Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 1 I ISSUE 15 I Jul 16, 2008

Oasis at Gurgaon (New Delhi)

Oasis is happy and proud to announce beginning of its activities in the form of charitable workshops at Gurgaon/New Delhi. The first in the series of workshops is scheduled on 2, 3 August, 2008. Workshop will be facilitated by Jolly Madhra, a core group friend of Oasis. Jolly is working as a Design Manager in a private firm at Gurgaon. She is deeply interested in learning and is involved with self-development processes of Oasis for almost two decades now. For more information, please contact Jolly at 09999104772 or mail her at

Manisha Mehta is new Chief Co-ordinator of ASHA, Bangalore

Manisha Mehta, a part of core group member of ASHA, Bangalore, was invited to lead the group and she enthusiastically accepted the job. Manisha has a background in Psychology and is very passionate about making positive difference to the society while learning and making her own life more and more meaningful. Feeling gratitude for the opportunity, she says, “Nehaben has done so much work at Bangalore. Sincerity and concern for the children is my motivation for working for this cause. I pray that I do justice to my new responsibilities.” Thank you Manisha and Congratulations!

Workshop on Listening at Bangalore

On June 17th and 18th, the next session of the ongoing workshop on Self Development was conducted by Sheeba Nair. Around 16 volunteers of ASHA benefited from the highly informative session on “Listening”. The workshop session was like a wake up call to all the volunteers after the long break for the summer. The exercise on “How to take and give feedback” was a revelation to all of us. “Oh God I never even gave a thought before I criticized someone”, “Now I understand why my son does not listen to me even when what I am saying is for his good” and “ I shall now give my comments only when I know that the person wants it” were some of the comments given by participants after the workshop. Everyone appreciated the fact that Nehaben’s efforts of bringing Oasis to Bangalore have made their lives so much richer.

Reaching out to the children of Mysore

The Vijaya Foundation from Mysore has expressed their desire to adopt Project ASHA in some of the schools of rural Mysore. An invitation was extended to them to join the TOT sessions in Bangalore which can then be replicated by them in their city. Accordingly 5-6 members from the foundation will be joining the for their first TOT session on 14th July.

A joint effort from ASHA and Rambus

The software professionals from Rambus and ASHA will come together to provide health classes for school children. The professionals after getting training in selected topics from ASHA will select schools and conduct classes for them. The first training session in Rambus is slated for the 15th July for around 12 participants.

ASHA Health Centres

About 30 health teachers from ASHA will reach out to 15 government schools of Bangalore city this year. Also in addition to the two existing TOT (Training of Teachers) centers, another center at Sarjapur road was started with 8 new and very enthusiastic volunteers.

Agriculture in full swing at Oasis Valleys

In addition to some experimental landscaping work, 1200 Papaya saplings have been planted alongwith other seasonal monsoon vegetables and spices. Growing cow fodder on slopes has been started which will save flat land for other agriculture activities, prevent soil erosion and grow useful cow fodder for Gaushala. Gaushala has been expanded with separate area for Adult Cows and younger Calves in an animal friendly system where they are not tied up with rope but are free to move/roam, to use shed, drink water & eat fodder as per their individual need.

The new Chief Coordinator, Manisha Mehta, thanking the Workshop Facilitator, Sheeba Nair.



Low cost Landscaping experiments going on at Oasis Valleys, Chandod.


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