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End of a unique experiment – Continuing the unique journey….!

Since last 4-5 years, Oasis had been silently carrying out a unique process of education for limited number of participants. The course was the result of more than a decade of research and development in the field of human development. The four year Oasis Course for the first batch concluded last month. While the course formally ended, participants decided to continue their process of living, loving and learning for life time, thus serving the very core purpose of the Oasis Course!

Attending Oasis Course -

one of the wisest decisions of my life

Parag Shah is CEO of a leading industry at Surat. However, he is better known as a great entrepreneur, an even greater lover of art and architecture and the best friend that one could ever have, by all those who know him intimately. He is one of those human-beings who are passionately in love with life. He keeps reading, thinking and interacting intensively for his endeavor of how to keep on constantly learning and improving his life. He is also known as a man of action. In keeping with his passion to contribute something in the field of education, he became involved in the process of creating a unique school last year, which is growing fast to be one of the model schools in the country. He is also the team leader of Oasis Valleys Project. He is not just one of the participants of this course; he played an important role in the formation of such a unique course at many stages.

Below is what he has to say about the Oasis Course:

After going through the workshops for almost last 4 years I am feeling short of words to express my feelings. It probably exposes the limitation of language as I am trying to put the most enriching, fulfilling and worthwhile effort of learning and in turn leading my life on that path. I have been through the workshop series (Basic Oasis Course, Course in Love, Integrity and Empathy) and also facilitated a 10 day workshop series. I think and feel that it has changed my thought processes and approach to life in a radical way and has made me a better human being in all aspects. I went through a process of transformation broadly in 3 different stages.

In first stage I started understanding life in true principle centered perspective and with even little effort was able to manage my life in a very effective manner. I became more productive, effective and was able to bring smile to lot of faces.

In second phase, going deeper into understanding of life and my own self brought radical transformation in my thinking about relationships with people

and it started a very deep conflict between what I can be and what I am. It is a very painful, yet enriching process. I became very much aware of my growth as a human being and though painful at times, I felt that I am in the process of making a better human being out of me.

The third phase is still more of an understanding than experience. In this phase I started understanding spirituality and at times did experience the joy and blissful state of being spiritual. I have become more and more aware and that awareness helps me to constantly improve myself.

I constantly shuffle between all the stages and every time I attend the workshop, there is always something to take away, which is a new discovery for every stage making this process an endless evolution, a learning process.

Unfortunately Character Building , Leadership , Marriage, Parenting , Love, Death etc which are of paramount importance to every human being are not taught in formal education and create a great void in every human being's life and that exactly is what this Oasis workshop series is trying to fill. I would rate joining these workshops as one of the wisest decisions of my life on self development and I intend to be part of this movement in some way or other.

‘San-jeev’ has brought life to the workshops as a facilitator and I am committed to take those workshops in my life for rest of my life.

Parag Shah

[For Parag’s responses pertaining to some questions about this course and details of feedbacks from other participants, see next Alive dated February 1, 2009.]



Book reviews on "Jawab Mange Chhe Jindagi" were published in Phulchhab and Aajkaal's Sunday editions. For excerpts of discussion on this book, please see next issues of this newsletter.


ASHA Classes have started in 4 cities in Gujarat last month. In Picture : Ms Arundhati Naik explaining the concept of Healthy body to a group of school boys in Navsari.

Girls of M P Arts and M H Commerce college actively involved in group discussion during ASHA Session conducted by Dr Ami Desai at Ahmedabad.

Session on 'Today's Youth and Character Building' in progress at Ahmedabad Dental College. In Picture : Dr Maya Soni addressing 120 students on the value of character education in life.

Participants of Oasis Rural Leadership programme from Karanj and Limodra villages visited Oasis Valleys. In Picture : Mehul Panchal, Agriculture Co-ordinator Oasis, showing them various Organic and Natural Farming Methods adopted at Oasis Valleys

Youth session at the Maharaja Agrasen University, New Delhi on 20th December 08. ASHA TOT for teachers of Vivekananda School, at Mooganhundi village, Mysore.
News in Nutshell


Ahmedabad : Oasis had organized a session of more than 120 dental students of Ahmedabad Dental College. The topic was – ‘Today’s Youths & Character Building’. It was an interactive session with a purpose to make youths aware of importance of learning character building systematically and scientifically.

New Delhi : On 19th & 21st December 2008, an orientation workshop on Oasis Course was organized for CEOs and their families of the Aggrawal Samaj at New Delhi.

A youth session was organized on 20th December 08 at the Maharaja Agrasen University, New Delhi.

The above sessions were facilitated by Sheeba Nair.



As part of ASHA expansion, in December- January, around 500 girls from M. P. Arts & M. H. Comm. College for Women & Smt. Sadguna C. U. Shah Arts College for Girls, Ahmedabad were addressed by Dr Ami Desai. Responding to the call 62 girls from M. P. Arts & M. H. Comm. College for Women came forward to volunteer in the project. A small training program was organized for these girls on 5th January, 2009 at M. P. Arts & M. H. Comm. College for Women, Raipura.

18 young, enthusiastic women have joined as ASHA teachers in Ahmedabad, Surat & Navsari so far. ASHA program is launched in 15 schools and 650 students of 6th / 7th standard are being educated for Basic Health Care every week.



36 women have joined as ASHA teachers in Mysore , Coimbatore , Tiruppur, Salem. ASHA program is launched in 2 villages – Mooganhundi [ Mysore ] and Pacchapalyam. Presently it has been started in 7 classes of three schools. 325 students are being benefitted through these ASHA Classes.


Oasis Valleys
Project Update

Excavation work for foundation of Institution Building has completed at Oasis Valleys site.


Forthcoming Programs

Event Calendar of Oasis

18 Jan ASHA Team Annual Family Day, Bangalore
24 Jan Diploma Series Workshop, Surat
25 Jan Love Series Workshop, Surat
30 Jan Post Graduation Special, Surat
11, 12 Feb Workshop at Fountainhead School, Surat
23-24 Feb ASHA Team workshop, Bangalore
7 Mar Graduate Series Workshop, Surat
8 Mar International Women's Day Celebration, Bangalore.
12, 13 Mar Workshop at Fountainhead School, Surat
27 Mar
Post Graduation Special, Surat
28 Mar Diploma Series Workshop, Surat
29 Mar
Love Series Workshop, Surat

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Note :- Dates may change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please check the dates of the program in advance with respective coordinator of the activity/Oasis centre.


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