Newsletter cum Magazine of Oasis Movement • Year 11 • Issue 4 • 23 May, 2018
Living, Loving, Learning for Adults

Special Educators attend Oasis L3 Course in Mumbai

Workshop participants from City Academy for Special Education Therapy Dept. (CASE), Mumbai

Oasis L3 workshop series was organised for the professionals of City Academy for Special Education Therapy Dept. (CASE), Mumbai, which was facilitated by Anuradha Mehta. 29 Special Educators went through the Self-Leadership series which was initiated in June, 2017.
Date Workshops in 2017
 7-9 Jun  Oasis L3 Workshop - Self Leadership Part I
 4,6-7 Sep  Oasis L3 Workshop - Self Leadership Part II
 17-19 Nov  Oasis L3 Workshop - Self Leadership Part III
Ongoing workshop for Special Educators' Group, Mumbai
Priya Deshpande (Director, CASE, Mumbai) shares her experience...
“In this workshop analysing one’s life and going over the most painful concerns brought in a lot of introspection within myself. The movies were also appropriate. I got to understand and watch the movies from a different angle. The group session with all the staff members supporting each other in discussing various strategies and solutions brought all of us together. As a director of the academics I could see that each one of my participants was affected and definitely will see a change in each one of them. I am looking forward to the next session eagerly and hope to get more out of love and sacrifice.”
Workshop Participants learning through interactive session of group discussion

“A great workshop towards self development, growth, self discovery!”
“This workshop has been very intense. I feel as if I am being dissected and my viscera are open. I am looking forward to the next session and I am sure Ms. Anu will see a positive change in my life.”
- Suchitra Rane, Special Educator

"It helped me to look deep inside me to find my purpose which I will start working on from now. I realised that the feeling ‘there is  time’ is not true, we don’t know  which will be our last day on this earth. So start working towards one’s mission.  Priorities must be made and give your time to that which is most important for you.  Don’t ignore it.”
- Nandita Sirur, Educational Therapist

“This workshop will help not just me, but all human beings to be more accepting in life, to forgive one and all and yourself. It is important for one and all to have vision and goal in life. In addition, this workshop has taught one to achieve these goals. Self growth and discovery set in the right direction.”
- Sonali Verma, Special Educator
Facilitator Anuradha Mehta explaining concepts on Self-Leadership

“The philosophy of this program was brilliant..Execution even more brilliant!”
“Anuradha has a very soothing modulated voice. An excellent orator, she explains things in a very simple manner. She is knowledgeable and pleasant. Her workshop has helped me tremendously.”
- Shubhada Karkare, Art Therapist

“In her calmness and soft spoken disposition was lying a very dynamic and super powered woman. I am feeling so empowered and positive like a new person.”
- Shaila Shah, Special Educator

“Sensitive person who have lot of examples fro her own life. Pleasant voice which helped us go into deep thoughts. Excellent communication skills.”
- Shireen Ansari, Special Educator
Special Educators' Batch, Mumbai Initiate Love Series in 2018
Workshop participants in second year of Love series

The second year of Love series started in February, 2018. Anuradha Mehta was assisted by Captain Rajiv Thakkar as co-facilitator.
Date Workshop in 2018
 26-28 Feb  Oasis L3 Workshop - Love Part I

“The workshop helped me clarify the concept of Love”
“Now after knowing the real meaning of Love I will see to it that I use the word ‘Love’ in a proper way. And love the people near to me as per the actual meaning.”
- Nina Parikh, Special Educator

“This workshop has helped me to become strong and solve any problem of my life. It helped me to differentiate between what is love and what is not love. And this will help in my growth.
- Nisha Shah, Special Educator

“At the start I didn’t want to attend the workshop. But now I feel that this is the best workshop and it has really helped me a lot personally. This workshop has given me the key that my life is in my hands."
- Hemali Gada, Special Educator
Professional Batches Initiate Year of Empathy with Celebrations
L3 Beneficiary sharing her journey of transformation
2 Groups of Oasis L3 workshop (2015-18) entered the final year of Empathy in February, 2018. Facilitator for these groups of professionals is Sheeba Nair.
Date Professional Workshops in 2018
 1-4 Feb  Oasis L3 Workshop for Young Couples and Professionals - Empathy Part I
 8-11 Feb  Oasis L3 Workshop for Young Professionals - Empathy Part I

“For your inner growth, raise your bars & scale new heights”
“This workshop took us one inch closer to the life meant to live beautifully. The systematic understanding of our mind, its different constituents and their role in shaping the course of our lives. They would help in understanding the complexities of life better and gain clarity about journey of man kind from animal level to spiritual level.”
- Taru Kajaria, Mumbai

“I would not say that Sheeba didi is a miracle to this world, but she has become a miracle to this world through her awareness and hard work.”
May we all find our path to spirituality
& continue in making this
Universe better
& better...
- Mital Patel, Surat
Facilitator Sheeba Nair interacting with L3 workshop participants
The session on Empathy is delving deeper into the human mind to explore deep rooted blocks that are formed over an individual’s life as a response to the environment she lives in. It shows the path to go beyond these blocks and walk the path of higher growth, where heart and mind are in harmony. I learnt and enjoyed learning.
- Rajiv Thakkar, Vadodara
Young professionals enjoying group learning of concepts on Empathy
Inspiring Video of L3 Beneficiary
Snehal Parmar, Principal of Adada Primary School & participant of Oasis L3 course and Facilitator of Oasis Jyotirdhar Movement shares her journey with Oasis Movement.
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