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To Live is To Love is To Learn!

New Oasis Publication on Love

Love is not something that can be learnt - if this is what we believe, then there can not be any graver mistake in our life, says Sanjiv Shah in his latest book "Jivavun Etale Chahvun Etale Shikhavun!"

The first ever publication in Gujarati language on the works of Leo Buscaglia, this 270-pages book celebrates his philosophy on the relevance of the subject of Love in contemporary times. Here are some thought-provoking excerpts:

To live in love is life's greatest challenge.
• In love, each man is his own personal challenge.
• Love is not learned by osmosis. It is actually acted out and acted upon.
• If one wishes to learn to love, he must start by saying 'Yes' to life
• A total immersion in life offers the best classfoom for learning to love.

Love creates an 'us' without destroying a 'me'.


The life and love we create is the life and love we live.

"Love can't be explained...Love can neither be taught nor learnt.....Love is an emotion..." - if the society at large carries these beliefs, is it a surprise that the majority of population is suffering due to problems and conflicts about Love?

The author challenges these prevalent myths and beliefs about Love and humbly invites all interested readers to join him in the journey of understanding the philosophy, art and psycho-spirituality of Love through this book.

"Jivavun Etale Chahvun Etale Shikhavun!" book is available at -

the Oasis shop
GF-10,11 Harmony Complex,
28, Nutan Bharat Society,
Opp. M.K. Highschool,
Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
Phone No. +91 265 2351862

Oasis Workshop News

It is a high capacity workshop
MHS Abad Nov09 1MHS Abad Nov09 2
(In our ongoing efforts to spread Character Education in the society through workshops; one of such was organized on 17,18,19th Dec’09, on Mahan Hrudayona SaReGaMaPaDhaNi – Part 1, for professionals, Govt. officers & Lecturers from educational institutes at Sardar Patel Inst. of Economics & Social Research, Ahmedabad. It was facilitated by Sheeba Nair. The feedbacks are as follows-)

Feedbacks from Participants:

For the first time in my life I got opportunity to know myself and I felt that I can do so much but have not done. This is a real workshop where one knows oneself better.

Dipesh Pandya,
Manager, Electrical & Instrumentation

By this workshop one can be a good human-being and a good citizen, too.  Being a Professor, learning Character Building will make me an effective Role-model. 

The workshop is handled with such plan & method that every one participates.

Jigneshbhai Patel,
Professor, Gujarat Vidhyapith, Ahmedabad

I learnt how to be successful. I understood Human Values. A new chapter has begun in my life.

I learnt about- Where am I? Where will I go? And how will I go? My personal life, professional life & family life will be more colorful & joyful.

Sadikhusen G. Saiyad,
Assistant, Office of Development Commissioner, Gandhinagar

This workshop is totally different. It is directly related to our daily life.

Rajkumar Ghosh, Manager,
Somany Ceramics Ltd., Kadi

I have never seen such a high capacity workshop in my life. It has changed my entire life! I will never forget the practical exercises done in the workshop.

Samir B. Pandya,
Lecturer, AAPCC, Gandhinagar

I got the opportunity to understand myself in this workshop. I will help my co-workers and subordinates to bring out their best.

Premesh Balan,
GM - Rural, Doshion Ltd.

Sheebaben has a very beautiful, simple and noble personality. She has mastered the art of helping others through patience and understanding.

She has peaceful and yet very effective voice and heart touching style of teaching.

Dharmesh Mehta,
GDS II, Govt. of Gujarat

It was good workshop and changing moment in life.

Umesh Desai,
Manager, ITW India Ltd., Silvassa

It is a revolutionary work which is growing day by day
MHS Rajkot Nov09
(On 21 & 22nd of Nov’09, some of the Rajkot professionals had opportunity to undergo the experience of Oasis Workshop, organized at Life Building, Rajkot. It was facilitated by Sheeba Nair. The sample feedbacks show the impact of workshop-)

Feedbacks from Participants:

This workshop is needed to make us more human. It should be done right from the very tender/young age so to give a very good human-being to the society.

Alpa V. Patel, Teacher

The best thing I learnt from the workshop was that there is no limitation of age for learning. It will be very useful in my professional life.

Kajal M. Surelia, Teacher,
Kanta Stree Vikas Gruh

It is a revolutionary work which is growing day by day. The workshop shows what we are, which we cannot see by our own.

Mehul V. Pandya, Perfusionist,
Partner, Aumkar Laboratories

The workshop taught me how to live every moment of my life with joy and enthusiasm. The workshop has great potential to change one’s life.

Ramsingbhai Balubhai Dodia,
Principal, Shri Nalanda Educational Complex, Kodinar

Launch of Indian Young Leadership Development Program
On 13th of Dec, 2009, Oasis launched Indian Young Leadership Development Program. Around 20 representatives from Baroda, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Karanj, Surat, Bombay attended this meeting, which was facilitated by Sanjiv Shah. Oasis strongly believes that it's possible to get rid of problems like corruption only through character education to the new generations. To reach to ONE LAC YOUTHS in the next 2-3 years for this is the dream of Oasis. All friends who were present responded well to the proposal to reach to 10,000 youths in the next quarter as first step towards realizing this dream.
Public session on "AyurvedaNi Bhet" at Vadodara
Ayurveda Session1
Ayurveda Session 2
On 11th Dec’09, a public session on "AyurvedaNi Bhet" was organized for the participants of the 1st TOT batch teachers. It was held at Jagadish Hall, behind Sardar Bag, Vadodara. Sanjiv Shah conducted the session and answered the questions by the participants on various topics like – Importance of our body care, how to eat, how much to eat, what should be our approach for our illness and specific questions on eye care, throat infection & constipation. The new participants were invited to join TOT.
A unique celebration of Children's Day at Viveknagar Slums
ASHA News1
ASHA News 2
As part of Oasis - ASHA program, the children of Viveknagar Slums, Bangalore, celebrated Children’s day in a unique way. On 14th Nov’09, they played a skit in which they taught their parents about Hygiene Education. 3 Cheers to all these Heroes..

Quote of the month

If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.

If I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain,

or help one fainting robin into his nest again, I shall not live in vain.

  Editor's Note

Oasis is spreading its wings and stepping firmly towards its vision. Character Education Workshops are fully appreciated by all sections of society and an urgent need to spread it more is felt; New youth team is starting its work with a target to reach thousands of youths under Oasis - IYLDP; Team of Ayurveda Teachers are undergoing training to reach to people with the message of Healthy Life Style, Health education is reaching to the underprivileged children.

The crusade is marching ahead. We invite each of you to join us in any capacity.

Let’s make our nation the most beautiful place on this earth.

~ Mehul Panchal    Mehul

  News in Nutshell

1. In the weekly sessions of Self Development Circle, Chanod, youths were encouraged to dream big and to observe their lives. A circulating library was also started amongst the youths.

2. With continuous support from Oasis, a small farmer, Shri Buddhisagar Vasava, from village Fulwadi, nearby Oasis Valleys started doing organic farming in his 2 vigha land. He has also started making vermi-compost at back yard of his house.

Organic farmer

  Oasis Valleys Project   Update

Brick work of the lower Basement at Oasis Valleys Institute is over. With the construction of window frames and lintels at lower basement, the building is now taking shape of what we have envisioned.


  Forthcoming Programs

Event Calendar of Oasis

18-19 Dec
Character Education Sessions for Youth & Teachers at Rajkot
22-23 Dec
Oasis Workshop on Self Leadership at Vadodara
3 Jan
Oasis L3 Graduation Course at Mumbai
8 Jan
Ayurveda TOT session at Vadodara
9-10 Jan
Oasis L3 Graduation Course at Surat

Note :- Dates may change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please check the dates of the program in advance with respective coordinator of the activity/Oasis centre.

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