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Wish You All A Very Happy & Joyful Holi !

Indian Young Leadership Development Program - LIFE Classes

"Challenges Of Present Education System"

Seminar Organized By Oasis At Vadodara, Gujarat

Sheeba Nair, Trustee, OASIS, conducted the seminar on 1st March, 2011, at Rotary Hall, Vadodara. This was the first in series at Vadodara to encourage dialogues between parents, citizens, educationists.. Seen in the panel (from left to right), Shri. Nilimaben (Principal - Mother's School, Vadodara), Shri. Dipesh Shroff (Industrialist, Excel Crop Care, Mumbai), Sheeba Nair, Shri. Preeti Shroff (Parent & Social Worker, Mumbai), Shri. D. C. Kachhia (Principal, M. K. Highschool, Vadodara) & Fr. Lucas (Principal, St. Joseph School, Vadodara).

"What I Question Is – Why There Is No Training For Being A Parent?"

~ Nilimaben

Quotes from panelists & participants: `

On what is missing in present education system

“Present education system lacks ‘Values’. We removed religious teachings from schools in the name of secularism. And with that we also eliminated the value-education that formed a part of religious teachings.”

Shri. Tushar


“Once a principal-friend from other school was visiting my school. He found much noise from classrooms. He said, in my school, I ensure pin drop silence. Why is there so much of noise in your school? I said - that’s because mine is a school for children. If children don’t interact and communicate with each other, how can they talk? When they talk, children become happy and feel free.”

Nilimaben, Principal, Mother's School, Vadodara

On purpose of Education System


“How has the education system served its purpose, if, despite all the degrees, it has not been able to prepare a youth to face & handle situations of real life?”

Sheeba Nair, Trustee, OASIS



“Teach children how to handle ‘success’ & ‘failure’. This is all what prepares them for life.”

Shri. Dipesh

On role of parents


“When we talk about more games and such other activities, parents want their children to go to tuitions and so, they refuse to take up such activity at school.”

Fr. Lukas, Principal,
St. Joseph
School, Vadodara



“Communication Gap between parents & teachers and between parents & children has increased.”

Shri. D. C.
M. K.

Photo News & Highlights

Leadership Camp By Dr. Maya Soni At Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, LDRP Campus, Gandhinagar

Dr. Maya Soni, Oasis Volunteer, conducted Leadership Workshop for the students of Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya at Gandhinagar, as a part of their 'Sarva Netrutva Program', during 3-5th March. 35 Students from various faculties participated in the workshop.

Some reflections by participants:

“There are very few institutions that work for character building and I would rate ‘Oasis’ as one of the best. Honestly speaking, this workshop stood much above my expectations. I would love to join Oasis. Thank you, Oasis, for all.”- Janki Thakkar, Computer Engg.

“This type of workshops must be conducted periodically so as to improve the society and bring about revolution in the youth by empowering and hence, bringing about change in the country.” - Sarita Singh, BBA

Oasis Workshop By Sheeba Nair, At Mind Tree Ltd., Bengaluru,
During 24-26th February, 2011

Some reflections by participants:

“One of the most inspiring self-development/awareness workshop attended. Helped in introspection & clarity of thought process.”- Suma Thomas, Project Manager

“This was a unique workshop I have ever attended till now, especially on leadership program. It doesn't directly tell you or teach you what is required to be a leader but makes it come out of us which is why it is different.” - Rajani T.S., Module Lead

Other Movement News

ASHA Distributed Hygiene Kits To Needy Children At Begaluru

2nd Monthly Meeting Of Organic Farmers In Progress At Village Tersa, Vadodara Dist.

On 28th February, 2nd Monthly Meeting of organic farmers was held at village Tersa, Ta. Shinor, Dist. Vadodara. The meeting was coordinated & conducted by Mehul Panchal, Managing Trustee, OASIS under the banner of 'Sajiv Mitra'. 25 farmers attended the meeting.

  Editor's Note

With the seminar, Oasis has started a chain of programs, at Vadodara, to initiate healthy discussions amongst people directly related to children's education, with the aim to find some solutions to problems plaguing the present education system. The seminar is 2nd of its kind in Gujarat; first was conducted at Rajkot a month back.

Working for the youths through camps and workshops continues at increasing pace.

We wish a very happy Holi & Dhuleti to all readers.

~ Mehul Panchal  Mehul

  News In Nutshell

For the 4th year ASHA, Bengaluru, distributed hygiene kits to needy children who are part of Health and Hygiene classes. The kits were distributed to the students in presence of their parents and school teachers, who were specially invited for a discussion on - Encouraging and improving the personal hygiene of the students. The students themselves explained consequences of worm infestation and its prevention to their parents and teachers. De-worming tablets were also distributed to the students. (see Photo News)

After two monthly meetings, Oasis Organic Movement under the name of "Sajiv Mitra" (Organic Friend) is becoming the most active group of Organic Farmers in Vadodara District. Next meeting is at village Puniyad, Ta. Shinor on 28th March, Monday. (see Photo News)

  Quotable Quotes

“Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.”

~ Khalil Gibran

“Children have a natural antipathy to books - handicraft should be the basis of education. Boys and girls should be taught to use their hands to make something, and they would be less apt to destroy and be mischievous.”

~ Oscar Wilde

  આ સઘળા ફૂલોને કહી દો..

આ સઘળા ફૂલોને કહી દો કે યુનિફોર્મમાં આવે,
પતંગિયાને પણ કહી દો સાથે દફતર લાવે.

મન ફાવે ત્યાં માછલીઓને આમ નહી તરવાનું,
સ્વીમિંગપુલના સઘળા નિયમોનું પાલન કરવાનું.

દરેક કૂંપળને કોમ્પુટર ફરજિયાત શીખવાનું,
લખી જણાવો વાલીઓને તુર્તજ ફી ભરવાનું.

આ ઝરણાંઓને સમજાવો સીધી લીટી દોરે,
કોયલને પણ કહી દેવું ના ટહુકે ભરબપોરે.

અમથું કૈં આ વાદળીઓને એડમિશન દેવાનું?
ડોનેશનમાં આખ્ખેઆખ્ખું ચોમાસું લેવાનું.

એક નહીં પણ મારે ચાલે છે અઠ્ઠાવન સ્કૂલો,
‘આઉટડેટેડ’ થયેલો વડલો મારી કાઢે ભૂલો!

- કૃષ્ણ દવે

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Metal fabrication work for atrium area is under progress at Oasis Valleys Institute.

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