Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 1 I ISSUE 19 I Sept 15, 2008
Passing Forth the Torch!

As a part of the ongoing Health Festival organized by ASHA Team at Bangalore, a unique program was organized to reach to more and more children with the concept of health and hygiene. Training and awareness on Importance of Clean Drinking Water was given to students of regular ASHA Program. These children in turn imparted the training to other students of school through demonstration (on use of Alum for purifying water) and stories at General Assembly or through sessions in each of the individual class in the School.

This has not only given benefit of knowledge to each and every student of the school but has also created in-depth understanding of the concept and increased confidence in the students who gave these demonstrations and sessions. This program has been facilitated in 16 schools so far.

Cleanliness is Godliness

ASHA Teachers made efforts to inculcate concept of Cleanliness in children through associated project work in Health Festival. ASHA Teachers facilitated their students to identify one area in their school which was dirty and unhygienic. Once this area was identified, students made plans of how this area should be cleaned. The cleaning work was done by whole class as a team thereby setting an example to other school children. Children cleaned the corridors, class rooms and even bathrooms in some schools under supervision of Teachers.

In all, this project was facilitated in 16 schools and approximately 750 children have participated so far. These events will continue till the end of this month and programs will be facilitated by 28 volunteers of ASHA.


What A Wonderful Journey This Has Been -
Voices Of Participants At USA

The Oasis L3 courses, being conducted for the Indian Community at Los Angeles and Washington DC since last 3 years, have concluded this month. Ms. Sheeba Nair was the Facilitator of the courses, assisted by Sanjiv Shah for some special sessions and series co-ordinated by Preeti Nair. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the learning process. “When we joined Oasis course before 2-3 years, no one among us would have believed this extraordinary journey of change that we would be undergoing! It’s unbelievable and extremely precious for us.”-was the crux of what all the participants had to say, with tears of joy, remembering their achievements and struggles during the course of workshops.

"What a wonderful journey this has been!" – reflected the Managers & Directors of Vesta Inc., who finished the First Phase of the L3 course, which dealt with subjects on personal change and relationships. The participants expressed their thankfulness and gratitude to Oasis by gifting Sheeba Nair with a unique souvenir – the sharing of their personal journey during this wonderful process.

New batches of L3-Certificate Courses [on Self-Leadership and Love] at USA are being launched from February 2009. For more details about the course, please see our website For more details and registration, please contact Preeti Nair on The associations working for Indian Communities are specially invited to take advantage of this opportunity. The participants who attend the courses have an opportunity to be a facilitator for conducting such courses after undergoing special training from Oasis.


Sessions and Book Exhibitions Organized

Dr Pallavi Raulji co-ordinated sessions on Character Building in two colleges, (TNTV Sarvajanik Primary Teachers' Course (PTC) College and Vanita Vishrant Primary Teachers' Course (PTC) College) last month. Book exhibitions were also organized at various schools and colleges with a view to promote character building concept and reading among students and citizens in general. Over 750 people have benefited so far. These exhibitions will continue till the end of this month. Those who are interested to organize exhibitions in their school/college campus or industries can contact Dr Pallavi Raulji on 9924343088 or write to us at


A ravine, contour Land gets converted
into lush green flowering Valleys!

As September comes to an end, third phase of Plantation is about to conclude at OASIS VALLEYS site. Over 1000 saplings have been planted so far, covering all four valleys. Under the agile leadership of Shri Milind Patel, from Ahmedabad, Landscape has been designed and project has been executed. Over 40 varieties of flowering, medicinal and other plants have been sown so far, which include Kesudo (Butea Monosperma), Gliricidia Maculata, Harde, Aritha, etc. It is really a matter to rejoice that almost all of the 500 plants, planted in the second phase (in February 2008) have started blossoming. Apart from those planted on land, there are about 200 more saplings, which are been taken care of in Nursery. Due to intensive care and good rains, these plants have also developed very well. Some of them have already grown up to 5 feet.

This project will convert whole land, (which once upon a time, was barren with ravine contours), into beautiful flowering valleys and naturally created forests. Today, about 7.5 acres of land is covered with more than 5000 plants/trees.

Photo Gallery

A group of students demonstrating use of Alum in purification of Water to students in other class, during Health Festival, Bangalore


Spreading the Knowledge : Students giving information on Importance of Clean Drinking Water through story telling to other students in school, Bangalore.

"The participants of Vesta Inc, Washington DC, USA gifting the feedback diary to the facilitator Sheeba Nair"...

Dr Pallavi Raulji explaining concept of Character Education to group of PTC Students

Recently planted Kapok Saplings on slopes of
Oasis Valleys
Vegetable Beds blooming after rains
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