Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 5 I ISSUE 3 I Feb 1, 2012

Good News For School Students!!

LIFE Camps At Oasis Valleys - A Star Attraction

The first LIFE Camp on Oasis Valleys was organized for students (Std. 7 to 9) of Sunrise Vidhya Vilas School, Dist. Vadodara on 8 & 9th January, 2012. 18 students participated in the camp with their school founders - Mrs. Urvashidevi Jhala & Dr. Jagdipsinh Jhala. The camp was facilitated by Dr. Pallavi Raulji (Trustee, OASIS). Natural environment at Oasis Valleys was very conducive for learning about principles of Life, Self-confidence, Communication skills, Goals of Life and so many other things. Eco-education tour was integral part of the camp where students learnt about Environment Protection, Trees, Rain Water Harvesting, Waste Management, Organic Farming, Animal Rearing etc.

What students reflected after the youth camp:

I loved each & every moment of this Life Camp

I liked everything here. I liked Eco-tour of farm. We saw many things like Organic Farming, Natural Environment, Bio-gas Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Gangama Circle & much more. I learnt that money is not everything but our dreams are first.

From activities I learnt many principles which can change my life. I will try to implement these things in my life. I am very lucky that I came here.

~ Shrirajsinh, Std. 8

This has been a life changing experience

In this camp I enjoyed a lot and learnt a lot. First time I have written about what will I become in the upcoming years. Much frustration which was there inside me has come out and I will try to remove the remaining in the next camp. This has been a life changing experience.

~ Rudradatt, Std. 9

The best thing I liked is the room & its facilities

I liked this camp and Oasis Valleys very much. The environment was very nice & peaceful.

I liked activities and games. It was a nice place where we can learn new things related to our life. The activities we did had messages & moral values behind it.

It was a very nice experience for me.

~ Tithi, Std. 7

I am very thankful to Oasis Valleys & Pallavididi

I liked the games & activities played because they gave us information to reach our goals.

We were given many gifts which told us about our talents & other good qualities.

I am very thankful to Oasis Valleys & Pallavididi. I promise I will reach to my goals.

~ Aarsh, Std. 6

You gave us smile on our face

I liked the institution, jungle-trekking & bird watching.

I liked the games we played. I also liked movie. I liked the food and facilities in room.

તમે જે અમારી જોડે આટલી સારી રીતે રહ્યા તે ગમ્યું. You gave us smile on our face. I wish to come here again and again.

~ Amol, Std. 7

મને પલ્લવીદીદી સાથે રહેવાનું બહુ ગમ્યું

મને અહીંની વ્યવસ્થા બહુ ગમી. રૂમ બહુ સારા અને સાફ હતા. મને આખું બિલ્ડિંગ અને અહીંની જગ્યા બહુ ગમી.

અહીં નવી નવી વસ્તુઓ જાણવાની મજા આવી જેમ કે ગંગામાનું ચક્ર. મને અહીં જે બધા ઝાડ ઉગાડયા છે અને એ પણ ઉબળ-ખાબળ જમીન પર એ બહુ ગમ્યું.

અહીં ઘણી બધી ગેમ્સ રમી અને ખબર પડી કે આપણી બુદ્ધિ કેટલી ચાલે છે.

મને પલ્લવીદીદી સાથે રહેવાનું બહુ ગમ્યું. એ બહુ કોમળ છે અને એમણે બધા સાથે સારી રીતે વ્યવહાર કર્યો.

~ પ્રાચી, Std. 7

Reflections after Environment Education Tour of Oasis Valleys:

Amazing! How they have cultivated crops on the land full of valleys!!

The thing I liked the most was their concept and idea about the whole farm. The farmers at Oasis Valleys have thought deeply. They try to use everything for cultivation, like - cow dung, cow urine, plant bio-mass, leaves etc.

I liked the most the idea of cultivating crops on the land full of valleys. It is very hard to do this job. And the most amazing was the Gangama Circle. It has given me a brilliant idea about how to cultivate crops on just 1000 sq.ft.

Thanks to Oasis for this tour.

~ Harshil, Std. 8

I enjoyed the farm visit

From this farm visit I learnt many things about trees, their usefulness & their nutritional value. The tree names which I was not knowing, I came to know very nicely.

The vermi-compost technique was very nice. I like it the most. We saw Gaushala and from it I learnt many things like - How cow is useful to us, how bio-gas is made from cow dung etc.

~ Nachita, Std. 7

ખાડાટેકરાની વચ્ચે આવી ખેતી પહેલીવાર જોઈ

મને સૌથી વધુ મજા પક્ષીઓના અવાજ સાંભળવાની, પગથીયાં ચઢીને 'Sunset Point'ના બાંકડે બેસીને વાતચીત કરવાની, હાથમાં અળસિયું પકડવાની અને ગંગામા ચક્ર જોવાની આવી. રામફળનું નામ સાંભળ્યું હતું, આજે જોવા મળ્યું.

ખાડાટેકરા વચ્ચે આવી ખેતી પહેલીવાર જોઈ અને બહુ મજા આવી.

~ હર્ષ, Std. 6

I was shocked to know there were 5000 Trees on Oasis Valleys

The eco-tour in the morning was adventurous for a student who has visited many natural places.

The tour gave knowledge about organic farming and the importance of organic farming. I also learnt a lot about some of the micro-organisms which look simple but are very helpful to mankind.

During the tour I liked the solitude point (એકાંત સ્થળ) because I have never experienced that much silence ever. I was shocked when I came to know there are over 5000 trees and total 120 species!

~ Shrey, Std. 8

Nurturing Self-confidence On The Lap Of Nature

35 students of Std. 9, Shri Swaminarayan HV Vidyalaya, Surat, had their first LIFE Camp at Oasis Valleys on 11 & 12th January. The camp was facilitated by Dr. Ami Desai (Trustee, OASIS). Through unique interactive processes designed by Oasis, they learnt about Self-confidence, Success in Life, Dreams & Goals, Friendship etc. They also had a detailed tour of Oasis Valleys Campus, which is specially designed for Environment Education. Students had most joyous experiences of their Life.

Students verbalizing their feelings after the youth camp:

Wonderful experience! We enjoyed to the fullest

The camp will help us in many ways. We learnt many things such as-
1. Living without parents
2. Cooperating with friends
3. A way to behave in public
4. How to become successful
5. Removing stage fear
6. Organic Farming

I liked Camp-fire the most. It was awesome night & all stars shining in the sky. The fire was giving heat in the cold night. It was wonderful time.

~ Hardik Arora

My confidence level has risen up

This camp would help us in a very good manner about building our self-confidence. Leadership program is very important for me because I want to become a leader & a doctor. That is my goal in life. My confidence level has risen up.

From many activities I liked the drama the most because to perform in a group in front of the people needs a lot of courage & confidence.

~ Nishith Patel

The camp gave me lot of knowledge

From many activities I liked the session of introduction and sharing about our best friend & role model.

The whole camp gave me a lot of knowledge. It has increased my self confidence, how to be successful. I learnt about nature, about earthworms & gir cows, how to prevent soil erosion and also about Gangama & her circle.

It was a very enjoyable camp.

~ Pritesh Gehani

If I had not joined camp, it would have been my big mistake

The last session of the camp was 'Gift Booklet' and I liked it the most. We were excited to see what other people in the camp think about us.

I think if I had not came into this camp, that would have been my big mistake. The camp has increased my self-confidence very much and gave me idea about how to be successful in life.

I liked campfire. Standing near fire in cold weather was just awesome.

~ Yash Jain

મંચ પર બોલવાનો ડર જતો રહ્યો

મને આ કૅમ્પની બધી જ પ્રવૃત્તિ ગમી પરંતુ એમાં મારી સૌથી ગમતી પ્રવૃત્તિ ત્રણ હતી.

૧. સફળ માણસ બનવા આપણે કેટલું બધું કરવું પડે - ખૂબ મહેનત, કામ પ્રત્યે રુચિ વગેરે.
૨. મને ડ્રામા કરવાની મજા આવી. મને એ શીખવા મળ્યું કે આપણે બધાને વચન આપીએ તો એ નિભાવવા જરૂરી છે.
૩. બહાર કુદરતના ખોળે ફરવાની ખૂબ મજા આવી.

આ કૅમ્પનો જીવનમાં ઉપયોગ એ થયો કે મંચ પર બોલવાનો ડર હતો એ દૂર થયો, આત્મવિશ્વાસ જાગ્યો.

~ ઉત્તમ લાખાણી

મારામાં હિંમત અને આત્મવિશ્વાસ આવ્યા

મને આખા કૅમ્પમાં ખૂબ મજા આવી પણ સૌથી વધુ મજા બે બાબતમાં આવી -
૧. ફાર્મમાં વૃક્ષો વિશે શીખવાની
૨. રૂમમાં મિત્રો સાથે મસ્તી કરવાની

મને વૃક્ષો અને પ્રાણીઓ વિશે જાણવાની મજા આવે છે. બીજું એ કે મેહુલસરે અમને જે રીતે શીખવાડ્યું તે સમજવાની મજા આવી.

આ પહેલાં મિત્રો સાથે બે-ત્રણ દિવસ પણ રહ્યા ન હતા એટલે આ બે દિવસમાં ખૂબ મજા આવી. મમ્મી-પપ્પા વગર રહેવાની હિંમત આવી.

બધા સામે બોલવાનો અને જંગલમાં રહેવાનો ડર દૂર થયો.

~ બ્રિજેશ આસોદરીયા

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