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THANK YOU for Your Blessings! 
It’s Right Time to Hand Over the Responsibilities to New Generation

Dear Sanjivbhai, Sheebaben and entire Oasis team,

It was a great privilege of my life to spend time with all of you whom I see as true SANT/RISHI of modern times. You all have been the synonyms of love and friendship. Oasis mission is felt by me in your books, your workshops, your institute, and everything that brings Oasis to us.
A lot of my present thoughts have been carefully and lovingly carved and shaped by your love and friendship.

Not to get attached with own success and plan for results beyond mortal body is the true job of leader. Let this mortal body be a medium to amplify light of human spirit for millions of souls to come. Oasis till date has not been an organization which has aspired to be person centric. It's mission has always been at its centre. I have yet to come across an institute with such a great level of transparency and integrity.

These strong foundations laid by all of you will be a big support for young team to take a leap ahead. I think it’s right time to hand over the responsibilities to new generations which will take this Mashaal of Oasis spirit in their hands and be a Misaal before they hand it over further. I am sure the young team will take this movement to new heights.
People will come and go but the light of Oasis spirit will keep on spreading to new frontiers for years to come. My soul will always be with Oasis spirit. I wish you all the best for this planned transition.
Lots of love and gratitude from my heart

Siddharth Mehta
Director, Shairu Gems Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. & Mentor, Oasis Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan, Surat
This Decision Must be Good for Everyone

Dearest Sheeba di and Sanjivbhai,

Let me start with loads of love for all of you. You both have been like my parents and sometimes even more. I have always looked up to you in times when I wanted to make decisions. So, I know that whatever you have decided must be good for everyone.
I am unable to see the larger picture that you want to create (I am confident that it will be an excellent one!) but deep within I am also very sad. I can’t imagine myself without my this set of parents who have done everything for making my life so beautiful. आज में जो कुछ हूँ उसमें आपका बहुत बड़ा योगदान हैं। I am sure that this is also a way of parenting and we should learn something from it. 

Anuradha Mehta
Trustee, SMET Institute for Specially Abled Children & Facilitator, Oasis Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan, Surat
Oasis will Become Role Model for NGOs about Succession
Dear Sanjivbhai & Sheebaben,
You all deserve millions of compliments. Bidding goodbye to a child nurtured by loving and caring parents is not easy. I can understand the pain and pleasure of this exit. However what nobler can be than this! You have set an example for people to follow in all institutions including corporates and even in politics in times to come.
In corporate also the seniors generally prepare the second cadre and the cadre also aspires to shoulder the responsibility. But their motive is profit. This is particularly difficult where people are working “not for profit” and have volunteered their life with a purpose to give only. To search volunteers, who are committed to vision and are ready to take forward the journey ahead and to nurture them is really difficult. I would say it is near to impossible. With change of baton to the younger generation, Oasis will become the role model as far as succession and transfer of vision aligned with values, duties and responsibilities in NGOs are concerned.

1. In view of my two apprehensions, one, acceptance by society, e.g. government leaders and second, the trust of donors; I feel, the team and particularly you and Sheebaben should continue to be the face of Oasis and lead wherever these two factors are concerned till acceptance of young team becomes normal.

2. I fully believe that all of you are still very young, full of enthusiasm emitting lot of energy with a mission to do something for the society, till last breath. You all still have a huge life span ahead of you and this is not the right time to go in total background. Sardar Patel entered in public life at the age of 47 and what he did is known to all.

I whole heartedly thank both of you and of course the whole team for giving me an opportunity to help me in my spiritual journey.

Mahadev Desai
CMD, Sthapati Designers and Consultants Pvt Ltd & 
Co-founder, Oasis Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan, Navsari
Create Rather Than Replicate
Message for the 'Old Warriors'

Salute and Gratitude

...for the daring to see a dream
...for the courage to convert the dream into life mission 
...for surrendering your life for the noble cause
...for sacrificing numerous wants and so many individual 'I's 
...for your tireless exemplary commitment  
...for selflessly pursuing the goal for greater benevolence of the society
...for creating a wonderful character nursery for all
...for creating the beautiful web of friendship
...for spreading joy all around all the time

...for you being you - so loving, caring, giving...and so much more.....
...And at last but not the least...salute for the deep resolve to let the creation go...   

Happy journey to you all.

Message for the new team:

You have been bestowed upon by a wonderful gift. A gift that took thirty years in making. Thirty life years of dedicated hard work of 11 warriors. Now you have to build on the firm foundation of values that has been gifted to you. Create rather than replicate. Sky is the limit.  

When Love is the motivator, the intended outcomes are shared benefit, mutual satisfaction, and most importantly, continuing affiliation. It is a win-win situation and the intention is to maintain it that way.

First, it needs to be a mindset, then actions, and ultimately a way of being. It is the only certain vehicle to a world that truly works for everyone.

All the very best for your new endeavour. 

Yogesh Patel
Shama Enterprises & Oasis Resource Team, Surat
The Flame of Oasis will Burn Brighter!

The Oasis Movement is unique and profound. The contributions made by Oasis team to humanity are immense, your belief in character building as a building block for designing a meaningful life is admirable.

I wish the new generation that is taking on the mantle good luck and great success. Guided by wisdom of the founding team and divine light, I am confident that the flame of Oasis will burn brighter! Wish you all good luck in all your future endeavours!

Deepa Krishna
Associate Director- Learning and OD, MindTree, Bengaluru
Oasis Core Team: Jammu and Kashmir
Oasis is Now Set to Hand Over the MASHAAL to Young Energetic Hearts

Respected Sheeba Ji,

Transitions do take place, but this is a rare type. Maturity and understanding of founder team is heartening. The pivotal role of Sanjiv bhai and Sheeba ji is marvellous.
Oasis Movement with untiring efforts of its founder members has successfully illuminated India and abroad, by character based knowledge and are now set to hand over the Mashaal to young energetic hearts for raising it firmly higher and higher for lighting more and more.

I have full faith in the talented young team and am sure that Oasis Movement may touch virgin heights in years to come.

M. M. Gulzar
Head of Department, DIET, Beerwah, Kashmir
Great Changes occur due to Conviction of Leader
Whenever great changes have occurred in history it is because of the willingness, courage, and finally the deep conviction of a leader. Unless we trust our youngsters and guide them to find their own success we will be failing in our role as the true torchbearers of our society.
My genuine and heartfelt blessings for this unique endeavour and hope that it will be fruitful for our coming generations. 

Romana Qazi
Principal, MPML BHSS, Srinagar, Kashmir
Founder Team Now has to Work Harder to Nurture the Bright Young Team
The Aideu, Goodbye of founder team of Oasis at this time and juncture is a good step, but will certainly empower the young generation.

To my understanding, the founder team now has to work more hard to nurture the bright young team till they grow to a full-fledged tree which produces fruits for others, as Oasis is a nation-wide movement of character education.
In this Endeavour of mentoring new generation, self-exploration, hand-holding of the young breed of upcoming Oasis leaders and focusing on making Oasis Movement part of new territories, I believe almighty Allah will favour us and listen to our prayers and fulfil the genuine wishes of Oasis Family.

Shabir Khan
Head of Department, DIET, Beerwah, Kashmir
Good Decision to Hand Over Reins to the Young Lot to Fulfill Dream of 100 Years
A very good decision on your side to Hand Over Reins of Oasis to the young lot, in order to fulfill the dream of coming 100 years is worth applauds. Youth shall be nurtured under your leadership. I always find you thinking ahead of time. My good wishes to the whole Oasis family. 

M. Amin Beigh
Principal, BHSS Lar, Ganderbal, Kashmir
This is a Fruitful Decision for Us
You all are good decision-makers and we learn, get ideas from you. If leaders of a great mission as yours decide to involve the youth to run it further, it is a fruitful decision for all of us to go through also.

Manzoor Nazar
Principal, BHSS Mujgund, Srinagar, Kashmir
Thank You for Your Love...!
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