Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement   Year 10 /  Issue 04 /  January 24, 2017
Govt of Jammu & Kashmir Signs MoU for Oasis Programs
Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan To Reach 150 School Heads at J&K in 2017
Snehal and Saloni Shah, Surat
- Workshop Facilitators for Kashmir Batch
Siddharth and Anuradha Mehta, Surat
- Workshop Facilitators for Kashmir Batch
Hiral Patel and Vatsala Shah, Oasis Core Team
- Workshop Facilitators for Jammu Batches

Sheeba Nair as Overall Project Facilitator Workshop Facilitator for Jammu & Kashmir Batches
Oasis Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan commenced its partnership with  the Directorate, Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan (RMSA), Jammu and Kashmir in January 2017.
The program intends to cover 150 participants including Heads of Institutions, principals and senior teachers in 6 batches of 25 participants each. Oasis L3 Course is an ongoing program with handholding for 3-4 years covering a series of 3 workshops per year for each batch.
The objective is to empower these leaders as principle-centred role models & change-makers of community so as to influence positive culture building in the young school students in the state of J & K.
As part of the same, the first inaugural workshops were organized for one batch each at Jammu and Kashmir respectively in January 2017.
You All Made it Possible! Thank you!!
Oasis expresses its sincere gratitude to Mr. Naeem Akhtar, Minister of Edu. Dept., J&K and Mr. Shaleen Kabra, IAS, Principal Secretary and Commissioner, Edu. Dept, J&K for their extraordinary vision, blessings and commitment to lead this project. We are genuinely thankful to Mr. Saugat Biswas, IAS, SPD, (SSA,RMSA) for finalising this partnership of Oasis-Agrocel with RMSA, Mr. Nazir Reshi, State Co-ordinator, Pedagogy Dept. and Mr. Vaibhav Jindal (PMRDF) for all their support. We also convey our gratitude to Mrs. Preeti Shroff, Agrocel Industries Pvt. Ltd., a dear friend and well-wisher of Oasis for inspiring this project at J&K and Ms. Nowsheen Khan, Agrocel, Srinagar for her ongoing and untiring help.
25 Principals-Heads Attend 1st Oasis L3 Workshop at Jammu
Group of workshop participants at Jammu with Sheeba Nair
3-days residential workshop was organized for J1 batch of Principals, Head Masters & HOD DIETs of schools representing various districts of Jammu from 4-6 January, 2017.  It was organised at IMPA, Jammu.
Entitled ‘Self Leadership’ this workshop is the first one in series of Oasis L3 Course and was facilitated by Sheeba Nair, Trustee, Oasis. She was assisted by Nowsheen Khan, Agrocel Industries, Srinagar.
Ongoing workshop in Jammu
Reflections from workshop participants....
“This workshop is really a character maker, man making and by which one can stand upon his/her own foot. Learnt how to use brain and heart. The workshop gave me strength.” - Om Prakash Sharma, Principal, HSS Bajbani

“This workshop helps the person to understand how to live the life gifted by the almighty with love, peace and entertainment." - Shakti Kumar, Principal, CHSS Krimchi

"Through this workshop I got an opportunity to identify my short-comings, define my future course of action both in my personal and professional life." - Sanjay Zutshi, HOD, DIET Reasi

“Workshop was wonderful in my last 30 years of services." - Narinder Sharma, Principal, HSS Khari

"It was a workshop to bring out the inner qualities of leadership to take the challenges of life and solve them for the betterment of ourselves so that we may serve the society in a better way.” - Pawan Kr. Sharma, Principal, HSS Basohli

"This program of ‘OASIS’ is a complete training in the world of humanity." - Mahomad Sagir Khan, Headmaster, HS Sanghiste

"This workshop has put a new energy in my life. I can do the best in my personal as well as professional life." - Sudeshkumar Raina, Principal, Malothi
(Photos above) Participants engrossed in Group Discussion
Reflections for Facilitator....

"Sheebaji left no stone unturned to make it a great success. It is due to the efforts of the facilitator that every participant is almost fully satisfied and is praising whole heartedly the facilitator. The facilitator has done an excellent job and it will be paid greatly to the education system in the long run." - Sri Krishan, Headmaster, HS Lingri
Suggestions from workshop participants....

"Such type of workshops should be organized in the schools and at chapter level. We should introduce these programmes for the students i.e. Self leadership should be a part of the education so that the students can learn at the beginning stage." - Sagar Chand, Headmaster, HS Kathil Dumar
1st Inaugural Oasis L3 Workshop for Kashmir Batch at Srinagar
Group of workshop participants at Srinagar, Kashmir
Similar workshop was organized for K1 batch in Srinagar, Kashmir from 10-12 January, 2017. Number of participants in K1 batch were 24. It was organised at the Conference Hall of DSEK, Srinagar in collaboration with State Institute of Education, Kashmir. Sheeba Nair facilitated the workshop and was assisted by Nowsheen Khan.
Ongoing workshop at Kashmir
Reflections from workshop participants....

"First time I have attended such workshop which has given me innovative ways to develop self leadership.” - Ghulam Mohiuddin Bhat, Principal, HSS Trespone

“Workshop is an eye opener for me. It gave me a good lesson of life. It showed me way to tackle tough situation. It gave me patience & tolerance. Workshop gave me a new life toward myself.” - Ishaq Ahmad Wani, Headmaster, HS Ratnipora

"I have attended number of workshops and training during my tenure but this workshop is really praiseworthy. This workshop touches the soul.” - Shabir Ahmad Khan, Principal, BHSS Unisoo

“The workshop is a very constructive program. With the help of this workshop, a man can live a respectable life. The program is based on building character, moral ethics among the participants. If such workshop will occur time and again in our state, I hope it will become a great source to change the mindset of people.” - Mohd. Kazim, Headmaster, HS Thasgam Drass

“This workshop will help us in future for the smooth functioning of our institutions." 
- Saifudin Lone, Headmaster, HS Chuntimulla

(Photo above) An introspective moment
(Photo left) Discussion on perspectives (Photo right) Team Assignment
Reflections for Facilitator....

“The best part of this workshop was its Facilitator. I have no words to write for your dedication, sincerity, love, affection, punctuality & commitment. You are person who inspires me and gives me zeal to inspire my people. You lit a spark in me to change the unrest situation in Kashmir. I love you for all as you are.”

- Dr. Rabia Naseem, Research Officer, SIE

(Photo right) Facilitator Sheeba Nair assisted by Nowsheen Khan
Suggestions from workshop participants....

"Because of uncertainty, unrest, Jammu & Kashmir state requires such type of workshops.” - Pirzada Khurshid Ahmad, Principal, BHSS Sherabad

"Ms. Sheebaji may be appointed in J & K Education department for guiding us & such workshop should be conducted at least monthly.” - Abdul Satar Lone, Headmaster, HS Zantrag

(Photo above) SIEK officials sharing reflections with facilitator
Coordinator from J&K Facilitates Life Camp at Oasis Valleys
Nowsheen Khan, Srinagar as Oasis Life Camp Facilitator
Oasis Life Camp was organized at Oasis Valleys from December 21 to 23, 2017 for 39 children of 8th and 9th grade of Shree Vashishtha Vidhyalaya, Surat. Nowsheen Khan, Srinagar, as the new facilitator on board facilitated this camp. She is now moving forward to replicate Oasis Life Camps in Jammu and Kashmir.

Life camp moments of facilitator with participants
Reflections from camp participants....
Group of happy children with the facilitator Nowsheen Khan
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• Hiral Patel  • Kshama Kataria   
• Mayuri Gohil  • Mehul Panchal  • Sanjiv Shah
 • Sheeba Nair  • Vatsala Shah
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