Newsletter cum Magazine of Oasis Movement  •  Year 11  •  Issue 3  •  8 May, 2018
Jyotirdhar Movement - J & K Project

100 Principals Initiate the Love Workshops at Oasis Valleys
Jammu & Kashmir workshop participants at Oasis Valleys
Workshops for Principals & Teachers of Jammu region
First Batch of Jammu Region (J1) in ongoing workshop at Oasis Valleys
Participant sharing in ongoing workshop of Jammu Batches J2 and J3
Oasis Jyotirdhar Workshops for Jammu Region Batches
"The Oasis Movement of Self Leadership is the highest in our India. May God improve all the movements over the country because it has revolutionised the whole society by learning love and by connecting the whole society irrespective of caste, colour, creed, and sex."

"In the present scenario children are deprived of true love and if I extend myself for nurturing the spiritual growth of children it will be the greatest service to the humanity."
- Sanjay Kumar, HOD DIET, Reasi

"Without love the life would be meaningless and there will be decline in the growth and development of society."
- Gobind Ram Sharma, Principal HSS, Narriawala

"I have come to know that all which is truth and brings beauty to your mind is love."
- Subhash Chandra Sharma, Principal GHS Binah

"By sharing the pains and solving the problems of all my friends and students of my institution I will try to raise myself."
- Reeta Sharma, Lecturer HSS, Bajbani
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Workshop participants learning through interactive role-plays in J1 batch
"This workshop has left me highly oriented, and my capacity has been built. I wish the department goes ahead with such programs in future also so that what I have learned here may percolate down for benefit of the teaching community in J&K state."
- Dileep Kumar Bhat, Principal, GHSS Nubra, Leh - Ladakh

"‘Love’ workshop was very interesting and knowledgeable. We learnt the different aspects of Love and as well as definitions of Love. Many aspects and doubts were made clear during the workshop about life. Our paradigms have also changed after the workshop."
- Rajeev Abrol, Principal, GHS Ghambir Mughlan, Rajouri

"The definition of love has great depth and I learnt many aspects of love and I will apply the same in appropriate place. Life is struggle. This concept I got cleared here in this workshop. The tools to solve the life problems have touched me and I will apply in my daily dealings."
- Choor Singh, Head Master, H.K.Govt. School, HS Ramsoo, Ramban

"The philosophy, art and science of living has been made understood to the participants with citing so many life related examples to clear the meaning and implications in human life. The important learning for my life that touched me most in the workshop is meaning of love."
- Parkash Lal Thapa, Principal, HSS Moungri, Udhampur
Glimpses of workshop moments in 2017 at Oasis Valleys
(Photo top left) Participants attending Yoga session for Ayurvedic Health Rejuvenation
(Photo top right) Participants in early morning Campus Tour of Oasis Valleys
(Photo above) Celebrations with camp fire as an opportunity to know each other better
Workshops for Principals & Teachers of Kashmir & Leh region
Ongoing workshop on Love-Series for first batch of Kashmir region (K1)
Dr. Pravin Shah, Vascular Surgeon, New York and Dr. Deena Shah, Pathologist, New York joined the participants in the workshop.
Oasis Jyotirdhar Workshops for Kashmir & Leh region Batches
"The Ayurveda Session was very useful. Till now I was considering the Ayurveda as the Ayurvedic medicine only. The Yoga session was very clearly explained and practically shown by Ms. Pallavi which I liked the most."
- Nisar Ahmad, Principal, HSS Charshareef
"The thing which we learnt about our health how to maintain it."
- Fameeda Bano, Headmaster, BHS Sonwar

"The Ayurvedic concept was a new and creative thing for me and is the most interesting concept in one’s life."
- Pirzada Khurshid Ahmad, Principal, BHSS Sherabad
Sanjiv Shah facilitating Ayurveda session with Sheeba Nair
“This place & the people over here have brought back our faith in humanity”

"Here at Oasis Valleys, people are really living the life of prophets. Many important lessons were discussed here during the period like Love."
- Shabir Khan, Principal, BHSS Unisoo

"The most important learning which touched my heart is the true love extension for the growth of mankind which make our life progressive, prosperous and make this world a beautiful place to live. By knowing the secret of life which is not easy, it is necessary to face boldly challenges of life. There may be certain hurdles in the smooth running of life but we have to find the root cause of the problem which are obstacles, finding the solutions, resolving results in understanding the problem."
- Afifa Qureshi, Principal, S.P. HSS, Srinagar

"It’s the love which can make me great and which I will help other person to be great too. It will evolve us both. Not only know what is real love but also about life and life is difficult and need to struggle continuously."
- Dr. Rabia Naseem, Research Officer, SIE
"The most important thing that touched me most is that first of all we should love one’s own self then we can love the family and society, etc. In one self health is the important factor. To accept responsibility for the betterment of society."
- Romana Qazi, Principal, GGHSS, Kothibag

Workshop participants learning concepts through Group Discussions
Workshop participants of groups K2 & K3 with facilitators Anuradha & Siddharth Mehta
"Thanks to Oasis that I have been able to understand the real meaning of the word ‘Love’. Mr. Siddharth quite clearly made us understand real meaning of Love."
Peer Ghulam Rasool, Principal, HSS Dooru Anantnag
"The most important lesson that I learnt from this workshop is that one should have the quality of patient listening. The 2nd lesson was that one should accept the responsibility at right time and also should arrive at some conclusion. The 3rd important lesson that I learnt from this workshop is that real love reflects by actions not by expressions."
- M. Akram Bhat, Principal, Girls HSS, Yaripora (Kulgam)
Workshop participants of Leh region (L1) in ongoing workshop with facilitator Viral Patel
“In this workshop I came to know that love is the great term and till our relatives which I think that is love is not correct. Doing the Oasis workshop of love series has actually changed my thinking totally. What touched me is that life is not easy and how can I make it easy we learnt from this workshop. The workshop is useful in building human relation well and to give happiness and love to everyone.”
- Ali Rehmat Chow, Head Master, Govt. High School, Poya, Kargil
“For me this workshop is the life’s most precious and valuable workshop. I learnt a lot about my life, its importance and ‘what is love’. 
- Tsewang Dorjey Alchi,  I/c Principal, Govt. HSS, Saspol, Leh
Vision Retreat cum Dialogue: MHRD-JK Edu Dept-Oasis
at Oasis Valleys
Officers of J&K Education Dept. & Oasis Team members in a dialogue to scale up Oasis activities in J&K, during the retreat in the presence of Mr. Anil Swarup
During 8th & 9th March this year, Mr. Anil Swarup, Secretary, School Education, MHRD, Govt. of India and representatives of Education Department, J&K – which included Mr. Tufail Mattoo (SPD, RMSA), Abdul Rashid War (SPD, SSA), Ms. Tashi Dolma (Jt. Director, School Edu., Leh), Mr. Mehboob Hussain (Principal SIE, Srinagar), Mr. Abid Hussain (Jt. Director, KAS DSEK, Kashmir), Romana Qazi (Principal, GHSS, Kothibag, Srinagar), Dr. Rabia Naseem (Research Officer, SIE, Kashmir), Kongchok Angmo (Principal, DIET, Leh) and Mr. Vaibhav Jindal (PMRDF, Consultant to SSA) were present for 2 days retreat at Oasis Valleys for planning how to scale up the activities of Oasis in the state of J & K to reach to maximum no. of students. Representatives of Oasis included Sanjiv Shah, Sheeba Nair, Viral Patel, Hiral Patel, Siddharth Mehta, Snehal Shah, Mahadev Desai and Uday Desai.

"I feel very happy, with the good work that is being done,
but it has been my attempt to see how I can impact 250 million children."
~ Anil Swarup
, Secretary,
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Anil Swarup (right) in discussion with Sanjiv Shah (left), Oasis
while addressing J&K Officers and Oasis Team
Facilitators' Leaders Training for J & K Core Team
Glimpse from Facilitators' Training of Core Team of Oasis, J & K Project
From 14-16th January, 2018, Facilitators' Leaders Training was organised at Oasis Valleys for 10 Leaders of Core Team  of Oasis, Jammu and Kashmir Project. They took initiatives for taking the activities of Oasis Movement further in the state. The training was facilitated by Sanjiv Shah and Sheeba Nair and they were assisted by Viral Patel.
New Jyotirdhar Batches in 2018 in J & K
Participants engrossed in solitude work in 4th batch of Jammu region (J4)
New Batches for Oasis Jyotirdhar Workshops in Jammu & Kashmir
Reflections from workshop participants

...A unique type of workshop...Quite impressive for modifying self...Excellent experience...
...Helpful in dealing with students & understanding them in a better way...
...Almost all the concepts were cleared through activities and movies...
...Best workshop I ever attended...Taught us how to keep balance in life...
...Very cordial environment with active involvement of all participants...
...Enhanced my will power & confidence...Efficient teaching & learning process...
Workshop participants of 4th batch of Kashmir region (K4) with facilitator Snehal Shah

Reflections from workshop participants

"This workshop will be very useful in my daily life in a way that it taught me how to know others whether colleagues, students or any other persons who come in my contact. To live a disciplined life and to be generous, polite, sober and a person of good nature. Try to come to the help of others.

"Sir Snehal Shah and Mrs. Romana Madam made us feel very comfortable in this workshop. We were friendly discussing each and every point. Both made us realise how to be in our life, in our profession and how to treat general people. I admire both of them."

Workshop Participants of J5 Batch with Facilitators Om Parkash Sharma and Reeta Sharma
Reflections from workshop participants

"The workshop was quite different from the workshops I have attended so far. The situations given during the workshop for activity looked like real. This type of workshop can change the behaviour of all the human beings. Such type of workshops should be conducted from time to time.

The facilitators’ role was very effective and attractive. Through their personal experiences, they conveyed the information about the workshop and involved each and every participant. The facilitator succeeded in creating conducive environment so that the participants as myself could stay in the meeting hall for 9 to 10 hours."
New facilitators for Jyotirdhar Workshops from J & K
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Om Parkash Sharma, Principal, HSS Bajbani and Reeta Sharma, Lecturer HSS Bajbani (J5 Batch)
Romana Qazi, Principal, GGHSS, Kothibag and Dr. Rabia Naseem, Research Officer, SIE (K5 Batch)
Video of the Month
Anjum Afshan sharing her experience as Life Class Facilitator in J & K
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