teaching? Has there been unhappy children even at Summer Hill?
2) How Summerhill recruits teachers? Do they find such teachers easily?
3) Is there clash between Summer Hill School students once they grow in freedom environment and parents who may not have that Mindset? Do you conduct programs for Parents?
4) What support do you provide if some school want to follow your foot steps and seek your guidance?
5) How do the children who study in Summer Hill school adjust to the world outside which still thinks IQ is important and believes in competition?
Henry answered every question from the audience beautifully with amazing sincerity. 

At couple of places, he demonstrated democratic conflict resolution by enacting a Meeting Process. 

At the end of program, at each venue, Oasis Volunteers informed the participants about How Summerhill principles incorporated in Oasis Dream India Camp and what wonders they have created. Oasis envisions to create Learning Communities based on these principles throughout the country. 

And, Henry has promised to come again. 
(content courtesy Oasis Bengaluru team)
"This program was very interesting and useful. It cleared some important doubts of my mind about the concept of freedom in Education system adopted by Summerhill School, U.K. I am really happy that I have attended this program and also thankful to Oasis for organizing such wonderful program."
~ Manilal T. Shah, Managing Trustee, Nannibala Charitable Trust, Kutch, Gujarat
Read detailed report of Surat Program, in Gujarati language, here
Some Photo Glimpses of Henry's Events
Teachers, School Principals, Parents, Children....eagerly listening to Henry
at Oasis Valleys (Chanod, Vadodara)
Oasis Coordinators, Purvi Dalal (right) & Mital Patel (left), informing
about Oasis Dream India Camps at Surat Event. 
Henry with Bengaluru Team
Audience engrossed in the talk by Henry at B. B. Verma Auditorium, Delhi  
Oasis Coordinator Saloni Shah introducing Henry to audience at Srinagar (J & K)
At Jammu, Oasis Dream India Camp participant sharing her experience with audience along with Oasis-J & K Project CEO, Viral Patel
Enacting Summerhill Meeting Process & Conflict Resolution, at Mumbai event. 
Ms. Taru Kajaria (2nd from left) was the overall event coordinator.  
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