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New Book Releases on Eve of New Year

Life is difficult. Time and again, in midst of difficulties, we find ourselves helpless and question, ‘Why me’. We feel overpowered by circumstances and believe that we are mere puppets in the hands of fate. In these moments, we want to escape from pain and long for death to come. We think life is not worth living. But, there are people, who in the midst of most traumatic circumstances have taken responsibility to continue the struggle and give meaning to their existence. One such man was Victor Frankl, a psychiatrist, who was prisoner in Nazi camp for a long time.

Sanjiv Shah, the author, through the example of Victor Frankl has depicted human’s extraordinary capacity and freedom to choose at every moment of his life. Background of the book is created by Sanjiv’s visit to Dachau Camp in Munich and his description about the same makes the terrifying experience come alive in minds of readers. Experiences by Victor Frankl from his own book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ are taken to help readers enliven the circumstances undergone by him.

Sanjiv goes on step by step to explain what we can learn from Victor Frankl’s experience. No matter how brutal the circumstances, we all are responsible to find meaning of our existence. Even after everything is snatched away, there is always one thing that can not be seized; and that is our internal freedom to choose. This book brings readers to the profound truth of one’s inner freedom. One can always rise above the circumstances-


whether it’s a matter of bearing pain or forgiving someone for an unforgivable act. The book concludes with an interesting debate on the extent to which any human can forgive others and contains varied responses from prominent people all over the world.

Any good book should be able to help readers identify with its philosophy and its application in their lives. And this book is one of them. It is a MUST READ book for each and every individual.

To procure a copy, write to or call the OASIS shop at 0265 2351862.

'Santan-uchherni Bhet'

All parents have children, but do all children have parents?

Having a child does not make you a parent, just as having a piano does not make you a pianist. And this is the reason why every parent has a child, but every child does not have a parent.

Though parenting is a commonly discussed subject and much has been written on the same. Yet, unfortunately, most of the books only talk about fulfilling the basic physical needs of the children, like nutrition, outside atmosphere, education, etc. But there is lot more to being a parent.

We may have complains that our children are not listening to us; they are spoilt and lack respect for us; that it is difficult to teach our children anything. And that we wish to make them good human beings. If these are your concerns, then ‘Santan Uchher Ni Bhet’ will help you to meditate and think about this.

The upbringing of a healthy child is our contribution to future of evolution of human race. A child is a legacy we leave behind after we are gone, let it be one of the most loving and wonderful. And to know how, this book might provide you the answer.

This book is available in Paperback Edition.
Language : Gujarati
Number of Pages: 64

About 1000 students join the mission of Healthy Nation as ASHA spreads in five more cities this month

Does this disturb you?

# 205 million people in India suffer from heavy hook worm infestation.
# Around 30,000 children go blind each year due to serious Vitamin A deficiency.
# About 50% pre school children have moderate to severe nutritional deficiency. (figures taken from The Indain Journal of Pediatrics)

These few facts are enough to make us aware of the huge task ahead to make our country as one of the developed nations of the world. If these facts disturb you and as a citizen you too are willing to make a difference, then ASHA can be one of the answers.

ASHA- Adolescent Students’ Health Alternative is a successful project module for helping/educating children-youths to adopt HEALTH HABITS over a period of time. ASHA hopes to provide preventive, holistic, long term and cost effective health solutions. ASHA sees its role as one of the catalyst,

“Planting the seeds for better health” by working with government schools and community to reach more and more children where they live, learn and play.

After successful experience in last 7 years in Bangalore, ASHA is all set to launch in 5 cities this month - Ahmedabad, Surat, Navsari, Mysore and Coimbatore. TOT Sessions have already been conducted for ASHA Team at Ahmedabad, Surat and Navsari and trained ASHA Teachers have begun taking classes in schools for underprivileged children.

If you too feel deep in your heart to do some good work, but do not have the right platform and guidance, then ASHA Project can offer you an opportunity. Our co-ordinators are well equiped to train and guide you.

For Gujarat, please contact Dr. Ami Desai on 9924343089, for South India, please write to Dr. Neha Vakharia at

Call of a young generation

84 PTC students & young teachers gather at Oasis Session in Ahmedabad on 23rd Nov to continue the process of dreaming about New Education System.

Youth Session was organized on 23rd November 08, at Ahmedabad. About 84 youths participated in the event. The event began with the discussion on 'Who is your Role Model? And Why?' One after the other, each youth spoke about their role models being Mother Teresa, Gijubhai Badheka, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi,... As this sharing continued, they all realized that each human can be an inspiration and we all have the opportunity to learn from each other.

Earlier, a seminar 'Sapne Zameen Par... Dreaming together about the New Education System' was organized in October 08. At the end of this two day seminar, whole group felt that they would like to continue this process of dreaming and contributing to make a better, character oriented education system. This gave birth to youth sessions.

As the word spread, participation increased from 30 to 84 in the youth session organized on 23rd November. Last youth session was organized on 7th December. The theme of the session was, 'Do I love myself?' Many of them realized for the first time in their lives that they have never actually loved themselves and worked towards their development consciously.

The next youth session is scheduled on 14th of December. These sessions have proved that youth in our country are willing and are searching for the right way. Their curiosity and restlessness to do something and contribute for society is appreciable. Today the voice of youth seems to be saying, "Give us a Spade long enough, give us a fulcrum long enough, and we will move the world".


ASHA Teacher demonstrating Water purification process, during the Children's Day Celebration at Vailikaval Slum in Bangalore on 15th November 08.

Newly formed ASHA Team at Navsari with the Project Co-ordinator Dr. Ami Desai.

Youths involved in Group Discussion during the youth session at Ahmedabad.

Winter fruits are in full bloom at Oasis Valleys

10 tonnes of Vermicompost is under process at Oasis Valleys.

  News In Nutshell

ASHA, Bangalore:

Children's Day Celebration was organized on 15th of November 08, at Vailikaval slum, in Bangalore. Around 100 children, in the age group of 5 to 16 years, participated in the same. ASHA volunteers gave a demonstration of oral care and general hygiene. The children were very enthusiastic and asked questions to clear their doubts. A short skit demonstrating the consequences of inadequate oral hygiene was also put up by the volunteers. It gave awareness of Oral Health to children in a humourous way. At the end of the program, Toothbrushes were distributed to children.

Event was followed by demonstration on purification of water. The whole program was designed in such as a way as to give maximum awareness to children at the same time keeping a balance of Celebration mood. The children enjoyed and left with brimming faces.


Workshops/ Seminars:

Workshop for ASHA Team was organized on 18th and 19th of November, 08.


Workshop for Teachers of Fountainhead School was organized on 15 & 16th Nov 08 at Surat.


Grand Decadal Sale:

A very good response has been received for Grand Decadal Sale. Thousands of copies have been sold. Many have taken this opportunity to gift books to their friends, relatives, customers and to all those who matter.

Patrons, through propagation of Oasis Publications, have joined in the Decadal Celebration with Oasis.


Oasis Valleys
Project Update

Excavation work has begun at Oasis Valleys for Construction work. Contract for Construction of Institution has been given to M/s Reedhis Construction, Vadodara.




Over the last year the different sessions of the 'Mahan Hrudayona SaReGaMaPaDhaNi... workshop with Sheebaben were eye openers. We learnt many new concepts and also started our journey of self discovery.

Both of us volunteered to take the review classes for the friends who had missed session due to various reasons. The review sessions were both challenging and also instructive to us. The best way to learn is to teach and the best way to teach is to learn- We realized truth in this statement during the review sessions.

In order to teach we found ourselves compelled to introspect and cross examine our own views and beliefs before we attempted to share with our friends. We felt the need to implement and practice the habits first. We have been immeasurably benefited by taking these sessions and have thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

Manisha Mehta &
Tejaswi Jain

ASHA TEAM, Bangalore.



Registrations have begun for Partnership for Positive Change Program. Those organizations who wish to involve Oasis to bring about a positive change in their Organizational Culture are requested to contact Oasis Regional Co-ordinators for the same.

For information on Partnership For Positive Change Program, please click here>>>



This year Life Management Diary is not going to be published by Oasis. We regret the inconvenience caused to our customers about the same.

A better user friendly tool on the same theme would be published from 2010 onwards.


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