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Oasis Leadership Trekking Camp: Misaal Winners at Himalaya!

128 Young Leaders Test Their Limits at Himalayas
Think of a camp where most of your group members are totally new to you and some of them can’t even speak the same language as you; think of a trekking camp where you’re supposed to walk for 15-20 kilometres on a daily basis; think of a trekking camp where you’re expected to fulfil the responsibilities given to you as a manager of a particular duty; think of a trekking camp where you’re supposed to follow military discipline. Think of all of this in temperature below 10 degrees.

When you’re in a midst of all of this, when your character is tested to the core, you have no option but to extract every drop of your inner strength, you have no option but to practice the values and idealism you’ve learned.

This is what the Oasis Himalaya Leadership Trekking Camp stands for.

128 teenagers/youths – most of whom are Misaal Winners – went to Pindari Glaciers in the months of May and June. These participants were challenged every day, every hour, every minute – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They were challenged, they were questioned, they were exhausted
till the last iota of the energy, they were bruised but none of them was beaten. They all came back with a toughened mind, widened smiles, grateful hearts and risen shoulders.
 The Destination 
The Nanda Devi range, Uttarakhand 
A trekkers paradise - Pindari Glacier

It is set amidst lush green forest, numerous waterfalls & hanging valleys
Major objectives of Oasis Leadership Trekking Camp :
  • To understand what it requires being a Leader.
  • To know oneself – one’s fears, conditionings, beliefs, obsessions, addictions – in adverse & strenuous situations.
  • To know one’s limits, physical & mental and cross them consciously.
  • To toughen their minds for living tall ideals and being Role-model.
  • To learn to be calm & peaceful in the lap of Mother Nature to reveal one’s true self, one’s dreams, aspirations, deeply hidden pains & concerns.
  • To learn to work in a team & live in the community beyond the barriers of language, gender etc.
  • To understand the value of True Friendship, learn to respect others. 
“As this camp was a leadership camp, I actually felt and practised the motive of this camp. This camp had learning, happiness, enjoyment, discipline, rules, teamwork and many things. That is why it is different from other treks. You actually doesn’t just trek; but you actually talk with yourself, nature, overcome your limits, practice L3 principles, implement them and make yourself a new person. This camp was really life changing camp.”
                                           - Vinodini
  • Daily running & exercising started before a month.
  • Fitness tests were taken regularly to see that everyone is fit for the trekking.
  • Orientation was done days ago to prepare them mentally. 
  • Values were laid down and challenges were taken on the day of departure.
Sessions before the trekking camp to charge up the groups
“Trekking as an adventure activity has always been a joy for me. But this time, it was a different kind of joy. The joy of being silent, being in the lap of nature, and being one with myself.”
- Vipasha Naik
All groups started from Vadodara>>>Trains to Kathgodam via Delhi>>>Bus to Bageshwar>>>Jeeps to Kharakia.

Trekking started from Kharakia.

About the Trek
Upper reaches of the Kumaon Himalayas host the Pindari Glacier, to the southeast of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot. 

The trail to reach the glacier crosses the villages of Saung, Loharkhet, crosses over the Dhakuri Pass and continues onto Khati village, Dwali, Phurkia and finally Zero Point (Pindar) the end of the trail. Though most of the trail is along the banks of the Pindari River, the river is mostly hidden until after Khati, which is last inhabited village on the trail.

It is one of the relatively easy to moderate treks compared to other Himalayan glaciers. The Pindari Glacier is an unsurpassable and exhilarating experience.
 The Beginning of the Trek
Power-packed youths ready to begin their journey towards their goal
“આ કૅમ્પ જીવનલક્ષી હતો. ખરેખર જીવનની દરેક પરિસ્થિતિ સામે કેવી રીતે ઊભા રહેવું અને મુશ્કેલીનો કેવી રીતે હલ કાઢવો તે શીખવા મળ્યું.”
- ધારા બારમેડા
Group  No. Date Number of Participants Facilitator
Group - 1 12 – 22 May 19 Purvi Dalal,
Snehal Parmar
Group - 2 13 – 23 May 16 Dr. Neha Vakharia,
Rushik Makan
Group - 3 18 – 28 May 16 Pratik Parmar,
Ankita Gandhi
Group - 4 19 – 29 May 18 Dr. Ami Desai,
Chhayal Kapadiya
Group - 5 24 May – 3 June 21 Mehul Panchal,
Jolly Madhra
Group - 6 25 May – 4 June 22 Dr. Maya Soni,
Nitin Patel
Group - 7
MHE Special
31 May – 7 June 16 Binit Shah,
Aatmaja Soni
“Amazing, eye-opening, thrilling! It was not just a trekking camp; it was more than that. Trekking was a part of it. There was bigger mental trekking which began on 24th May itself. Going into complete isolation from the outside world to know more about yourself and take up responsibilities. It made me realize how much do I really apply the L3 principles in life.”  
- Vedant Desai
 The trek through beautiful Kumaon mountains 
“લીલુંછમ મેદાન નીચેથી શરૂ થાય છે, જેમ જેમ આપણી નજર ઉપર તરફ જાય છે કે લીલોતરી વધતી જ જાય છે અને પછી આવે છે ઊંચા-ઊંચા પર્વત અને પછી અચાનક જ જાણે આ લીલોતરી અને પર્વતની પાછળ ઢંકાયેલાં બરફ આચ્છાદિત ગિરિશિખરો અદ્દભુત સુંદરતાની સાથે નજરે પડે છે. જ્યાં માત્ર કુદરતની અનન્ય સુંદરતામાં રહેલી શાંતિની અનુભૂતિ થઈ રહી છે." 
- દિંકલ ગાયકવાડ
 "The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step" 
 What awaited them in the journey?  

(Find out in the next issue...)
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