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Oasis Bangalore
Launch of ASHA at Coimbatore & Mysore

Oasis Bangalore has launched ASHA [Adolescent Students' Health Alternative] Project at Coimbatore & Mysore. Oasis carried out first session of TOT (Training of Trainers) at both the places.

It is because of the very good initiative taken by Shri Anshul Mishra, Coimbatore commissioner that now ASHA will reach to the children of approx. 18 corporation high schools of Coimbatore Corporation.

It was only because of Mr. Mishra's efforts that one period a week is devoted for ASHA health class, in all these high schools of Coimbatore Corporation. First Teachers' training program at Coimbatore was conducted on 20th June by Mrs. Rajeshwari.

Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Anshul Mishra for all his sincere efforts to fasten the process of ASHA implementation. and to take special interest at all juncture to improve effectiveness of ASHA.

Mr. Nagendra, DDPI, Mysore liked the ASHA program. They invited Oasis to conduct the program for the selected schools of Mysore taluka. As part of the program we had our first training of 50 selected teachers from 50 rural schools of Mysore Taluka. ASHA will reach to now many more children of these 50 schools. Prernaben carried out the training.

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Mrs. Rajeshwari conducting teacher's training program for Coimbatore Corporation Schools - Launch of ASHA for the year 2009-2010


Participants involved in Brain storming session during first session of Graduation course 2009 on 29, 30 June at Surat

Ankita Kabra, conducting Oasis Course for the teachers of Fountainhead School, Surat on 3rd June09

Exercise of Listening in progress for core team of Fountainhead teachers


Agriculture activities in full swing at Oasis Valleys after first spell of monsoon

Labour team & Co-ordinators of Oasis Valleys celebrating monsoon


Book Review of Oasis Publication 'Jawab Mange Chhe Jindagi' published in
Gujarati Daily Divya Bhaskar on 12 July, 09
  Editor's Note

Oasis Movement is growing fast with development in every area. Also the process of involving people's participation in creation of Oasis Valleys Institute has been initiated.

ASHA project of Oasis, Bangalore has expanded to 2 more cities from current academic year. Thus the process to reach to next generation has been enhanced.

- Team Alive


  You said it...

Dear Sanjivbhai & all friends at Oasis,

My congratulations to you for completing the teens and entering the twenties. I am one of the many participants of the Oasis character building programs and it would be not out of place to give my feed back here on this occasion.

It was the month of July 2001. The date was 20th. This day is one of the most important day of my life. This was the time when I was struggling to manage my relations with my team. It was very tough time for me as a leader of the team. On that day for the first time I met a very simple, thin, dressed in white pants and shirt, Mr. Sanjiv, the facilitator of the workshop about whom I had heard a lot from Mayaben. This was the day when we at design studio went through the first workshop of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni of Oasis. I think the magic of the workshop worked on me. The care, love and affection of Sanjivbhai touched me. This was the day which transformed my life, gave me new direction and purpose to my life.

With best regards and love,

Padmakant Suthar
Design Studio, Zydus Cadila

  Workshop Feedback

Training of Trainers of Oasis-ASHA project

Today's camp was very interesting. It is very useful for our teaching. We can use the easy methods of teaching what Madam Rajeshwari used to teach us.

A. Kulandai Therasa

I collected so many points regarding this topics. So, I can express my views and will teach to the students whatever learnt from here.

Keep it up your way of teaching. The modules included in TOT are Excellent.

P.K. Shivajothiram

The Trainer has got smiling face. She enjoyed taking the class. She made topics very simple so that all could understand easily.

L. Narsu

Teaching technique was very good. We really liked the various educational models in understanding of health care.

L. Narsu

Oasis Valleys
Project Update

Column work have been initiated for Atrium area of Oasis Valleys Institution Building. Soil filling work in Atrium area is being carried out.

(In Picture : Construction work of retaining wall in progress at Oasis Valleys)

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