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A Workshop on Relationships,

created heart-warming vibrations

Oasis-ASHA, Bangalore is a mission working with the aim to educate, help the children/youths to adopt HEALTH HABITS over a period of time. Right now a group of more than 25 homemaker women turned volunteer health-teachers are taking ahead this mission under the leadership of Dr. Neha Vakharia, Trustee Secretary of OASIS trust. They conducts Regular HEALTH CLASS in corporation/Government aided schools adopted by OASIS. So far ASHA – Adolescent Students’ Health Alternative has reached to approx. 16 schools and 950 adolescents. Aiming high the group is marching ahead passionately. To facilitate, nurture their mission, Oasis has planned a series of workshops for them. Report of one these workshops:

The second Self Development workshop, which is a part of a series of over 10 such sessions, was successfully held on 5 & 6th February 2008 in Bangalore. Sheeba Nair conducted the workshop for about 26 members of Oasis-AHSA, Bangalore. The focus of discussion during this workshop was on human relationships.

Sheeba Nair, the facilitator very coherently explained the basic concept of relationships. Everyone could relate their own life experiences with the anecdotes and experiences shared by her in this regard.

All the participants thoroughly enjoyed these two days with Sheeba Nair and are eagerly waiting for her return in April 2008. Some of the expressions in their own words are as follows-

This workshop gave me a good vision about myself. I got clear idea about where I'm wrong during parenting.

Great! I never knew that self discovery can be such a rewarding process!

- Manisha Mehta

Workshop had a great, tremendous impact on me and has come at the right time in my life. It was great learning process. I had so much of realization about

myself and develop a great vision for improvement.

- Divya Shah

The workshop was very good. I learnt the minute details about relationship. It has and will help me in my marriage relations.

- Prerna Shah

Workshop was eye opening. It has made tremendous change in the way of thinking.

-Laxmi P

I could not express the self-awareness it has created within me in words. The way Sheeba has showered the water on a barren land will not be wasted. I will enjoy the life till the last breath and all credit goes to you Sheeba. I assure you, life will not be the same like past 62 years.

- Jyoti Mehta

Excellent! My life suddenly got so much of liveliness as if some body has awakened the dead body. Now I wish to live my life differently, with some freshness and temperament. Really, it’s a wonderful experience. Now I am waiting for the other workshop very eagerly. Thank you very much, Sheebaben, Nehaben and Oasis.

- Panna Mehta

Inputs by Romica Vasudev
Asha Oasis, Bangalore

Compiled by
Kshama Kataria, Oasis

Photo Gallery
Shining faces of Oasis-ASHA volunteers with workshop facilitator
Sheeba Nair and Dr. Neha Vakharia
Stall of Oasis Publications at 'Vidya Book Fair-2008', Surat
Rush hours at the stall of Oasis Publication at 'Vidya Book Fair-2008', Surat
Season of Monsoon preparations at Oasis Valleys –
building check dams for soil conservation
Check dams ready at Oasis Valleys

Sprouts of Movement: ‘Oasis Valleys’ started

nurturing Organic Farming at neighborhood

For last three and half years, we are experimenting Organic Farming at ‘Oasis Valleys’. With the consistent efforts of Mehul Panchal, consistent production of vegetables and fruits is achieved. Though agriculture is the subject that needs time, with our first hand insights we humbly want to spread the vary concept of Organic Farming, so we started our efforts first at our neighborhood villages.

On 31st of January'08, 10 farmers from nearby villages of Oasis Valleys met at Oasis Valleys to discuss the beginning of

Organic Farming in their fields. A small group of 10 farmers was formed and and they all decided to start

Organic Farming in their respective farmlands. To begin with they will start with 1-2 acres of their farmland. The group has also decided to meet regularly to discuss various issues regarding

Organic Farming, learning about the techniques, information about market etc. Mehul Panchal from Oasis Valleys will visit individual farmer at their farms to take stack of each land and will guide When & How to begin with Organic Farming.

He also said that Farmers are seeing the dark side of Chemical Farming now and want some alternative very badly. Coming back to Nature is the wisest idea. Soon he is planning to have a systematic plan for converting a chemical fed farm into Organic Farm and he is ready to start taking regular classes on it.



  Editor's Note

Oasis-ASHA, Bangalore is a successful module how homemaker women can take up the charge and contribute in the most crucial area like health. It is more relevant when ASHA volunteers take up the challenge to educate children/youth coming from the most downtrodden sector of the society.

This month on 22nd Oasis-ASHA is organising an event of large scale. We salute their efforts and wish them best.

-Team Alive


  Team Alive

  Sanjiv Shah

  Alkesh Raval

  Jolly Madhra

  Umesh Patel

Umesh Patel  Kshama Kataria

  Forthcoming Programs


  L3 Workshops at USA

Oasis Facilitators Sheeba Nair and Preeti Nair have already reached USA for L3 Workshops i.e. the Living, Loving and Learning workshop series. The further schedule of workshops is as under-

At Washington DC-

Feb 13, 16, 17: for L3 group

At Los Angeles-

Feb 22-24: for L3 group

Feb 25: for Highglow staff

 Workshop at Vadodara

As a part of ongoing village development project, a workshop is scheduled for the core team members of Karanj and Limodra villages on 1-2 March at Vadodara.


  Oasis-ASHA event at Bangalore

Oasis-ASHA has organized an event on 22nd February about ‘Role of PREVENTIVE HEALTH EDUCATION in schools in solving National Health problem’. It’s grand event inviting 50 schools, NGOs and other eminent people working in this area at Bangalore.

Functions/ Meet :

  Oasis-ASHA at Surat

Oasis-ASHA, Surat has its TOT session, i.e. Training of Teachers session on every wednesday.

Shreyas High school, a school adopted by Oasis-ASHA, has its function on 23 February, wherein students benefited by ASHA will present the drama to invite more children to join ASHA.

  Farmers' Meet at Oasis Valleys on 27th February, 2008.

Book exhibition :

  Oasis Publication at Rajkot

15 to 24 February: Oasis is participating in Nation Book Fair at Rajkot organised by Delhi Book Publishing Samiti.

Note :- The dates can be changed due to unavoidable circumstances. Please check the dates of the program in advance with respective coordinator of the activity/Oasis centre.


  New Workshop Series

New L-M-E means Leadership, Management and Empowerment workshop series was inaugurated at Mumbai and received great response. If you want to participate in the same or want to organize the workshop series in your organisation, kindly contact Oasis head-office or regional coordinators. For more details contact Preeti Nair on Mob. No. +91-99243 43087. If you want to download the brochure of this workshop, please click below

For Gujarati Brochure >>>

For English Brochure >>>


  Publication Basket


Bhet Series

Oasis has published a series of booklets known as Bhet series as it the most suitable, valuable gift to give on any occasion. Some samples out of them are-

Jivanni Bhet

No. of Pages: 32 Pages

Price: Rs. 12.50

Available in English also.


Premni Bhet

No. of Pages: 80 Pages

Price: Rs. 25.00


Lagnasambandhni Bhet

No. of Pages: 24 Pages

Price: Rs. 11.00


The Gift of Family

No. of Pages: 48 Pages

Price: Rs. 20.00

Available in Gujarati also.


For more information and to book orders please,

Contact :

Pallavi Raulji

Publication Co-ordinator, Oasis Publications
Mob. No. 99243 43088

the OASIS shop

Vadodara, Gujarat
Ph. No. 0091 - 265 - 2351862

For more information about Oasis Publications

Click Here >>


An Article published in Femina, March 2007

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