Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 3 I ISSUE 55 I Mar 16, 2010

Indian Young Leadership Development Program (IYLDP) - February 2010

Beginning of a Different Kind of Education : Full of Love, Joy, Freedom and Learning

Sharing Life in a LIFE Class at Pathak School, Rajkot

Oasis began its LIFE Classes at Pathak School, Rajkot, on 27th February, 2010, for Std. 8 students. During the orientation about what are Oasis LIFE Classes, facilitator Sanjiv Shah almost instantly created an atmosphere of friendship and students started sharing freely. The teenagers shared their dreams. Amidst a riot of laughter, they also shared their best moments of life. In the end, the students concluded - life is worth living when it is enjoyed fully, when we do things with courage, when we help others.

To the surprise of some of their teachers, who were present as guests, discipline & attentiveness were noticeable, without any imposed rule. It was a beginning of a different kind of education full of love, joy, freedom and learning.

  Special Session for 400 Teachers of Higher Secondary Education, Rajkot District, at S. V. Virani High School, Rajkot

A special session on "Excellence in Education" was organized for around 400 Higher Secondary Education Teachers of Rajkot District at Shri. S. V. Virani High School, Rajkot. The session was facilitated by Sanjiv Shah. During interaction with teachers he raised the questions- "Can there be genuine education which is not connected with pursuit of excellence? What is the one basic thing that teachers must do if they wish to bring out the best from their students?", thereby stimulating serious thinking in all those present.

IYLDP Session at B K School of Management, Ahmedabad

An orientation session was organized for about 100 students of B.K.School of Management, Ahmedabad on 25th February, 2010, under the ongoing Indian Young Leadership Development Program. The session was conducted by Sanjiv Shah and was organized by Shri. Rajesh Doshi, an Oasis Well-wisher.

 OASIS Movement Photo News
900 Students Received Personal Hygiene and First Aid kits at Bangalore

Adolescent Students’ Health Alternative (ASHA), a health education initiative of Oasis has reached out to 900 students to distribute a personal Hygiene and First Aid kit with the objective of initiating the formation of important health habits. This was done through a series of events organized in various ASHA adopted schools over a period of ten days. The Health Kits distribution was done in each of the 19 schools adopted by ASHA at Bangalore for its health education initiative as a follow up of ASHA’s year long health module implemented in these schools by ASHA volunteers.

Special Sessions to Educate Parents & Family Memebers

As the Health Kits distribution was done in each of the 19 schools adopted by ASHA, Bangalore, in each school a special session was conducted by the volunteers for the parents and the family members of the children. The interactive session was an effort to entail the support and encouragement of the parents -the care takers and decision makers at home. The parents were urged to be the role models for their children by regularly and consistently practicing habits which promote good health. The parents were informed about the benefits of good nutrition and exercise, discipline of mind and body, prevention of diseases and many more things.

  Editor's Note

Exam days are in progress in Gujarat and in many parts of our country. We hear and read cases of suicides of young children.

Why on earth should they end their precious life? Isn't something seriously wrong about our education system? Why can't we make learning a thoroughly enjoyable process? Why, at the end of the year, education comes down to how much information one can mug up and recall in a certain period of time? - Do we ask such hard questions to ourselves, as responsible parents, as responsible citizens?

Through IYLDP, we wish to bring back the character building part of Education into our present system. Oasis LIFE Classes are just the beginning.

We are marching ahead with our programs and would be very happy if you can join us for the cause.

~ Mehul Panchal  Mehul

  Quote of the Month

“The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think - rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men.”

~ Bill Beattie

  News In Nutshell

  An Oasis Workshop on Mahan Hrudayona SaReGaMaPaDhaNi :1: Success Over Self was organized for the employees of Mangalam Infotech Limited on 27-28th February, 2010 at Aaloha Hills, Gandhinagar. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Maya Soni and was well appreciated by all participants.

 On 21st February, 2010, Mehul Panchal, Organic Farming Coordinator at Oasis Valleys, was felicitated for his work in Organic Farming in a program called "Laghu Prakruti Darbar" organized jointly by Paryavaran Ane Sanskruti Rakshak Trust, Amreli and Srushti, Ahmedabad at Shinor town, near Vadodara.

  You Said It

Thanks a lot for this Family issue (Issue 54 - March 1, 2010). It gave me clarity about my family life. I also made a mission statement after discussion with my husband.
Thanks a lot. Now I can give some clarity of thoughts to my daughter also in future. Regards,

~ Purvi Trivedi

  Oasis Valleys Update

Brick work of upper residential area has started after brief Holi holidays.

  Forthcoming Programs

Oasis Workshop on Self-Leadership: A unique workshop on principles of Self-Leadership has been organized for Managers, Supervisors, Jr. Executives, Jr. Engineers, NGO workers, Teachers etc. on 1st-2nd April, 2010 at Ahmedabad. Please contact Dr. Maya Soni on 09904342159 or mail to

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