Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 1 I ISSUE 17 I Aug 15, 2008
Happy Independence Day...!
Workshop Reflections
ASHA Training Program for Vijaya Foundation, Mysore

[Vijaya Foundation, Mysore wished to adopt the ASHA Project in some of the schools in Mysore. As a result, a training session was organized on 14th July, in Bangalore for their Team. Feedback and a glimpse are as shown as below ]

"Our members and MD felt, that really you people are doing a great job. Learning a new language and implementing that in Government schools is not a small thing (referring to Kannada language that has been learnt by ASHA teachers who are basically Gujaratis and other non-Kannadigas). We are very much proud of your Social service and commitment. We are planning to implement the whole syllabus what you people have prepared. But we need your kind co-operation." - Renukaji, Vijaya Foundation.

ASHA Training Program for RAMBUS, Bangalore

[Last month, some software professionals from Rambus joined hands with ASHA to conduct health classes for school children. A preliminary training program was held for them, for some selected subjects of the whole course. It was an interesting program, since the training was conducted by simple housewives for a class of professional software engineers! A feedback - ]

“The session was very interesting and we got a very good understanding of what OASIS aims to achieve through its endeavors – a noble cause indeed. The 3 sessions were informative, to the point and we have a good idea of what to do and how, when we really go to the classrooms. It is not easy for the presenters to behave with us as if they are in the real classroom; however they did a great job and we were really able to understand how to put the method into practice. I believe that the methodology is practical and can be easily adopted by us when we go to the schools; the sheet provided along with the modules help keep things organized and can serve as a reminder on the flow of topic in the class. I can visualize myself going the class and taking modules as we were trained. The only thing that is stopping us is the language barrier." - Mr. Srinivaraman, Rambus

Oasis News

“Season Sale” of Oasis Publications

For the first time since last 7 years, Oasis has launched a “Season Sale” of Oasis Publications, at special discount rates, on different Oasis Book-Sets. As a part of the Sale, in the month of July, Oasis organized various Exhibitions in different schools, colleges & libraries in and around Surat city. Also, a programme was initiated, wherein Dr. Pallavi Raulji addressed around 700 students of various colleges, to promote Reading, especially Self-Development oriented books, in Youths. All Oasis Members, Well-Wishers and interested friends who wish to avail these special schemes till Diwali are requested to contact Dr. Pallavi Raulji on 9924343088 or ‘the Oasis Shop’ on 0265-2351862.

“Health Mela” in Schools, Bangalore

On 18th August, ASHA, Bangalore plans to launch the “School Health Mela”. They plan to have an Awareness Campaign, Cleanliness Drive and a Seminar for students in all the schools where ASHA health classes are going on. This will be a programme with similar activities in each school but on different days.

Legal Permission to construct
Oasis Valleys Institute Acquired

For last 2 years, Oasis has been passing through legal hurdles and complications, in order to acquire the Government’s permission to construct our Dream Project of “Oasis Valleys” Institute at Chandod, Vadodara. Thanks to the sincere wishes and blessings of all our Well-Wishers and the Government Officers in Vadodara and Gandhinagar, we have now received the clearance to initiate construction. We are really thankful to all of them, for their full-fledged support and faith in our Dreams of creating a Character Building Institute, which would be the first of its kind in Asia.

Photo Gallery

Training for ASHA Project by Mrs. Manisha Mehta, Chief Co-ordinator, ASHA to Software professionals of Rambus, Bangalore


ASHA members, Bangalore in a group discussion, during Oasis Workshop on 13-14 August 08

Teachers of FOUNTAINHEAD school, Surat working on an Assignment during
Oasis Workshop on 9,10 August 08

As a part of Landscaping, Pathways being
created at Oasis Valleys
Campus Model of Oasis Valleys
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