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1300 Hygiene and First Aid Kits Distributed to Students of Government Schools in Bangalore

Prevention is Powerful. Most of tomorrows’ chronic diseases can be prevented by encouraging health in schools. All most common childhood diseases like Malnutrition, Anemia in a girl child, Infectious diseases, Intestinal parasites, Diseases of skin Eye and ear problems, Dental caries require early diagnosis as well as proper management. Because of reasons like ignorance, poverty and neglect these become major health problems for a child in its later life.

In this context, Oasis under Project ASHA has decided to distribute the Health & Hygiene kit to the students of Government schools it has adopted for the year 2008-09. This year 1300 students benefitted under this project.

The main objectives of Hygiene and First aid kit distribution are:

1.To awaken health consciousness in children.,

2.To provide basic amenities to children so that they can keep themselves clean and hygienic,

3.Good health supports successful learning as much as successful learning supports health.,

4. Many of today's and tomorrows’ leading causes of death, disease and disability can be significantly reduced by prevention.

And all resources for these 1300 hundred Hygiene and first aid kits were generated by Mrs. Pramila M. Shah and Mrs. Neetaben K. Sanghvi.

It has happened because of their dedication, commitment and untiring hardwork. We are thankful to them for doing this important contribution for all our ASHA children.


Mrs Pramila Shah

Pramilaben says, "In spite of this being my first experience, in spite of my hesitation for resources generation and in spite of having very less time [15 days] we could fulfill our commitment just because of one reason, and that is: My love for Children and my faith is our cause. It was really a very joyous and precious experience.

Throughout this hard work I felt so energetic in spite of my age reaching 70!!".

Mrs Neeta Sanghavi

In words of Neetaben, This year we had a short duration of notice with only 2 people involvement. Though it seemed difficult, for the good cause and with a defined goal we could do our best. We had a positive mind & a positive approach, hence were able to inspire and make people feel proud of our work. And thus successfully completing our goal more than our expectation!!! Further she shares an incident saying, “On approaching a person, he just gave us the cash as donation and did not seem to be concerned regarding our cause. However with a positive approach we were able to open up his mind, make him aware of our works and goals; which not only touched his heart but instead made him donate more for the cause and also willing to be a part of such future goals”.

Seminars and Workshops

Orientation Sessions on " The Gift of Ayurveda"

A full day Orientation Session on the subject of Ayurveda was conducted by Sanjiv Shah on 28th March at Surat for the participants of Oasis L3 Course and our well wishers. This session was based on his Gujarati book "Ayurveda Ni Bhet". The session was well received, extremely revealing and helped the participants in understanding the magnificence of the science of Ayurveda as well as its application in their personal lives.

An evening session for a close group of well wishers, family & friends of Oasis on the same subject was also conducted by Sanjiv Shah on 30th March at Oasis office, Vadodara.

Oasis Workshops on Self Leadership

A two day Orientation Session on the subject of Self-Leadership was organized for the Senior Management of Mind Tree Ltd, Bangalore on 22nd and 23rd March 09. The workshop was conducted by Sheeba Nair and assisted by Dr. Neha Vakharia. (Excerpts of feedback given in adjacent column)

A two day workshop entitled 'Destiny in our Hands' was organized for employees of NDDB, Anand, Gujarat. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Pallavi Raulji on 26th and 27th March, 09.


Workshop in Progress at Mind Tree Ltd. Bangalore on 22nd and 23rd March 09.

Participants of Mind Tree Ltd doing a group exercise during workshop on 22nd and 23rd March 09

Group of Participants at Mind Tree Ltd. Bangalore

Session on "The Gift of Ayurveda" in progress at Oasis office, Vadodara.

Teacher distributing Hygiene Kit to Students in Bangalore.

  You Said It

(Excerpts of Feedbacks from the Participants of Mind Tree Ltd, Bangalore)

• One of the best workshops I have attended. Thought provoking, lot of good take away. Showed me ways in which I can change to make a better tomorrow.

• Educative and has inspired me to introspect and find answers within me. I feel impressively light and at ease after this workshop.

• Allowed us to realize our true self.

• This workshop helps us come to terms with what is really important.

• Eye opening. Clear communication from facilitator. Came in with no expectation and going out with lot of thoughts and feelings.

• Certainly a different one. The one that I could appreciate and eager to practice. A new feeling to see training without any presentation on material to start with. Was done quite well.

• Must-have program for anyone and everyone. Actually tells you how to listen and learn.

• We realized life is bigger than just chasing targets. And also, now we would look at each other very differently.

• It was enriching experience. It was very well structured. Enough time was given to everybody to share their experience and thought.

• I am feeling good because I decided to participate in this workshop. I found the workshop well participative and will help me in rest of the life.

• I am really touched by the workshop. It was one of the happy moments I would carry for my life. I am satisfied of me and my life.

• It is thought provoking. Should spend more time on these workshops and improve one self.


Oasis Valleys
Project Update

Footing work for foundation for Residential area & Atrium area has been completed at Oasis Valleys. Ground beam work has been initiated.


(In Picture : Work in Progress at Oasis Valleys)


Forthcoming Programs

Event Calendar of Oasis


16 April Orientation Workshop at Surat
18 - 19 April Oasis L3 Basic Course - Part I, Vadodara
20 April Gift of Ayurveda Session, Vadodara.
25 - 26 April Oasis L3 Basic Course Part II, Ahmedabad
30 April
Oasis L3 Diploma Orientation Workshop , Surat


Note :- Dates may change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please check the dates of the program in advance with respective coordinator of the activity/Oasis centre.


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