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THANK YOU for Your Blessings! 
"Thank you for Being Who You Are"
I realise that Oasis happened to me and Saloni in 2004, as a phenomenon. It’s impossible to separate out Sanjiv and Sheeba, and express different things to them. So, I decided to reflect on this altogether. For me reflecting on Sanjivbhai, Sheebaben and Oasis are not different things. There is a strong cocktail of feelings and thoughts brewing inside, and
I shall attempt to put them into words here. However, how does one explain the cocktail in a sequence?

1. I have no words to express the profound impact of the association with Oasis has been all the way on what Snehal is, as a human and as a professional. Practice what you preach, focussing on the fundamentals, practicing inclusiveness, practicing equanimity, pro-action, values that are aligned to the principles of the nature...so many beautiful understandings have happened because of Oasis. This feeling of gratitude towards both of you, for being what you are and doing what you do, is going to flow incessantly all my life.

2. The challenges that both of you have thrown at us, be it designing our campus or facilitating workshops for teachers at Kashmir and so many more, have always given us an opportunity to practice love, which has become such an important way of life. The fact that under immense workload from different roles that I play professionally and socially, I am able to think calmly and make my decisions keeping the larger picture in life. This wouldn't have happened had I not met you both and Oasis. Nothing seems difficult now, nothing seems taxing! Thank you so very much for doing this to me!

3. As you bid adieu to Oasis, I tried to put myself in your shoes. Oasis has been your baby. You gave birth to it nearly 30 years back and took really good care of it, to the extent that it became your identity. Now, at this stage, this almost feels like giving up your identity, your baby. On one hand, it might seem very painful in the short term, but I can very well imagine how liberating it could be as well. I have no doubt that whatever you have decided to do in your life after this would be aimed at much larger goals for the humanity and the world. I congratulate you on making such a firm decision, and it tells me a lot about your further adventures in life. I can't wait to watch the sequel or the season 2! You must have earned hundreds and thousands of friends like me, and I am sure we await curiously to be used, in whatever ways you feel appropriate.

4. If I try to look at a good organisation and this succession plan, I do not think it can be planned better. You have spent the last few years in putting together and nurturing a very young team, and now you are passing on the responsibility and legacy in such a well thought of and graceful way. If I were you, I would try to keep myself in complete awareness about not uploading my dream into them, nor piling my expectations on them. It’s theirs now, and I have passed on only because I trust them. They belong to a different era and possess different exposures. Hence, their dreams would be different and modus operandi could also be very different. It would be such an interesting process watching the future of Oasis with lots of composure and equanimity. Even if these leaders are not able to make Oasis greater than where you have taken it, I would not like to blame them. In fact, I won’t even try to judge them since the definition of success is such a subjective thing! There is no doubt that you have played your role in such a delightful way and to the best of your abilities. And this is the feeling that I am sure you will carry all along, giving you strength in your future endeavours. 
5. I have a confession to make. Since I am not so acquainted with the new leadership team at Oasis Valleys, I have a strange feeling. How will I visit the wonderful place again? Without your physical presence, would it be the same again? Will I feel at home henceforth if/when I visit it? What sort of ‘haq’ do I have on Oasis and the OV now? Like you, is my journey with Oasis over as well? So many questions…

To sum it up, thank you for being who you are. Thank you for inspiring so many like us. All the goodness that both of you have sown all your life is surely going to keep sprouting, growing and increasing the forest-cover of happiness across the world. I would also like to thank all the friends of the core group for making Oasis happen to so many people like me. I wish all of you a wonderful journey ahead in your life, and I shall always remain indebted to all of you till I am done with my role in this world!

Snehal Shah
Partner, EssTeam Design Services (Surat) and Design Head, Oasis Valleys
"Pure and Selfless Hearts will Always Bear Good Fruits" 
Passing on the baton is an act of immense courage and trust. Our judgement (if at all) of how the next generation does is but a reflection of the limits of our imagination and expectations. Also, I believe that what has been done with such pure and selfless hearts will always bear good fruits, whether in our lifetime or beyond...
I reiterate what Snehal mentioned – gratitude, gratitude and gratitude towards the entire Oasis family.

Saloni Shah
Partner, EssTeam Design Services (Surat) and Design Team, Oasis Valleys
"Young Generation Need Leadership Development and Capacity Building of a Tall Order"
The Shroff Group members (myself included) of the second generation have all been deeply impacted by the values enshrined by our elders. While they founded business enterprises, they also set up non-profits, dovetailing their visions and so on. To us, as a group, empowering of our
people and holding them as our collaborators have been significant values.

1) At any given time, founders in an organisation like Oasis should have freedom and the leeway to pursue own life goals instead of perpetually needing to preside over its operations. These can be, inter alia, either creative or other pursuits. This, in turn, would mean more space and ability being imparted to the rest of the organisation to perform.

2) Having said as above, it is my considered view that current Covid - 19 conditions with its probable continuity up to a presently undefined timeline, will leave behind economical, social, moral and environmental challenges. Well-meaning institutions would be exposed to extraordinary stress and challenges. And to my mind, they’d require enormous efforts, resource mobilisation and people commitment.

They’ll need leadership development and capacity building of a tall order. Perhaps for now, this would be significantly challenging.
From such a perspective, the implementation of stepping down from regular roles of senior management would be best kept in abeyance at least for a year more.

3) I do believe the team would need to be handheld and mentored for some time. I believe the present senior team is best equipped to do so. While succession planning may therefore see light of the day, such mentoring roles – to my mind – need to be closely put into place, in a manner which is formal and accountable.

4) To my mind, governance roles in Oasis – in the foreseeable future when newer generation will take the frontline – would assume higher significance. In such governance roles, none other than the Oasis founders may have a direct role of performance and of facilitating its further succession (beyond themselves).

I’d be happy to expand my thought processes and modify as needed, should we have a chance to have a dialogue. In the meantime, I trust that I’ve been able to look at the tip of the iceberg.

Tushar Dayal
Director, Transmetal Industries, Vadodara
"Ageless attitude is your mark"

On this beautiful day,
There's so many things, I want to say.
You inspire many, with your thoughts and actions;
We're all so grateful, for your calm reactions.
Ageless attitude is your mark;
Involving others as you embark.

Every milestone marks another year;
Of your radiating positive, happy energy.
Kindness and thoughtfulness is your forte;
My love for you, I wish to convey.

Reckoning retirement opens the door;
And this instils a challenge to do more.
From this day on is a legacy for you to propagate.
Wishing you the best on your special day.


Tina Vasudeva
Professional-Textile Industry, New Delhi
Thank You for Love...!
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