Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 4  I ISSUE 94  I Nov 1 , 2011

More Than 300 Participated In Over 20 Workshops At MindTree!

Amazing Response For Oasis iLead Program!

What Powerful Principles Can Do For Environment Of An Organization!

A series of workshops undertaken for the Leaders at Mindtree Ltd (a leading IT firm based at Bangalore) this year. The project 'iLead' is being facilitated by Sheeba Nair, Trustee, Oasis.

"This Workshop Is The Foundation Of All Leadership Workshops"

Reflections by some of the participants:

Helped me bring out the true priorities

The workshop helped me to look at life as a big picture and helped me bring out the true priorities of my life which actually would make me happy.

~ T. U. Kiran Chandra, Technical Director, Bangalore

This workshop brings in a new meaning to one's life

This is the first workshop that I have attended in a Non Presentation format and I was surprised with the impact it created – positive impact. This workshop brings in a new meaning to one's life.

~ Sushanth Pai, Program Director Finance, Bangalore

Being is more important than doing

The workshop has helped me realize that having a direction is more important than having the resources; being is more important than doing; and given me more confidence to strike out towards my goals and my mission in life.

~ Ramesh Dorairaj, Vice President, Bangalore

Refreshing, Thought provoking, Effective

Never too early to and never too late to attend this workshop. But should be attended. Refreshing and thought provoking. Content is not too different from other programs, but somehow it is effective.

~ Shobhit Mathur, Program Director, Bangalore

This workshop helps us experience and know ourselves

This workshop is in my opinion the foundation of all leadership workshops as well as management workshops, especially in the IT Industry, where we work with people instead of machines. This workshop helps us experience and know ourselves.

~ Sudip Naha, Test Director, Bangalore

Gave very interesting insight about life

Workshop learning not only useful for enriching daily life but also in defining your own mission for life.... It would also help me to be better leader.

~ Mangesh Khare, Technical Director, Bangalore

"It Was More Than A Workshop – Call It A Turning (Point) Of Life"

Some more Reflections:

Taught me to live life more fully and with more meaning

Excellent program – taught me to think differently, understand people better, dream and to achieve dreams.

~ Rajesh S Narang, VP legal and CS, Bangalore

This is the best workshop I have attended till date

I would recommend my friends inside and outside MindTree to benefit from this great program... This workshop will be definitely useful throughout my life and I am 100% confident on this.

~ Krishna P. G., Test Manager, Bangalore

It is a very unique and different workshop

The workshop was more about Self Leadership, discovering oneself. I have understood the 'purpose of life' with much more clarity. Everyone at MindTree (and their family members) need to go through this workshop.

~ S. Janakiraman, Group President, Bangalore

Awesome experience

It was one awesome experience... I am sure that this workshop would make the relationships in my life more beautiful.

~ Venkatesh Balasubramaniam, Program Director, Bangalore

Good workshop without use of audio/visuals

It was a very good workshop. Learnt a lot of things. Without use of audio/video visuals, Sheeba kept the session very live.

~ Paul Victor, Program Director, Bangalore

Helps me to understand the purpose of life

It's one of the most touching workshops I ever attended... It helps me to understand other person and communicate better. It also helps to better the relationship. Importantly the purpose of life.

~ Geeta B., Bangalore

"Sheeba - Brought Life Into Workshop Teaching - Exceptionally Brilliant!"

Participants' Reflections on facilitator Sheeba Nair:

Sheeba is the person leading by example

Right person for this course; unless one is an achiever and a dream-follower, they can't be teaching others about this life subject. She is the person leading by example, full of life and great patience.

~ Sujatha S., Bangalore

Always energetic and inspiring

Excellent Facilitator who made every participant comfortable and get them involved in the workshop. Always energetic and inspiring.

~ Mangesh Khare, Technical Director, Bangalore

Exceptionally brilliant, honest

Very good, exceptionally brilliant, honest and used real life situations and examples. Very focused – bought life in teaching.

~ S. Janakiraman, Group President, Bangalore

She builds trust quickly in a subtle way

Amazing involving and interaction skills. Builds the trust quickly in a subtle way which is so conducive to learning. Thanks for the non-conventional workshop.

~ Sudip Naha, Test Director, Bangalore

Superb job

It requires passion, knowledge, people connect, sensitivity and she has command over all.

~ Sushanth Pai, Program Director Finance, Bangalore

Very courageous and bold

Very expressive person who explains and brings the emotions out from a very hard hearted person as well. Appreciates each and every act of the individual.

~ M. C. Anitha Veena, Manager, Bangalore

She has genuine interest to uplift all in the society

She has been very friendly, understanding. Came across as a person who has a genuine interest to uplift all in the society.

~ K. Suneetha, Program Director, Bangalore

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