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Indian Young Leadership Development Program is Spreading Across Gujarat

"શિક્ષણની સાથે જ આવા લાઇફ કલાસીસ શરુ થવા જોઈએ"

Sanjiv Shah is addressing students during an introductory session at Dayaram School, Dabhoi, Dist. Vadodara on 21st January, 2010.

Students interacting with the facilitator, Sanjiv Shah, during the introductory session at St. Joseph School, Vadodara on 9th Feb, 2010.

મારી જિંદગીનો સારામાં સારો અને મહત્વનો અનુભવ એટલે લાઈફ ક્લાસ

લાઈફ ક્લાસ વિષે પ્રતિભાવો :

શિક્ષણની સાથે જ આવા લાઈફ કલાસીસ થવા જોઈએ.

આ માટે જરૂરથી પ્રયત્ન કરજો. અમે પણ સહકાર માટે તત્પર જ છીએ.

દિનેશકુમાર વાઘ, બી. એમ. ઈ. એફ., ભરથાણા, સુરત

ઉત્તમ, યાદગાર, ચિરસ્મરણીય અનુભવ

ઉત્તમ, યાદગાર, ચિરસ્મરણીય અનુભવ. ખુબ સુંદર, અદભૂત વ્યક્તિત્વ! ઊંચી પ્રતિભા છતાં સરળ વ્યક્તિત્વ.

મીનેશ, શિક્ષણ ભરતી કોલેજ ઓફ એજ્યુકેશન, સુરત

Your dedication towards our country is really great

I'm very much impressed by your program. Your speech is amazing and your dedication towards our country is really great. Our country really needs youth like you.

We will also try our best to follow your suggestions and prove ourselves as a true Indian, who wants to see India at top of the world with our great confidence.

Shri Rakshita Patel,
Shikshan Bharati College, Surat

ખુબ પ્રભાવશાળી વક્તવ્ય

ખુબ પ્રભાવશાળી વક્તવ્ય. સેલ્ફ કોન્ફિડન્સ જાળવવાની રીતો જણાવી તે ખુબ ગમી. જીવનને ઉપયોગી એવું માર્ગદર્શન મળ્યું.

મનીષા ટી. દેસાઈ, બી. એમ. ઈ. એફ., સુરત

"હું કાંઇક કરીશ જ" એ વાક્ય હંમેશા યાદ રહેશે

તમારા શબ્દો હૃદયમાં ખરેખર ઘર કરી ગયા છે. "હું કાંઇક કરીશ જ" એ વાક્ય હંમેશા યાદ રહેશે અને એના થકી હું મારો વિકાસ કરી શકીશ.

હસ્મિતા પટેલ, ભગવાન મહાવીર બી. એડ. કોલેજ, સુરત

The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible – and achieve it, generation after generation.

~ Pearl S. Buck

One of the Best Experiences is to be Present in LIFE Class
(Students of C.A.Patel School, Mota Fofalia, Ta. Shinor, Dist. Vadodara are seen to be enjoying the LIFE Class thoroughly (left photo), While teachers of Modi Schools, Rajkot are attentively listening during their LIFE Class (right photo).

LIFE Class at Bhagvan Mahavir College of Education, Surat
Students of B.Ed. & M.Ed. with their teachers participating during a LIFE Class at Bhagavan Mahavir Colleger of Education, Surat.
Photo News - Oasis Movement

A Session on "Ayurveda-ni-Bhet" was taken by Sanjiv Shah on 31st January'10, at "Life", Rajkot. A feedback from Shri. Chadrakant Koticha, Executive Trustee, Saurashtra Medical & Educational Charitable Trust :
"What a talk! What a research! My salute to you for your dedication and commitment."

Teachers of 25 Corporation Schools who are undergoing ASHA training at Coimbatore, under the guidance of Dr. Neha Vakharia, Trustee Secretary, OASIS.
Oasis Workshop on Self-Leadership, organized for employees of GETRI, Vadodara, last month, was facilitated by Dr. Pallavi Raulji, Trustee, OASIS.
  Editor's Note

Oasis has reached more than 10,000 youths through IYLDP - LIFE Classes in less than 2 months of it's launch. With that, IYLDP is entering a next level where year round LIFE Classes are being organized.

The concept of LIFE Classes is appreciated well by many educational institutes across Gujarat.

The hope is high and our determination grows stronger with every class.

For more details about IYLDP and LIFE Classes, please contact through email on or contact at Oasis office.

Youths may directly interact with facilitators through email on

~ Mehul Panchal    Mehul

  Education For Learning

Education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don't.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change because life is not what happens to us.

It is what we do with what happens to us. Has our education fulfilled the purposes that it is required to?

"We want the education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one's own feet."

(compiled from quotations by Great People)

  Oasis Valleys Update

Workers giving finishing touch to the 2nd floor slab during construction.

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