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In our previous article on Oasis L3 courses, we shared how Character Education is the most critical need for every person in this society. Oasis, through, its specially designed course L3, has been facilitating this since last four years. Be it for realizing potentials of life or be it for implementing idealism in practical life, this education and science is not only essential but also inevitable to create right success in life.

While this educational process has helped our participants in different spheres of life, be it Parenting, Interpersonal Relationships, Profession, and so on, Empowerment of women has also been one of the highlights of this four year journey. On the occasion of Women’s Day on March 8, let us hear what the women participants have to share about this:

According to Priya Allawadi, “The changes which ensued from joining Oasis Workshop were tremendous.- from being a Housewife, to teacher & then a businesswoman now. There were many hurdles in-between but implementing whatever I learnt helped me. The workshop also helped to a greater extent in areas of life like family & social, career & financial, mental & self developmental.”


Mita Shah, a social-entrepreneur, reflects, “As women, it is very natural to develop many conditionings and paradigms about our relationships, attitude, etc. These limit our freedom of expression and choice. L3 course helped each of us to break the barriers and come out of our shell. When I started working for Deaf & Dumb children, I experienced joy which can not be compared with anything else. I understood that by helping others actually I helped myself."


Anuradha Mehta, now an active volunteer of Oasis-Asha health education project for students of municipal schools in Surat, agrees to it, saying, “L3 course helped me to build my confidence and express

my feelings. It has been a beautiful experience that changed my life to the best. It has given me the basic tools of living a better life like loving yourself first, enjoying every relationship, exploring your potentials and materialising your dreams.”

She further adds, “ Apart from this, it has also given me lot of inner strength & guidance for parenting which will help me life long. As a parent, I learnt how to become the Best Friend of my child. Earlier, for every tiny mistake, I used to blame my children. But today, I have an understanding that a Child is never wrong. It is upto the parents to understand them and facilitate their growth.”


When asked, how this workshop helped in interpersonal relationships, Neha Modi, from a well known business house, shares, “As a married couple, we always had a feeling that we love each other. And that we know what is love; rather everybody knows what is love. But after attending this workshop, I and my husband, we both were overwhelmed. We realized we had never known love before!” Understanding love has been a blessing for them, not only as life partners but also as parents.


“I started going out and working. I had never imagined that I could gear up enough confidence to do

this says, Purna Shah. "Today, after learning music, I have started teaching music to children. I am feeling so confident. My voice (tone), my walking style.. everything is changed..all seem to be reflecting my confidence!”, so adds she gratefully.


Pravina Shah, yet another participant explains further, “Earlier I used to feel that only others are cause of problems- be it problems with my husband, in-laws, children or others. This workshop opened my eyes and I realised that I am the cause of the problems of my life and now I strive to change myself, not others.

Before this course, I used to live aimlessly, simply passing my life. This workshop also gave me true understanding about the worth of my life & myself!”, she concludes.

Touch wood! The best help being that each of us realize that we, do have choices in life and that real empowerment is the freedom and responsibility to make these choices! God speed to every dream-choice of ours.

[The next Alive will carry the concluding article on this series and will showcase the other spheres of benefits experienced by the participants, the need for such a long course extending to 4 years as well as the vision of this Course. ]

Whoever pays is in charge:

why I decided to be an executive

Can you be independent, if you don’t have economic autonomy? OR

Can you achieve self-fulfillment without an activity that constantly stimulates you intellectually?


For me, the answer has always been - Definitely Not.

That’s why working in multi-national companies has given me great satisfaction and has allowed me to be independent.

Economic independence is indispensable for me. I remember when I started earning my first salary. I was fifteen years old and I had found a job one summer as a secretary. I wasn’t making very much money but I had never had so much money in my life and for the first time, I was able to buy things without having to borrow money or ask anyone’s permission. It gave me a feeling of independence that I have never forgotten.

When I began University and I found a part time job developing computer

programs. I had only just begun driving, and one day I got into an accident. It wasn’t a serious accident; no one was hurt but the car was pretty damaged. When I got home with the car being towed my dad was very angry with me and I remember the satisfaction and tranquility with which I told him, “Don’t worry, I will take care of the cost of repairing the car.” It was so liberating!


We have a saying in Mexico, “whoever pays is the one in charge.” I noticed that once I started earning money, in my house they stopped treating me like a little girl. And then I decided that I would always strive to retain my economic independence, because I wanted to be the one who made the decisions about my own life, and there can be no real independence if you depend economically on someone else.


The next step was to search for a job that I would enjoy. In my case it was marketing. I love analyzing the target group I order to discover their beliefs, motivations and how I can develop products and brands that will better satisfy their needs and to be successful in business. It’s a constant challenge, markets are dynamic, competition is fierce, consumers change, the economy changes, and also the brands you’re managing change. There is always something new to learn, and that is very stimulating for me.

I think there is nothing better than to make a living doing something that you feel passionately about and for which you have talent. There is no better recipe for success, in spite of all the glass ceilings and the barriers that present themselves. One finds the ways and success gives you both self-fulfillment and economic independence.

And no one is in charge of your life but you.

- Ivonne Monteagudo

Many times we are haunted by the questions, like, what is the best time to do a particular thing, or who is the most important person in our life. Same was the dilemma of one King in our ancient times. And he got his answer by a wise hermit. If you too are interested, click here to read his story and answers to three most important questions of our life.


Any time the alarm goes off after-hours at the municipal office where I work, the security company calls me at home and I have to go back and reset it. Late at night I got one of those calls. As I was getting ready to head out the door, my husband groggily said, "You're not going down there by yourself at this hour."

Just as I was thinking, How thoughtful of him, he added, "Better take the dog with you."

I now think of marriage like I think about living in my home state of Minnesota. You move into marriage in the springtime of hope, but eventually arrive at the Minnesota winter, with its cold and darkness. Many of us are tempted to give up and move south at this point, not realizing that maybe we've hit a rough spot in a marriage that's actually above average. The problem with giving up, of course, is that our next marriage will enter its own winter at some point. So do we just keep moving on, or do we make our stand now – with this person, in this season? That's the moral, existential question we face when our marriage is in trouble.

-Bill Doherty

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

In the final analysis it is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.





Are you thinking of joining a health club? How many times have you skipped a workout because the gym is too far away or will be too crowded when you get there? If you’re like a lot of people, the answer is “too many.” Why give yourself an out? Cut the excuses by doing your homework and choosing a club that’s right for you. It’s no secret that picking a quality club is key to sticking with your program.

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  Editor's Note

In this issue, our theme is Celebrating Womanhood. As International Women's Day approaches on 8th March, we take this opportunity to salute women all over the planet and their struggles.

Everything that we do, or choose not to do, defines the course of history. Lets take a conscious choice today and support women movements across the globe in every way we can.

We welcome feedbacks and opinions by readers.

- Team Alive



Blessed be my brain that I may conceive of my own power.

Blessed be my breast that I may give sustanence to those I love.

Blessed be my womb that I may create what I choose to create.

Blessed be my knees that I may bend so as not to break.

Blessed be my feet that I may walk in the path of my highest will. '

- Robin Morgan



Benazir Bhutto defined empowerment as "the right to be independent; to be educated; to have choices in life. Empowerment is the right to have the opportunity to select a productive career; to own property; to participate in business; to flourish in the market place. A world in which women have opportunities to rise to the highest level in politics, business, diplomacy, and other spheres of life."


“I have yet to meet a woman who is not strong. Women will never cease to impress me for their courage and strength, but sometimes that strength is buried so deep within ourselves, and we are afraid to let it out. It is my hope to inspire and to empower women to bring out their strength.”

-Diane von Furstenberg


I have talked with thousands of young women in every corner of the globe, and have been stunned by the courage and accomplishments of our generation. We are not only participating in record numbers in the workforce and educational arenas. We are also charting new paths in our families and in our personal lives-- and contributing positive solutions to the most serious problems facing our communities.

Many doors have been opened to our generation of women. It is now up to us to decide how to use these privileges to create the world we want to live in for generations to come.

Paula Goldman
Founder and Director, Imagining Ourselves


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Nari-jivanni Bhet presents real-life stories of the women struggle from all over the world. It's a valuable experience to read/feel the struggles of present age women.


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