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"It is possible to create a Better Family, a Better Society and a Better Nation through this Character Building Education Program."

Workshop for Govt Officers

{Last month, on 25th & 26th August, 2009, some of the Representatives, Executives & Principals, deputed by Gujarat Govt., went through a unique experience of re-discovering themselves during 2 days of Oasis Workshop on Mahaan Hrudayona SaReGaMaPaDhaNi: Part 1 - Success over Self, facilitated by Sheeba Nair. This crux of feedbacks reflects participants' journey through the whole experience:}

A very fruitful workshop.

The topics discussed brought a drastic change in my attitude. The sort of vision I had before joining workshop and the way I look life to be entirely changed.

Gopal Singh Rao, Principal (I/c),Guj. Commerce College

A thought inspiring program.

Every single participant was encouraged to understand the module components and is then inspired to express his/her views in clear terms. Can do a world of good if an extensive session is arranged.

Piyush Pandya, Principal (I/C), Guj. Arts & Science College

I learnt about the effect created by my language on my students. Very Important Workshop on learning the art of living.

Trusha Desai, Lecturer, Govt. Arts College

Workshop helped us to re-discover ourselves and kindled awareness in us.

John Mathai, Lecturer, Gujarat Arts & Science College-Evening


The Best workshop I had, till date. Though I had a kidney stone pain, I did not miss the workshop.

Balavantray Joshi, Section Officer, Development Commissioner's Office

This Oasis Workshop teaches us how we establish deep relationship with ourselves & others.

Kashiram Patel, Principal, Govt. Science College

This workshop will be extremely useful to all IAS / IPS officers along with all other higher level officers at Government offices. So, Oasis should organize workshops for them also.

Rameshchandra Trivedi, Section Officer, Home Dept.

This workshop has potential to bring good & big results in the life of any person - ordinary or extraordinary. It is possible to create a BETTER FAMILY, a BETTER SOCIETY and a BETTER NATION through this Character Building Education Program.

Bhavesh Lakhani, Lecturer & OSD to Commissioner of Higher Education

I will improve as Lecturer due to this workshop. It will change my behavior & the way I look to my students & others. I will be a Guide for Students & Society.

Dharmendra Bharadiya, Lecturer, R.C. College of Commerce

This workshop changed my past definition of workshop. This was the best example of Workshop.

Rajnikant Sathwara, Section Officer, Home Dept.

I learnt to make my life more colourful and enjoyable. I will take care of handling relationships at my workplace also.

Shital Goswami, Chitnis to Development Commissioner

Sheebaben has wonderful art of opening Minds & Hearts of every participants in the workshop.

Prakash Modi, Asst. Commissioner, Development Commissioner's Office



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Special Youth Sessions For Students & Teachers
For Pathak Schools, Rajkot
Pathak School
A Session by Sanjiv Shah on "Goals of Life" for Students & "Role of teacher in Education" for Teachers of Pathak Schools was well appreciated by All. The Session was attended by 1000 Students & 150 Teachers on 29 Aug,'09.

Feedbacks by Students:

It has helped all of us in realizing & knowing our own selves. All the students got some self confidence & the feeling that their dreams can be made true.

Neha Nirmal, 11th Science

"You have to pay some price for achieving any goal in life" was very inspiring statement for us said by Shri. Sanjiv Shah during the seminar. Every school should have this seminar.

Hardik Kakkad, 12th Science

Feedbacks by Teachers:

"Education is to bring out the best from every child." This Session changed my viewpoint towards children.

Sonal Dave, Pre-primary teacher

After the session I see a new Energy Flow from my students. This type of sessions help to build Self-Confidence & Self-Discipline in Students.

Aakruti Vyas, Primary teacher

For Modi Schools, Rajkot
Modi School
Teachers of Modi Schools, Rajkot, listening attentively to Sanjiv Shah during the session on "Role of Teachers & their Sincerity for Teaching " on 30th August, 2009. The Session was attended by @300 Teachers.

Feedbacks by Teachers:

If we want to be a super teacher, then this was the ideal seminar, must attend for overall grooming as a teacher.

Payal Akbari, Primary Teacher

For a child, teacher is a third parent, a friend and a guide. To bring out the hidden potentials from a child, teacher need to play many different roles.

Nilam Saparia, Primary Teacher

Photo Gallery
Sanjiv Shah delivered a talk on "The Gift of Efficiency" at The Co-operative Bank of Rajkot Ltd., Rajkot
Asha Deworming

Oasis Workshop on Mahan Hrudayona SaReGaMaPaDhaNi... Part I was facilitated by Sheeba Nair at Rajkot on 29-30 August '09.

Underprivileged school children taking tablets for Deworming at Bangalore

Publications: New Arrival
Jeevan Ni Bhet: Collection of Life-inspiring short stories - Volume 2


This Deewali, Gift This New Booklet instead of Greeting Cards

Collection of short stories on subjects like-


Greatness Value of Hard and Sincere Work Understanding Mistakes, Failures and Disasters What is True Love and Importance of Care In Marriage Responsible Parenting and Valuing Our Mother On Life and Death and many more.

Over 60,000 copies have been sold of the first volume so far!



  News in Nutshell


New Launches:

In the month of August ASHA launched its Ahmedabad & Vadodara activities in Gujarat. It warmed hearts of all at Oasis.

(ASHA Teachers of Ahmedabad with Dr. Neha Vakharia, Founder, ASHA)

Deworming Program:

1070 needy school children were given deworming tablets this month by ASHA, Bangalore.

Youth Activities:

In the ongoing weekly Self Development Sessions for School & College youths of Chandod & surrounding villages, topics discussed last months were -

Goal Setting
Exam preparations & Study Techniques

Oasis Valleys Project Update

First Slab of Lower basement area is constructed and surrounding soil is being leveled.


(Slab at level 56.635 mts.)

  Forthcoming Programs

Event Calendar of Oasis


14 - 15 Sept Oasis Basic Course for Parth Electricals & Engg., Vadodara.
18 - 19 Sept Oasis Basic Course for Excel Industries, Mumbai.
Regular follow up session on Ayurveda, Vadodara
Oasis L3 Post Graduation Special Session, Surat
26 - 27 Sept Oasis Workshop for Graduation Course, Surat
29 - 30 Sept OMCC Training Program, Vadodara
Gandhi Jayanti Special Program, Rajkot
3 - 4
Oasis Basic Course- Open Workshop, Rajkot
6 - 7
Oasis Time Leadership Workshop, Ahmedabad
10 - 11 Oct Oasis Basic Course- Open Workshop, Ahmedabad

Note :- Dates may change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please check the dates of the program in advance with respective coordinator of the activity/Oasis centre.

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