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Fifth Oasis SummerHill Camp At Oasis Valleys

Another Milestone Towards Freedom & Happiness For Children

Oasis Summerhill Camp =

“Being responsible, Being Independent,
Some values and basic education from sessions,
Learning to make new friends, Being used to all environment, Equality and ......... Full Masti

Collage above: Highlights of the Summerhill Camp at Oasis Valleys.

80 children from all over Gujarat and from Mumbai got together at Oasis Valleys during 4th May to 10th May for the 5th Oasis Summerhill Camp. With its unique combination of concepts and activities, Summerhill Camp is the most popular camp amongst the children.

Children's Parliament System =
Learning Self-governance; Means Taking Responsibilities For Having Freedom

It is the best and the most unique concept of the Camp

Collage above: Glimpses and highlights of Parliament in progress

In the camp, children learn Self-governance through the system of parliament, where they elect their Jury (8-10 members) & make their own rules. They conduct parliament every night for two hrs., where complains or suggestions came through Suggestion Box (put in the institute, accessible to every one) are taken one by one and Jury put it across the assembly. They took decision after listening and discussions. Thus, children solve their own problems, sometimes to the surprise of the elders, very effectively. Contrary to the popular belief in the society, Oasis believes that if given proper platform and opportunities, children have capacity to solve their own problems and Parliament system in the Summerhill Camps validates the same very strongly.

'Children Thrive & Grow The Most
In An Environment Of Complete Freedom'

Daily Sessions, More Than 20 Subjects, 14 Teachers

Here Learning Is Fun & Joy... and Pure Happiness

Collage above: Glimpses of regular sessions.

Every day schedule includes two sessions of 2 to 2.5 hrs. for learning new things - one in the morning & in the afternoon each. The subjects are very carefully chosen so that children learn new things which balance their overall development. In this process of choosing, they also learn to make proper choices, which are best for themselves. In this Summerhill Camp children had choices of more than 20 different subjects - starting from Leadership Development, Appreciating Architecture, Basic Computer Programming, Crafts & Painting, Dance, Music & Singing, Learning to love, Soft-Toys making, English Confidence, Repair-vepair, Environment & Sciences, Cooking, Self-defence techniques etc. Each & every session was much loved by children.

Morning Star Assembly : Daily Dose Of Genuine Affirmation

At Oasis We Believe - 'Every Child Is Good Without Exception';

We Need To Train Our Heart & Eyes To See Goodness, All The Time

Collage above: Glimpses of Star Assembly.

We believe that the role of a Teacher is to enjoy and affirm children, to create an environment of freedom and to support and fulfill children's requirements for growth. One hour morning assembly is called Star Assembly. Yesterday's good deeds are affirmed in this assembly. Facilitators and Sessions Teachers observe children for the whole day (starting from morning jogging till late night) and note their all good things, their struggles to learn new things, brighter side of their character, etc. and all those kids are given stars in various categories, e.g. Learner & Performer, Healthy, Leader, Karmaveer, Independent, Resident, Community person. Some categories are by children i.e. they nominate themselves for stars, e.g. Reflector (reflecting goodness of others) & New Buddies (making new friendship).

Special Guests Showered Their Love & Knowledge

They Came To Teach Children;

They Found They Are The Ones Who Learned The Most

Collage above: Guest sessions in progress.

Special guests are invited for special sessions with children. They come voluntarily, taking out their precious time for sharing their knowledge with children. In turn they get lots of love and warmth from children. Amongst guests this time, there were Industrialists, Expert Trainers, Masters & Drama artist & others.

Teachers Too, Enjoyed Love & Affection

The Love & Respect Given To Children, Came Back In Plenty

Collage above: Children reflecting their gratitude and love for teachers.

The most precious gift the teachers take back from Oasis Summerhill Camp is plenty of love children shower on them in 3-5 days. Many teachers reflect that the love they receive here in few days, is much more than what they receive in year or sometimes few years.

Morning Exercises, Afternoon Duties & Evening Games

Keeping The Body Fit Along With The Mind

Collage above: Children seen in various physical activities.

The format of Oasis Summerhill Camp is such that the children get both mental & physical exercise in balance. While Sessions give mental exercise, Morning Exercises, Evening Games and afternoon Duties give them physical exercise. Morning exercise is compulsory with many options to choose; Mountain Jogging is the most favorite of all. Evening games are almost preferred by all. In Summerhill Camp, children also learn about the importance of cleanliness, orderliness and household duties. They themselves keep the institute - their home for 8 days - clean and arranged by giving special time - Duty Time - in the afternoon with much more enthusiasm and zeal. Many children learn toilet cleaning for the very first time in Summerhill Camp and they feel very happy about it.

'Happiness & Fun With Meaningfulness' - One Of The Pillars Of The Camp

Dance, Drama, Music; Singing, Acting, Speaking;

A Show With Meaningful Messages For Society

Collage above: Children showing their talents on the last day.

On the last evening it is the time to celebrate. The evening before they depart, a program is organized to perform whatever children have learnt in 7 days in Oasis Summerhill Camp - Dance, Drama, Singing, Reading the drama written by themselves, Performing Mime etc.

'Learning is always a voluntary choice;
one cannot force children to learn in a creative way'

Freedom Brought Out Hidden Creativity Of Children

Collage above: Showcase of what they learnt in camp, presented during the talent show.

At The End, It Was Living Together And Creating Joy Together

“We will miss our friends & teachers the most”

Collage above: Some special moments of the camp.

Isn't it true that 'the Goal of Life, and so Education, is to work happily and find joy'?

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