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THANK YOU for Your Blessings! 
"This Process is like a Parent-Child Relationship, it’s a Lifelong One"
Dear Sheeba,
Letting go of anything is an extremely tough thing to do. Looking back in history, very few institutions (whether of business or for a good cause) have been able to make it successfully to the second generation.
Just a few suggestions from my side regarding some of the pitfalls that may come your way in this entire process of handing over -
1) On seeing the handing over schedule, the monthly meetings should continue way beyond 2021 too. The senior-junior combination is the best way to work - hands off, enough empowerment yet overseeing so that there is no deviation as far as the fundamental paths and principles of Oasis are concerned.

Oasis kids are super bright and have a very different mindset of their own. One will need to constantly channelize their tremendous energy and enthusiasm, all of them together- in the right direction only. 

2) The teamwork and bonding have been exceptional within the senior team, this has been one of the key reasons for your success. I guess over the years, you all may have had some differences of opinions, yet, love within the team was the overriding factor. How does one ensure the same with the next team of leaders, especially with their very different upbringing?

3) For the institution of this size, the corpus is very small. You need to publicize this wonderful organization to augment that (there is nothing wrong in doing so). Right now, it is mainly volunteer-driven but, in the future, certain committed people will have to be given a normal package, so that they will be able to do the work that they love, and they don't worry about taking care of the financial needs of their own families.

Even in the future, entire financial control should always remain with the senior team only. This is critical.

Finally -
Any organization takes a life-time to build its reputation. This reputation can wither away in no time by some random acts of just a very few individuals. Hence hands-off yet, effectively monitored. 2/3 years may not be enough for this; it is a process, a journey. There should be timelines, but we shouldn’t stick only to that. It may need many more years for the maturity of kids to come of age. It is like a parent-child relationship, it’s a lifelong one.

Anish Kothari
Director, Jewelex Diamonds, Mumbai
"Be a Lotus in a Lake"

Dear Sheeba,

Life is an unending cycle of activity. It is governed by our thoughts and directed by the mind. Steps to slow down activity are well meant, but OASIS is an 'oasis in a desert' of man -made follies. You still have to be a lotus in a lake or float like a reed in a turbulent ocean.
In this state, you will observe the full flow of activity beneath and around you, water distilling your being, but not overflowing your capacity to remain afloat. Such is the fulfilling life I perceive in your post withdrawal phase which would strengthen the sinews of those who would continue vigorously the legacy of OASIS. 

My humble thought for your consideration and pranaams to Sanjivbhai and all leaders of OASIS.  

K Skandan IAS (Retd)
Former Advisor to Governor at Jammu & Kashmir, Chennai, India
"OASIS will Prevail as the WORLD Needs this Cultural Education" 
I am in full agreement of giving charge to the upcoming second generation. Yes, it is nice for you all to retire and give the reins of OASIS to youngsters. However, I believe, you all should remain as Trustees. Trustees have responsibility and it comes with experience.  
I feel that second generation is still coming through the emotional problems of 20's that we all went through in some form or the other. In the next five to ten years, they may be impacted by family or other problems too. What is in your favor is the Cultural Revolution you all have started through Oasis.
My suggestion:
(In case you go ahead with resigning as Trustees) The front-line of the current 10 to 12 people, every year, should review their decisions and tries to make sure that OASIS is not affected by power play.

I believe and hope that OASIS will prevail as the WORLD needs this Cultural Education. Whatever you do, my good wishes are always with all of you.  

Good luck and with regards.

Vijay Dalal
Financial Advisor, New Jersey, US
"Planning is in the Right Direction"

Success is not a success until you have a succession plan, so the planning is in the right direction. One will have to manage the transition so its originality and values remain the same. I am sure old management will be looking at Oasis and the growth at a macro level and be available as a dictionary on the shelf for reference as the need arises.

You have a great program and we are delighted to be part of it. Thanks to Siddharth who introduced us and all of you who have dedicated your life for this wonderful cause.  

Wishing you all the best,


Rita and Rohit Doshi
Bob Doshi Investments, California, US

"New Team can Build New Architecture"
Dear Sheeba & Sanjiv and the Mentoring Founders of Team Oasis,
I was happy to receive the Oasis e-mail outlining the transition and preparing for the next 100 years!
First, Congratulations! It's fantastic to hear that you are handing over the reins to a younger team while you are still yourself young. I have always believed that “letting go” is the hardest thing and the coming weeks will be challenging for you as individuals and founders of the Oasis Movement. No matter the people, the past always reaches out to pull you back.

If you will permit me to give a suggestion, you should all disappear to a retreat either-collectively or individually- but simultaneously for the next 8 to 12 weeks and experience a different lock-down by "DOING NOTHING”. You will experience that doing nothing is the most difficult thing but enriches you spiritually. This also allows the next generation to truly believe that they are in charge as they can never fall back to double-check with you.

Several years ago, as a young professional, I was heading a division in a progressive Company. I had a highly motivated and young team whom I had the privilege to lead. As we were all young, I realized that unless I step out, the new leadership will not emerge. I took up a new assignment which was like a two-year sabbatical and nobody else was willing to risk.

When that was over, the organization expected that I would come back to my original role. But as I gave it up, there was no looking back, even if I had to move on to a different organization. And I repeated this after 5 more years under different circumstances. I finally bid goodbye to corporate life in August 2017 and quickly realized that while the corporates had moved on by, making me dispensable, it took weeks before I could finally let go, and then I spent several weeks doing nothing before transitioning into completely different projects.

Reading your newsletter brought back those memories and hence, I took the liberty of offering this suggestion of a complete break.

While the founding team is a fabulous group of individuals, most of my interactions were limited to Sheeba Nair and my experience of everyone else was through Sheeba’s eyes and actions. I must confess that I have never seen a more down to earth and unassuming set of individuals who energetically transformed into motivational gurus while conducting their sessions. Sheeba, I have been fortunate to be a part of some of your sessions While cynicism is second nature to me, I always enjoyed the experience. Please accept my profound thanks for coming into my life.

Wishing you and the founding team the very best as you look to graze in new pastures and the incoming team a great foundation on which they can build a new architecture for the next 100 years…

R. Hariharan
Corporate Consultant, 
THANK YOU for Love...!
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