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This is not a dress rehearsal for another life.

We should live it with love NOW.

Workshop for Govt Officers

“Workshop has left lasting impact on me,” was echoed by one of the participants of Oasis Workshop on ‘Success Over Self’, held at Mumbai for the employees of Excel Crop Care Industries, on 18th & 19th of September, 2009. Excel Crop Care Industries is our Patron Member for Oasis Valleys Institution for Nation Building. The workshop was facilitated by Sheeba Nair. Brief feedbacks by participants, given below, reflect their sentiments after the workshop.



Excellent workshop!


Just enough to induce change in behavior and way we look and react to our surrounding.

It was useful in understanding ourselves as well as others.

It will help in improving our quality of interaction with others and also lead to better group performance.

It touched us as person and nothing to do with position.


Dr. Arun Dhuri, Vice President-Business Development & Registration

Very useful and practical workshop! I learnt that life and lives of the ones I love are HAPPENING NOW & TODAY. This is not a dress rehearsal for another life. We should live it with love NOW.

Abhijit Bose, General Manager- International Business

The character moderation, various important learning and conditionings were discussed in such a simplified manner and the examples cited were so apt to the situation that it left permanent imprint on my mind and the minds of participants.

Ramesh Dambal, General Manager- Marketing


Excellent & effective communication.

Sheebaben's teaching method is so powerful & brilliant that everything entered to the heart. Whatever she wanted to give/take from the heart, automatically heart responded. She clarifies each word, sentence with suitable examples so that participants can understand better.

Hari Singh Bisht, Marketing Executive

Workshop has left lasting impact. It was highly participative. I felt of the importance of Living Life TODAY.

Prasad Ghate, General Manager- Marketing

Re-union after long 17 years!

I have not expressed my gratitude towards Oasis in so many words before but have learnt that “its always better to express then not to” as you never know when you’d get another opportunity to do so…this one’s been after a long seventeen years.


It’s been quite a while having been in touch with Friends of Oasis, in fact it has been several years. Well, I still fondly remember being part of the weekly meetings at Yog Niketan and then at Friends’ Home in the company of many friends. The young mind at that age was surely “A lump of clay”, which had collected many positive impressions during the days at Oasis and which have played the role of providing the critical “Character building blocks” for so many youngsters at the selfless organization.

There are so many of us as global responsible citizens today who I am sure will never forget the contributions of Oasis - the University of Love, Life & Friendship - as the X factor that has helped shape our lives (and those around us) in a positive manner.

Friends Reunion

I strongly believe that the many lessons learnt during the meetings/seminars have had tremendous positive impact on shaping the lives of so many young boys and girls of my age during the critical phase of adulthood.

After I moved out of Baroda in 1993, my profession has made me travel through the corners of India and across a few countries around the world, but the foundation stones laid at Baroda and the pillars built on them remain intact!

I was pleasantly surprised by the many activities being carried out at Oasis and the dedicated selfless members who have stood by the organization over the many years and more so during the thick and thin of times. My respect for Oasis has never ever died over the years and I do not think its inherent characteristics will ever seize to exist.

It would be a pleasure getting re-united with Oasis.

~ Nilesh Savant NS


Photo Feature
Oasis Workshop for Parth Electrical & Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara
Pathak School
On 14th & 15th of September, 2009, Oasis Workshop on ‘Success over Self’ was organized for the employees of Parth Electrical & Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara. The Workshop was facilitated by Sheeba Nair. Following feedbacks from the participants reflect highlights of the workshop:

I duly respect this workshop. It works for social development and can help in bringing awareness in the society. The facilitator Sheebaben, gave us deep knowledge of life. I am deeply touched and really thankful to her for the same. And I believe that I will try honestly to inculcate the same in my life!

Kalpesh P.Parikh

I am feeling very satisfied by attending the workshop and would like to suggest others too to attend the workshop.

I would like it if I can be like Ms.Sheeba, in my life!

Jignesh Patel, Managing Director

Propagation of Ayurveda
Modi School
First Trainees for Propagation of Ayurveda- Oasis has organized half a dozen Ayurveda Orientation Sessions this year. Out of some 200 beneficiaries, 20 have shown interest in joining the campaign in the capacity of "Citizen Teacher". The Teachers Training Program is being conducted at Vadodara by Sanjiv Shah and the first group is enthusiastically taking their first orientation session for their friends and relatives. Contact Chaitali Dave (Mobile +91 9537829881) for more info and organizing such sessions for your family or organization.
Oasis Workshop for Professionals at Ahmedabad
Pallavi's WS1Pallavi's WS2
On 12th & 13th September, 2009, Oasis Workshop, on ‘Success Over Self’, was organized at Ahmedabad for professionals/individuals and was facilitated by Dr. Pallavi Raulji. Following feedbacks from participants reflect the highlights of the workshop:

Highly impressive workshop, capable to change anybody’s life! I will be able to do some very noble work in my life which I have never thought of before this workshop. Employees of all levels and all sectors of the society should be encouraged to join Oasis Workshop.

Rajesh D. Rajput, Manger- HR, State Bank of India, Vadodara


We have attended many training programs, but, Oasis Workshop is so different.

It will be useful not only in our job, but also to deal with my family matters.

Rajendra V. Patel, Floor Manager, Jade Blue

Photo Gallery
Asha Deworming

On 13th September, 2009, Oasis Bangalore, took part in Anand Mela, organized by the Lohana Samaj of Bangalore. The volunteers exhibited ASHA activities and Oasis Publications, and got very good response from visitors.

The Food Pyramid, part of ASHA exhibition, was very curiously watched/ enjoyed by the children, at Anand Mela. Volunteers took keen interest and pleasure in giving valuable information about healthy eating.

Deewali Wishes

May the festival of lights enlighten your home and heart with peace and serenity.

Let's spread that peace and serenity around us and be a ray of hope for someone.

Team Alive wishes you loads of joy and happiness on Deewali and prosperity for the New Year.




  Editor's Note

Come September!

The month of September bloomed with all round activities. Be it Oasis workshops, Oasis Publications, ASHA project, Ayurveda Sessions or Construction of Oasis Valleys Institute; everything picked up the right speed. The most valuable occasions were meeting of old friends and re-uniting.

Oasis is growing in activities and in spirit.

Let’s celebrate ‘Life’ by living it passionately, every day, every moment!!

N.B.: As the whole Oasis team is on annual retreat from 12th Oct, we are posting this issue few days earlier than it's due date.


Overwhelming response to Jeevan Ni Bhet, Vol 2:

The second volume of Jeevan Ni Bhet, published in the last week of Sept 09, got overwhelming response from readers & lovers of Oasis Publications. It got reprinted with 10000 copies more in the very second week.

More and more people are choosing Oasis Booklets in place of Greeting Cards. There are more than 19 booklets in the Gift series, giving customers a vast range of choices.

Gift life inspiring stories/ messages to your loved, dear ones this Deewali and do something fulfilling…

Oasis Valleys Project Update

RCC Columns' work of Upper Basement has been started. Also the Exposed brick masonry work is in progress for lower basement area of the building.


  Forthcoming Programs

Event Calendar of Oasis

13 – 23 Oct OMCC Annual Retreat
7 – 8 Nov Oasis Workshop on Self Leadership, at Ahmedabad
7 Nov Oasis L3 Workshop, Graduation Course, Mumbai
7 Nov Ayurveda General Session By Sanjiv Shah, at Vadodara
8 Nov Ayurveda TOT Session by Sanjiv Shah, at Vadodara
17 - 18 Nov Oasis Workshop on Time Leadership, at Ahmedabad

Note :- Dates may change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please check the dates of the program in advance with respective coordinator of the activity/Oasis centre.

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