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Special Issue On Hidden Message Behind Pandemics

Currently Earth And Environment Say - 


An Imaginary Letter From

Mother Earth

I’m happy seeing all my animals and birds who’re getting to cherish the home they deserve;
I’m happy to feel my rivers, my air, and my forests rediscovering their identity;
I’m happy to see all of you coming, walking and fighting together;

But this glimmer of happiness is nothing compared to the storm of pain
I’m going through.
My lungs might be breathing clean air,
but my heart is throbbing
with echoes of your cries;
My veins might be beaming with sparkling water, but my eyes are full of bloody tears;

Were it up to me, I’d take away your pain in a blink, but I can’t, just like
you can’t absorb the pain of your children.

You might feel that I’m punishing you, but no, it’s you who’s punishing yourself.
I wish you – the wisest and eldest of my children – could realize this.

Jay Thakkar
Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

Review by Renowned Doctors And Scientists
Fascinating and Comprehensive Study On the

Birth of Viruses!
Are Humans Responsible for Pandemics? 
Michael Herschel Greger
is an American physician, author, and professional speaker on public health issues.

Almost a decade ago, this genius presented a remarkable study on birth of Viruses and the possibility of pandemics in the upcoming time.
This is 1 hour video! Many friends might think that it is too long to watch or many would say it’s difficult to watch in one sitting. Many might feel it’s not entertaining but there are many known secrets in this video which might leave us dumbstruck. If we feel the responsibility for well being of our mother earth, then we must invest our time in understanding this deep study for a better tomorrow.

Message Behind World Pandemics And Viruses
Corona has humbled us. We think we are supreme and can control our future. It is not. When we try to dominate Nature, it bounces back. Corona tells us to go back to our farms, our food, returning back to Mother Earth.
Are we really listening to what the prevalent situation is telling us? Everything is connected. Earth, soil, plants, humans, viruses, and everything else. Gardening or Agriculture is beyond just growing food. It is to understand Nature, understand ourselves. Pandemic teaches us non-separation in relationships – You to Others, We to Plants, Plants to Soil.

Dr. Vandana Shiva.
Physicist, Founder of Navdanya
(Infromation Compiled by Mehul Panchal)

Hello, I Am Corona! 

Beautiful Letter from Corona Virus to Humans...
Does Corona really want to hurt us? What if it's a friend that we have needed for past many decades? Is it trying to send us a message that we've been ignoring for decades?

In this thought-provoking 7 min video message created by Kristin Flyntz, there is something deep that we must listen and understand! 

Build Your Immunity! 
As we know, there’s no medicine or vaccine to fight against COVID-19. On getting infected, our immunity is the only ray of hope and that makes a person with weaker immunity is at a higher risk. Therefore, we should look for as many ways as possible to boost our immunity.

“Sarvjwarhar Churn”, an 800-year old Ayurvedic medicine, has been found an effective weapon to strengthen our immunity. It’s been used to treat various types of fevers including typhoid, viral, infections, respiratory tract infection, acute cough, etc. It has been widely used and studied by the SBLDAVB for last 7 years. It has also been used in calamities like Kashmir & Uttarakhand floods and found to be extremely potent.
Click here to know how you can make this medicine at your home and boost your immunity >>>  https://www.oasismovement.in/articles
And at last, Let's See Positive Angle of 

Firstly, a “virus” has taught us what advertisements and schools couldn’t - the importance of basic hygiene, cleanliness, and proper sanitation. 

Since schools are thinking of mass promotion, it tells us that a “degree” or a “percentage” doesn’t really matter more than our lives. No news of suicides by students due to exam pressure this season - it’s a WOW!

Corona Pandemic INDIRECTLY cleaned the environment and showed us how beautiful it would be without our self-centered attitude. 

A nationwide atmosphere of care, support, and responsibility has developed a positive movement of mankind!

Manasi Baindur 
Vadodara, Gujarat.
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