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Oasis began as a self-development circle of 10-12 friends in 1989 and today, it has turned into a nation-wide movement of character-building education. In all these years, the founder team of Oasis has been the heart and soul for everything Oasis stands for today. After more than three decades, they are all set to step down and pass the baton to the young

Future Of Oasis! 

Adieu, My Beloved Oasis!

My Dear All Friends of Oasis Movement,
17th June, 1989. That was the day when Oasis Movement began informally. It completed 30 years of journey last year, when we decided it’s time to hand over the torch to the young generation now.
What has Oasis achieved so far?
Countless beneficiaries...hundreds of selfless volunteers and a treasure of beautiful friends who have become part of my being as well as family...a century of Publications with over one and half million copies sold...a stable and developing culture in society for living, loving and learning...a foundation as solid as it can be for posterity- what can one ask more!
With heart full of satisfaction and gratitude, we wish to inform that the transition process has begun. While whole group of founder friends are joining in this decision, albeit, with varied choices for process of withdrawal.
Am I retiring? I cannot imagine myself to be tired of Oasis, till last breath of my life.
Am I resigning? It is not relevant legally as since decades, I hold no official designations nor I believe in hierarchy of power positions.
Does that mean giving up responsibilities? That is against my beliefs, so maybe it is empowering others, giving them reigns and authorities.
So here are some salient points for this transition process-
1- At Oasis, we have lived various ideals with strength. I always dreamt of passing on legacy proactively, before Life compels to. I always wished to witness while I’m alive what would Oasis be after my death. I always believed myself to be dispensable and have struggled to always empower more and more, to the best of my awareness and abilities.
Thus this is Adieu, a beginning of goodbyes and farewells to my beautiful young friends for carrying the torch of Oasis Movement further, with immense love and faith that I’ve always carried for them.
2- With immediate effect, I would only be a mentoring friend to the new, young core team of OASIS for all ongoing activities and projects, including running of operations and institute at Oasis Valleys. I, along with team of my comrades for 3 decades now, will focus on making Oasis Movement part of new territories.
3- Our focus would also be on preparing new team for the ideals of Trusteeship, help inculcate the spirit of Oasis, and passing the legacy of principles we have followed our whole life.
4- I would no longer offer my time to past participants for personal meetings and counselling, with my apologies, as I wish to fully focus on mentoring new generation. However, I would keep meeting individuals or groups as fellow traveller on the path of Spirituality through informal retreats, something which I would love to do till my time is up on this planet.
5- Throughout this, one thing I won’t give up is reading and writing as well as designing self development processes as they have been my means to learn and evolve and share in the most powerful manner.
I offer my deepest apologies to all whom I have ever hurt, either out of my immaturity or ego-unawareness. I can say truthfully that I never intended to hurt anybody and have sincerely tried to love, even though I know how fragile I have always been as human being.
I feel deep gratitude for every moment of my life, and every person who crossed my path as they always enriched me unfailingly. My Pranaam to my parents to whom I owe my life, for their love and life-long sacrifices. Nothing would have been possible without unflinching dedication of my comrade friends in last 3 decades.
I wish to live with gratitude and peace in my heart till my last breath, still learning to be ready for that when the time comes.

Sanjiv Shah
Founder, Oasis

Carpe Diem!

Goodbyes aren’t usually easy unless there is something worthier and meaningful ahead.
Being a Trustee at Oasis has never been a privilege, but a responsibility to evolve us and serve selflessly. Stepping down now after 25 fulfilling years fills me with a sense of honour and gratitude - it’s made me a better human, whatever I am today! I say this for all of us.
It’s deep faith in Life that gives me this courage to relook at myself inwardly, think afresh and gratefully own up a higher responsibility to pay forward. Perfect time for a taller adventure as I prepare to explore-synergise-reach Oasis Education of Humanness to every young around the nation and world. Simultaneously, aid hand-holding of the young breed of upcoming Oasis leaders. Here’s wishing them unparalleled taste of leading change by character. Carpe diem guys!

As always, our spiritual journey as a learning community continues. Thank you Sanjivbhai for leading us over a magnificent span of 30 years as a true friend, philosopher and spiritual guide. You’ve never given up on dreams, potentials or people!
And a loving thank you to our large Oasis family of friends and well wishers, for your unflinching trust and unconditional support at all times and more so, in the times ahead now.
With all the love in my heart, and sincere prayers...

Sheeba Nair
Trustee, Oasis

What A Beautiful Journey It Was! 

Sanjivbhai has always led us by setting an example. And, this time, too. He has always taught us to look beyond the horizon and prepare ourselves, right now, right here. 

Growing together with all my friends over a long 3 decades has been a deeply impactful journey. Thank you so...much.
It's a ripe time for us to handover torch to the bright young generation with a heart full of hope and unwavering faith and eyes sparkling with joy & love. Gratitude for life had never been so high before. 
Yes, it's time for us to plunge into more profound endeavors of self-exploration for giving the best to life, to humanity.

Mehul Panchal
Trustee, Oasis

૩૦ વર્ષોથી સમર્પિત ટ્રસ્ટી મિત્રોનો સંદેશ...

દસ-બાર મિત્રોથી શરૂ થયેલું સ્વવિકાસ વર્તુળ ઓએસિસ મુવમેન્ટમાં પરિણમ્યું, તેનાં ૩૦ વર્ષો અમે સૌ મિત્રો મથી શક્યા, તેમાં અમારું યોગદાન આપી શક્યા, અનેક વાર પડ્યા-આખડ્યા પણ યાત્રા ચાલુ રાખી શક્યા, તે અમારા માટે ખૂબ આનંદ અને ઊંડા સંતોષની વાત છે. કોઈ મહાન ધ્યેય ખાતર જીવવાનો મોકો મળવો તે જ બહુ મોટું સૌભાગ્ય છે. સાથે જ ઓએસિસે અમને સૌને જીવન જીવતાં શીખવ્યું, માનવ બનતાં શીખવ્યું, જે યાત્રા આજે પણ ચાલુ જ છે, અને જીવનપર્યંત રહે તે માટે અમે પ્રયત્નશીલ છીએ. 

આ બધું થઈ શક્યું કારણ કે સંજીવભાઈ જેવા જીવનશિક્ષક અમારી સાથે હતા જેમણે હંમેશાં અમને ઊંચા આદર્શો અને સિદ્ધાંતો જીવનમાં કેવી રીતે ઉતારવા તે પોતાના જીવન થકી શિખવાડ્યું; એવા મિત્રો સાથે હતા જેઓ ઊંચી ઉડાન ભરવા હંમેશાં તત્પર રહેતા, જેમના આંતરિક સંઘર્ષો અને સિદ્ધિઓએ પ્રચંડ પ્રેરણા પૂરી પાડી; એવા અનેક સહયાત્રીઓ, શુભેચ્છકો સાથે હતા જેમણે અમારામાં શ્રદ્ધા દાખવી અને યાત્રાની કઠિનતામાં હૂંફ પૂરી પાડી. આ બધાના અને જિંદગીના અમે ઋણી છીએ. 

આવી સંતોષસભર યાત્રા આ મુકામ પર, અમે સૌ મિત્રો અમારી આગળના તબક્કાની ભૂમિકા ભજવવા ઉત્સુક છીએ. અને આ તબક્કે ઓએસિસ મુવમેન્ટની ધરોહર ઓએસિસના યુવાનોને સોંપતા ખૂબ આનંદ અને કૃતજ્ઞતા અનુભવાય છે. તેઓ પોતાના ચારિત્ર્યના બળે ઓએસિસ મુવમેન્ટને અભૂતપૂર્વ ઊંચાઈએ લઈ જશે તેવી અમને તેમનામાં શ્રદ્ધા છે. 


Preeti Nair, Maya Soni, Ami Desai, Alkesh Raval, Chaitali Mehta, Jolly Madhra, Neha Vakharia, Pallavi Raulji. 
Young Hearts Ready For A Great Adventure Ahead! 

Oasis Movement- Succession & Withdrawal Steps  (2020-24)
Following are various roles and timelines in which the founder team will empower young team and withdraw themselves simultaneously. Please note it’s just a skeleton for giving an idea to the readers and not a comprehensive plan.
The Grand Twin Sessions of 'Secret Behind Oasis' and 'Future of Oasis' by Sanjiv Shah in the Oasis Movement Core Community Annual Retreat 2020. 
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