Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 4 I ISSUE 88 I August 1, 2011

Indian Young Leadership Development Program - Oasis FREEDOM Course

After Completing Life Classes,

Oasis Steps Up The Process In The Second Year & Introduces
The Most Important Aspect Of Life - LOVE

In the last year, Oasis conducted Life Classes in schools of Gujarat, Mumbai and Bangalore covering more than 1500 student-participants in average 30 sessions per year in 35 Life Classes, that means, approximately 45,000 participants.

This year Oasis steps up the process to cover 2500 student-participants in over 60 Classes and introduces a concept unheard of in Education Arena e.g. Learning to Love.

Can love be taught? What do we teach our children that can become a strong foundation for success in relationships? We are presenting here the road map of objectives of what has been achieved so far and the milestones ahead.

In The First Year, What Students Experienced?


Students learnt to look at themselves and their dreams in a fresh and encouraging way


Students were affirmed for their positive qualities and talents through love and respect


Students got a big boost in their self-confidence thorough various positive reflections


Students understood that their life and goals are their own responsibility and choice


Students visited hospitals and got sensitized about the pain and suffering of other people


Students interacted with other citizens and learnt to understand other people’s problems


A relationship of mutual trust, admiration and respect flourished between Oasis facilitator & students which is essential and conducive for students to learn & grow

2nd Year Will Give Them Rich Experience Of
Enhancement In Emotional Quotient

In the times of magical gadgets but terrible loneliness, a lot of conversations but scarce dialogues, many career options but increasing divorces and failing relationships, Oasis has designed an invaluable curriculum to orient students to the principles and practices of wholesome success in life i.e. 'Learning to Love'.

Following are the key objectives Oasis has in mind this year......

What Is In Store For Them In Second Year?


Students will further learn to strengthen their self-esteem through better self-image


Students will begin to learn about their own unique identity in a powerful way


Students will learn what is Love and what is not Love- a clarity that even most of adult population do not have- and that loving self is essential before loving others


Students will learn to see love of parents and teachers in small things done to them, many of them they might be disliking at a particular time, i.e. they’ll learn gratitude


Students will learn that loving a person is understanding him/her from his/her perspectives


Students will also learn to pay attention while listening to other people through many joyful exercises


Students will learn that love is in giving and what one contributes for the country or society


Students will also undertake a project to experience what it is to influence others in a positive manner and how we feel love when we do it


Students will also learn about the most difficult aspect of love e.g. Forgiveness which will become their foundation of growth for their life-time

HOW and how effectively Oasis will achieve its objectives?

As in last year, Oasis will keep on sharing about the processes and reflections through Alive.

You're also heartily invited to share your views for the Education-of-the-next-centuries.

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