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Upcoming Book Releases in February 2009

Samvedna Shikshan Series : Part II

Do we really know how to be happy? How to overcome jealousy? Why do some people always remain sad? Is greed always a bad emotion? But if we don't yearn for more, can we progress? Understanding and handling emotions has always been a struggle for each one of us as also for mankind since years.

As a part of Samvedna Series, Oasis releases four booklets in Gujarati on - Sorrow, Happiness, Greed and Jealousy- by the end of this month. These small booklets discuss the above given and many such questions.

Vichar Shikshan Series : Part II

Why is it, that some people are always brimming with confidence, while some struggle to even look straight? What is the difference between character and personality? How can we achieve our goals? What is the importance of maturity?

To know the answers, refer to the new releases of Thought Series Booklets on - Self Confidence, Goal, Maturity and Character, about to be published this month. They provide an excellent guidance to understand each of these subjects and question our paradigms about the same. These books are must read for everyone and provide an excellent medium to propagate values and character concepts in society. They serve as an ideal gift to students, employees as well as for varied sections of society.


80 Teachers From 26 Corporation Schools Trained To Impart Health Education To Students

Dr. Neha Vakharia

After creating a successful Health Module at Bangalore for last 4-5 years, Dr Neha Vakharia, Founder, ASHA Oasis had a grand launch at Coimbatore this month. Oasis facilitated a major positive intervention by the Commissioner Mr Anshul Mishra and Mayor of Coimbatore, to adopt ‘Adolescent Students Health Alternative’ in all the corporation schools of the city. Under this program, about 80 teachers of Corporation School were given training by Oasis Team, who in turn, would impart health education to hundreds of Adolescent Students of Corporation Schools in the city.

Teachers play a decisive role in a child’s life. Especially in schools where children are not from affluent back ground and many lack parents’ involvement in their growth, due to time constraints as also the knowledge, this program would ensure to equip them with basic understanding of physiological and psychological changes that they experience during transition from childhood to adolescence.



Mr Krishnamurthy & Mrs Rajeshwari

Oasis took an important step in involving Government in its Community Health Project and thereby reaching to thousands of students at Coimbatore. A special appreciation goes to Oasis Volunteers, Mrs. Rajeshwari

who is retired Headmistress of a corporation school and Mr. Krishnamurthy, who is retired Head master of a corporation school in Coimbatore. The dynamism, enthusiasm, commitment and sincerity with which they worked is highly inspiring. Also, our volunteers Mrs. Vibha Kapasi and Seema Radia, were instrumental in making this happen. We thank the young, dynamic and highly sensitive corporation Commissioner of Coimbatore, Mr Anshul Mishra for his support and positive response.

At Oasis, we dream to reach to each and every child and give them hope (ASHA) of better health education and more fulfilling life. ASHA is spread in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Thirrupur in South India and Ahmedabad, Surat and Navsari in Gujarat. Those who share our vision and desire to join, please write to us at




Above Report appeared in Dinamalar-Tamil daily dated 5th February 09. Media Reports were also published in Dinamalar- Tamil Daily, dated 30th January 09; Maalaimalar [evening Tamil news paper] on 3rd February 09 as also in Dinakaran- Tamil daily on 29th of January 2009 with reference to Training imparted to Corporation School Teachers under Oasis ASHA Project.


Oasis participated in Vidya Fair - Book Exhibition organized by Surat Municipal Corporation from 21st to 26th of January 2009. In Picture : (Left) Visitors at Oasis Stall going through unique book collection; (Right)- Display of Books at the Oasis Stall.


Volunteers of ASHA, Bangalore celebrating the 'Oasis Annual Family Day'

Oasis Launches 'Su Dhara' Brand of Vermi Compost as a part of promotion of Organic Farming Concept.

  News In Nutshell

ASHA, Bangalore:

On 8th Feb 09 the volunteers of ASHA, Bangalore celebrated the 'Oasis Annual Family Day'

Book Exhibitions :

Oasis participated in Book Exhibition - Vidya Fair, at Surat from 21st to 26th Jan 09.

Oasis organized Book Exhibition at South Gujarat University during the youth festival on 30th Jan 09.

Oasis also participated in yearly exhibition at Gattu Vidhyalay, Ankleshwar, Gujarat from 13th to 15th of Feb 09


Oasis Organic Farming Initiative :

OASIS- SAEE - ' Oasis - Sustainable Agricul-ture & Environment Education' Project has been launched last month under which promotion of various practices of Sustainable Agriculture primarily focusing on Organic Farming will be done.

SuDhara Vermicompost:

SAEE has launched its a High Quality Vermi-compost under the name SuDhara (means GOOD EARTH). This compost is not just castings of Earthworms but it is much more than that. It is enriched with Rock phosphate & Ash for better availability of Phosphorous & Potasium along with Nitrogen, which are the major components required by any plant. Also this compost is enriched with useful Bacteria. In nutshell, a complete soil nutrition for any crop, any plant.

For more details and orders, please contact Mehul Panchal on Mob 9825326548


Oasis Valleys
Project Update

Based on the conclusions of Test reports done for strength and water absorption, the Project Team has finalised the decision to utilise Red Bricks for exposed brickwork of Oasis Valleys institute instead of Fly Ash bricks.


(In Picture : Model of Oasis Valleys Institution Building)


You Said It

The articles & messages are heart throbbing. Keep it up. I, read regularly all your articles on monthly basis & keep reading again & again. Wish you all the best once again. Specially Ms Sheeba, brain child and all your relentless team working to make Oasis a great moment of success all together. Almighty bless you.

Warm Regards,

Ranganath Kulkarni
Bharat Petroleum Corporat-ion Limited.


First of all congratulations to ''...Alive team'' for streamlining the magazine and delivering every 15 days on time. Article about Maya Soni has touched the heart. Yes, you are right about her, she is one of the 'cornerstone' of OASIS. Lots of best wishes to Maya Soni. Keep it up !!! May God bless OASIS with lots of Mayas in future.

With Love,
Kamlesh Gokani,

Forthcoming Programs

Event Calendar of Oasis


28 Feb - 1 Mar Workshop at Fountainhead School, Surat
7 Mar Graduate Series Workshop, Mumbai
8 Mar International Women's Day Celebration, Bangalore.
23- 24 Mar Workshop for ASHA Team, Bangalore
27 Mar
Post Graduation Special, Surat
28 Mar Diploma Series Workshop, Surat
29 Mar
Love Series Workshop, Surat


Note :- Dates may change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please check the dates of the program in advance with respective coordinator of the activity/Oasis centre.


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