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Fist of Nature's Fury at Oasis Valleys!
  • 4th August: Oasis Valleys witnessed 6.5 inches rain in just 2-2.5 hours and more than 11 inches in 24 hours, something that happened after many years. 
  • 31st July: Vadodara city witnessed 20 inches of rain in 24 hours, first time over the last 40 years. 
  • 9th August: The water level at Sardar Sarovar Dam reservoir on Narmada river reached its all-time high of 131.5 metres since the gates were installed in 2014. 
Oasis Valleys on 4th August
Valley 2, after Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), towards Amphitheatre
  Valley 3 end, overflowing Pond                       Valley 3, Vegetable-beds
The force of nature was so severe that it damaged the campus at various levels - trees on slopes uprooted, landslides at many places, pathways broken, major pathways in valleys covered with 6 inches to 1 ft mud, crops in valleys were washed away, structures were damaged and the landscape was affected badly.
Soil Erosion, Landslides in & around Oasis Valleys
The road just before the parking of Oasis Valleys was damaged heavily
Landslide on the backside of Pond            Landslide on Valley 3 pathway
  Soil erosion on steps to valley 3          Soil erosion under entrance bridge
Heavy rainfall caused heavy soil erosion in Oasis Valleys
Trees were Uprooted 
Neem tree fell over the pond
      Fallen tree at solitude point               Fallen tree at amphitheatre
Fallen Kapok tree, central valley
Damage to Landscape 
Part of valley 2 pathway was washed away
(Clockwise from top) 1. Damage to wall of amphitheatre, 2. Washed away back yard wall of agri. coordination house, 3. Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) under rainwater, 4. Main signboard damaged in high winds
Damage to Agriculture 
Crops washed away: (L) Valley 1 vegetable-beds (R) New Gangama Circle 
Govt Road Severely Damaged by Rainwater
The new road connecting Chanod to Karnali (a famous religious place near Oasis Valleys) was washed away by the fierce velocity of rushing rainwater at one waterway (naala), just 100 mts after the parking of Oasis Valleys. 
Watch the video - how the newly constructed road was washed away
Restoration Begins 
     A lone warrior in valley 3                       Staff working hard to remove mud
The staff and the members at Oasis Valleys were depressed initially witnessing the severity of the damage. But soon, they bowed to the might of Mother Nature and revived their morale to face the adversity.

Salutes to the exemplary spirit displayed by the team/staff at Oasis Valleys who immediately began restoration of the campus as soon as the rain subsided. As always, their love for Oasis and positive temperament of standing up together against every challenge, has humbled us once again.

Our sinceremost Thank you to Oasis Valleys team!  
Fortunately, and thanks to the vision of designers, institute building was not at all affected except for seepage at few places. Oasis Valleys Institute stood tall and intact under such a rage of nature.

All the programs will be running as planned now.

We have tightened up our belts to restore Oasis Valleys Campus befitting its vision, at the earliest.
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