Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 6  I ISSUE 2  I Jan 16, 2013

Oasis Movement Ends 2012 With Positive Notes In All Area

Oasis Valleys Completes 1st Year:

206 Program-days, 2317 Beneficiaries, 7534 Beneficiary-days

30 Life/Love Camps, 5 SummerHill Camps, 1588 Children

26 Workshops, 86 days, 516 Participant-days

A Photo Journey Through Programs At Oasis Valleys : 2012

January : All Round Activities Kick Started At Oasis Valleys

{photo from upper left, clockwise : 1. Beginning of Oasis L3 Course 2. 'Mahan Hrudayona SaRe...' (MHS) Workshop Series for professionals & teachers from Navsari 3. MHS Workshop for BRS (Bachelor of Rural Studies) Students, Mangrol 4. First Life Camp for students of Sunrise Vidya-vilas School, Vadodara}

After a series of inauguration programs, Oasis Valleys Institute started its regular functioning from the very first day of 2012. Beginning with children from nearby village visiting Oasis Valleys Campus, the whole month went through as many as 4 Oasis Workshops, 5 Life Camps, 3 Events, a Farm Visit and a Leadership Training for Oasis Core Team.

In January, Oasis began workshop series - 'Mahan Hrudayona SaReGaMaPaDhaNi' (shortly called as Oasis MHS Workshops) for Teachers & Professionals from Navsari and a four year complete course on Self Development – The Philosophy, Art & Science of Living, Loving & Learning; shortly called as Oasis L3 course for close friends & well-wishers of Oasis Movement.

February : Life & Love Camps Flourished

{photo left : Children from Vatsalyadham feels jubilant after their first Life Class; photo right : Sanjiv Shah facilitating new workshop series MHS Vishesh}

Life & Love Camps dominated the second month & Oasis Valleys became the most favorite place for the students. In the second month Oasis began a special series of MHS workshops called as MHS Vishesh for those professionals who had completed the basic course and wanted to advance further very eagerly.

March : Welcoming New Facilitators Of Life Camps

{photo from upper left, clockwise : 1. Nipun Shah (Surat) with students of Swami Vivekanand School, Vadodara 2. Renu Parikh (Mumbai) with students of GEB School, Vadodara 3. Mayuri Gohil (Vadodara) with students of GEB School, Vadodara 4. Bina Gandhi (Ahmedabad) with students of GEB School, Vadodara}

With series of Life Camps in the month of March, Oasis invited new facilitators for conducting Life Camp and thus be part of the educative process. It turned out to be the most fascinating experience for all the four of them who took their first Life Camp at Oasis Valleys.

Oasis also introduced Health Revision Retreat (HRR), a health rejuvenation course based on Ayurveda, at Oasis Valleys in this month. The first batch of participants well appreciated it.

April : Experiments In Life Camps

{photo above : Fountainhead school children with rural craftsmen and a beggar}

New and innovative experiments continued in the Life Camps during April. The students of Fountainhead School, Surat, went out of Oasis Valleys during the camp to see and understand the village life. Having a firsthand experience, they could empathize with rural life & occupations.

May : 'SummerHill Camp' - A Unique Children Camp
Bringing Freedom & Happiness To Children

{collage above: Glimpses of SummerHill Camp Parliament Sessions}

Learning from SummerHill School, U.K. and based on the principles of Freedom & Happiness, Oasis organized a unique & very innovative camp for children – SummerHill Camp – for the first time at Oasis Valleys. Not only it turned out to be the most exciting camp children ever had, it brought lots of learning & new insights about dealing with children for facilitators & organizers. It was a major turning point for Oasis Movement.

June : Oasis Workshops Continues

{photo above : Participants of Mahan Hrudayona SaRe.... Workshop for professionals and teachers from Navsari, Gujarat}

June saw a dip in no. of programs at Oasis Valleys with two reasons – School children were busy in their new term of academic year and also Oasis Valleys Institute had undergone for major expansion work for 21 days.

July : Oasis Workshop (MHS) For School Teachers

{photo above : Teachers of Shantaba Vidyalaya, Village Kukeri, Ta. Chikhali, Dist. Navsari engrossed in Oasis MHS workshop, which was facilitated by Snehal Shah (Surat) and Hiral Patel (Vadodara)}

With MHS-Vishesh & Oasis L3 course continuing, in the month of July, Oasis started a new journey with Shantaba Vidyalaya & Vatsalyadham (Village: Kukeri, Ta. Chikhali, Dist. Navsari) Teachers. A series of MHS Workshops began for them.

August : Patriotism Camp By Children

{collage above : Glimpses of Patriotism Camp organized at Oasis Valleys}

The highlight of August was the Patriotism Camp organized by children themselves to celebrate 65 years of independence of our country. Starting from conception to registration, organizing,… till it was concluded, everything was done by children with help from Oasis facilitators. During the camp, children worked upon plaguing issues of our country, created understanding & spread the message by taking out a rally with slogans, street plays & creative posters.

September : SummerHill Camp For Jumbish Children

{collage above : Glimpses of a special SummerHill Camp for children associated with Jumbish, Surat}

In the month of September, a special SummerHill Camp was organized for students of one of the schools of Surat Municipal Corporation which is adopted by an NGO named Jumbish. Students enjoyed and learnt a lot. And for the members of Jumbish, who took part in the camp, it turned out to be the most revealing experience they ever had with these children.

October : Concluding 1st Year Of Oasis Courses

{photo above top : Participants of Oasis L3 Course engrossed in the workshop; photo above bottom : Oasis MHS Workshop for Navsari professionals in progress}

The first year of Oasis L3 Course & Oasis MHS workshop series for professionals from Navsari ended with the workshops in the month of October. All most all participants reflected to have a life transforming experience through the workshop.

November : Extraordinary SummerHill Camp

{collage above : Glimpses of SummerHill Camp Part II}

Another milestone was achieved by Oasis in the month of November when 72 students rated the SummerHill Camp, organized during 21st to 27th Nov, as the most innovative & extraordinary camp they ever had in life. Some of the facilitators also reflected that they experienced true joy in this camp.

December : Special SummerHill Camp For Vatsalyadham Children

{collage above : Glimpses of a special SummerHill Camp for Vatsalyadham children}

In the beginning of December, another SummerHill Camp was organized at Oasis Valleys especially for children of Vatsalyadham (a home for orphaned, single parent or underprivileged rural children at village Kukeri, Dist. Navsari). 8 day camp was life changing experience for many of the children.

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