Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 5 I ISSUE 11 I June 1, 2012
    'SummerHill' At Oasis Valleys - Special Series - Part 1

मस्ती की पाठशाला ………

.........The Festival Of Learning At 'Oasis Valleys' Was Celebrated This Summer...And How!

Do You Know What Happened This Summer At "Oasis Valleys?"

Was It A Dream? Did It Actually Happen? Who Will Believe This?

  • Are children irresponsible and immature?
  • Are children undisciplined and troublesome?
  • What is their capacity to learn?
  • How much freedom can be given to them?
  • What happens when they are loved unconditionally?

Oasis organized a unique camp, one of its kind, this summer for 8 days at Oasis Valleys from April 30th to May 8th. Around 60 kids, age ranging from 8 to 18 years, participated in the camp. We are very happy to bring out a series of special reports on this.

Children had choice of some 50 subjects/activities in a span of 8 days! They were free to choose what they wanted to learn & nobody was forced to do anything...

...the schedule began at 6am and continued jam packed till almost 11 at night!

There were indoor sessions as well as outdoor sessions…

...many children didn't wish to sleep even after 'lights out' time, so much excited they were each and every day!

Not just sessions, they did all their household duties... including toilets, house-keeping, laundry, cooking, serving, store-keeping, waste management...they did all with enthusiasm and zeal!

And what all they learnt & created in 8 days...

...various crafts, poetry, drama writing, theater-plays, singing, spoken English, Leadership, architecture & martial arts and so on and on.

They resolved all the issues on their own...

...representatives were elected and through parliament procedures, they governed themselves. They complained, conducted investigations, argued all sides and pronounced judgments and punishments too!

How much love they received and how much they enjoyed...

... their days were busy, their hands full, their energy occupied creatively; they were never scolded and always met with a smile, encouragement and appreciation!

And lo behold, all the love given to them came back multiplied...

...and they proved adults enjoy love and appreciation too, something that we are not very generous to give nowadays!

So, what actually happened at Oasis Valleys this summer?

  What were the principles behind whatever was made to happen?
  What was the inspiration? What were the difficulties?
  Can children be given full freedom?
  Do we trust children enough?
  What can we all learn from this experiment?

We will try to address these and many such questions through a series of special issues this month.

Wait for the next issues for more information!

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