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Misaal 2019

Oasis Has Identified 500+ Torchbearers
Who Have Heart and Head to Serve the Nation  
Celebrating the spirit of being Misaal  
“Give me a hundred Nachiketas and I’ll change the world,” Swami Vivekananda used to say. We at Oasis believe that our country has countless potential young leaders who have the fire and the potential to bring a fundamentally positive change in the country. If we successfully identify and nurture them, we’ll have leaders who'll be ready to take India by a storm of positive changes. If we’re successful in doing that, the next generation will surely witness a better India, a better World.
Oasis Misaal is a first-of-its-kind project-cum-competition to discover teenagers and youths who’re having tremendous self-belief about themselves that they’re born to do something special, something unique and they’re the ones who’ll bring the winds of change in our country. Today, we’re proud to share with you all that we have discovered 500+ such potential leaders through Misaal Project.
The journey of Misaal 2019 – from orientation to celebrations 
Regions covered in Gujarat – 7

(Ahmedabad, Kachchh, Navsari, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, V. Vidyanagar)

Schools and colleges participated – 200+

Essays received – 3,643

Stage 1 winners – 1,674

Group dialogue participants – 1,154

Stage 2 winners – 784

Project work participants – 628

Stage 3 winners – 502

Judges who gave their precious time – 630+
Misaal Orientation

Stage 1: Essay Writing
Orientating the students for Misaal Project 2019
"Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and

most importantly a way of communicating"
Approaching school students for participating in Misaal
Stage 2: Group Dialogue
Young girl putting her points to her group-mates during Group Dialogue
"Oasis Misaal is truly a great platform for nurturing new leadership"
Reflections from Judges 
"Such kind of competition brings out the hidden talents of the child which is very essential for today’s India. Oasis is doing a wonderful job to bring out such hidden talents and gives a platform to children. My heartiest wishes to Oasis and its members to do such things which sometimes government can’t."
Nimisha Shah, Vadodara
“મિસાલએ મારો પહેલો અનુભવ છે કે જ્યાં હું બાળકોના સીધા પરિચયમાં આવી. દેશલક્ષી સમસ્યાઓ અંગેના તેમના શું વિચારો છે, તેને કઈ રીતે બદલી શકાય તે અંગેના ઇનોવેટીવ ઉપાયો વિશે જાણવા મળ્યું. આત્મવિશ્વાસ સાથે રજૂ થતાં બાળકોના સ્વતંત્ર વિચારો સાંભળ્યા બાદ અનુભવ્યું કે આવી રીતે તો આપણે પણ નથી વિચારી શકતા.”
– જલ્પા પંડ્યા, સુરત
“I want to congratulate Oasis Misaal team for taking great initiative for student development. I feel privileged to be a judge for this event. This type of platform helps the students to be confident and increase capabilities. So I wish you all the best for the journey of holistic development of students.”
- Nisha Mehta, Navsari
Group dialogue helps participants bring out their creative ideas
"मिसाल ने युवानो को शिकायत नहीं,

कुछ कर के दिखाने का नया रास्ता दिया है"
Stage 3: Project Work
Participants on the field to implement their innovative solutions
to bring awareness
Reflections from participants
“First of all this Misaal is not competition for me. It is a process through which I came into contact with my potentials. In this Misaal project, there were 3 rounds but the 3rd round was most interesting as it was practical. It taught me to interact with people and also helped me to bring awareness in my country. If we want to change our country, then someone should start. Right? And Misaal gave the platform to serve my country.”
  – Yash Dave, Vadodara
“મિસાલામાં ભાગ લીધા પહેલાં મારા સપનાંં ઘર અને ઘરની ચાર દીવાલો સુધી સીમિત હતાંં, પરંતુ મિસાલે તક આપી કે જેના દ્વારા મને મારા સપનાઓ પર કામ કરવાની હિંમત મળી ને કંઈક અંશે આખી દુનિયા સમક્ષ લાવી શક્યો. મને શીખવા મળ્યું કે સપના પૂરા કરવા અત્યારથી જ પગલાં ભરવા જોઇએ તો જ તે સાકર થશે.”
- જય લિંબાચીયા, વિદ્યાનગર
“इस मिसाल कॉम्पिटिशन से मुझे अपना आत्मविश्वास वापस मिला है। मेरे जीवन के पिछ्ले २-३ साल से में बोहोत परेशान थी और अपना आत्मविश्वास खो चुकी थी लेकिन इस प्रतियोगिता की वजह से वापस पहले वाली निशा बन चुकी हूँ। थैंक यू  मिसाल।“
- निशा कुमारी, वड़ोदरा 
“પહેલા રાઉન્ડમાં જે લખ્યું હતું અને ત્યાર પછી બીજા રાઉન્ડમાં આત્મવિશ્વાસ સાથે જે મુદ્દાને રજૂ કર્યો હતો તેને ત્રીજા રાઉન્ડ એટલે કે ફિલ્ડવર્કમાં કરીને બતાવવાનું હતું. મારે 'બાળકો સ્વતંત્રતા અને આદરને પાત્ર છે' તે વિષય પર ફિલ્ડવર્ક કરવાનું હતું. આ વિષયને ધ્યાનમાં રાખીને મેં વાલી અને તેમના બાળકો માટે સેમિનારનું આયોજન કરી એક નવી પહેલ કરવાની શરૂઆત કરી અને ઘણા સારા પ્રતિભાવો મને મળ્યા. આવું કંઇક અનોખુ મેં પહેલીવાર જ કર્યું અને તે કરવામાં મને ખૂબ મજા આવી. આ સાથે જ હું જાણી શકી કે માત્ર બોલવા અને લખવાથી બદલાવ નથી આવતો તે કરીને પણ બતાવવું પડે છે.”
– આરતી નાયી, કચ્છ
"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality"
Glimpses of project work done by participants in Misaal 2019
Rally on girl child education
Spreading awareness against plastic usage
Awareness Campaign
Project on Cleanliness
Creating Awareness
Educating underprivileged children
Let's know the journey of young leaders of Oasis who led Misaal 2019
"Misaal Project 2019 Vadodara!! This was a beautiful project for me as a leader. I learnt and explored a lot. When we started the project, there was some nervousness deep down inside. But it started with a bang! There was deep satisfaction that we are searching leaders for tomorrow who are going to contribute to make this world a better place to live in. Through this Misaal Project, we built a self-motivating team and everlasting memories. Thank You Oasis - Misaal Project 2019 for making our year so special and my sincere gratitude towards management for allowing and trusting me to lead this project."
- Avadhi Shah, Vadodara
“Misaal is a very wonderful experience I have ever got! Leading the Misaal competition is not an easy task. In a very small age, I experienced managing something and leading something practically. In each and every step I extended myself. But at the end of the day, I felt satisfied that I have done something for my country and children. From this experience, I can proudly say that youngsters can do anything just we have to trust them! My biggest achievement from this project is to utilize my time very well and doing work with value and perfection." 
 – Krishna Kachhela, Navsari
“It was my first time when I was organizing Misaal competition in Vidhyanagar and I did not know anything - what to do and what not to do. I was afraid to talk with school authorities and I was worried that would they give permission to organize competition in their school and then I come to know that if we are doing a good thing then there are many people in the world who will support us. I faced many problems during Misaal but I also find out my true potentials.”
 – Sarang Pandya, Vidhyanagar
Pilot Misaal Project at Kashmir
A pilot program of Misaal Project was also conducted in select schools of Srinagar, Kashmir by the team of Oasis Jyotirdhar Principals during this summer. Around 30 students were declared winners.
Misaal Celebrations
Young girl shares her experience of Misaal on the celebration day
“Not just talks, they implemented their ideas

with lots of confidence and conviction”
All participants & volunteers celebrate their Misaal journey  
"Through Misaal project participants crossed their barriers

and discovered their potentials"
A grand celebration of Misaal 2019 in various regions
Misaal in Media
Misaal Participants of Vadodara(Gujarat) 2019 share their amazing experience in the 3rd stage of Misaal Competition, which is popularly known as ‘One Day Project.’ Participants also shared about the importance of participating in Misaal Competition and the moments of Field Work that filled their hearts will joy and satisfaction.
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