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Be Misaal, Be the Change
We, at Oasis Movement, have launched the ‘Misaal Social Leadership Development Program (MSLDP)’ as the 4th stage of Misaal competition this year.

This is a first-of-its-kind project to spot, inspire, prepare, guide, and support teenagers, youths, teachers, citizens who wish to bring about a positive cultural change in the society and country at large.
Click here to download the app & participate -Be the Change, be Misaal
Working of Oasis
1-Doing Our Duties: - This is an extraordinary situation, with such a serious pandemic occurring almost after 100 years. We need to be very careful and take all precautions as advised by Authorities. While staying at home is strongly recommended and propagated widely, we must also acknowledge and understand that our lives are going on because of the efforts of billions of our fellow citizens out there on the field.

There are people who are staking their lives to protect others’. Hence, we too should do our duties whatever we can do, however difficult it may be. We cannot afford to be a silent spectator and do nothing.

We need to strike a balance between restricting our movements and yet being part of solution for the country

2-Help Run Economy: - The privileged class can afford to live on their savings, spend time at home entertaining themselves with their families. Yet again, a vast majority of our population survives on their daily or monthly income. They have nothing saved for rainy days. We should do whatever to help them by supporting their efforts in every way we can.

This means no laying off our employees, of course by keeping them constructively engaged.

3- Adapt, Imagine, and Reposition: This is also challenge to all of us to start adapting to the circumstances and think creatively on how we could continue to serve people. Rather than getting cowed down by COVID-19, we should learn to use it as an opportunity to uplift our health and reinvent ourselves individually as well as organisationally for our Projects and Activities. 

Oasis believes in this and is in the process of redefining itself using the current scenario as an opportunity and challenge.
Expansion of Movement
Oasis is facing COVID-19 situation when its national expansion plans are on the anvil. Already, Oasis has been transitioning into Movement mode over the last few years through its triple strategy of Leadership Development Projects, Mass Education Programs and Publication Drive. We are now preparing to raise our bar through the use of Digital Technologies and Social Media for Project Management and National Expansion.

Even amid partial lockdowns and travel restrictions in the month of July, in line with above policies, Oasis successfully conducted its Recruitment Drive for National Expansion at Oasis Valleys under stringent processes of care and precautions. Aspiring youths from 16 states/UTs participated in person for this 2 week program. Along with this, in June, we also conducted recruitment program of fresh batch of MHEs (Oasis fellowship) at our campus. Now a team of around 35 youngsters are staying at our various premises as a Community. They are creatively engaged and working full time to support this Expansion Project, while taking good care of themselves and each other.

August onward, Oasis is planning to take up newly devised 15 days “Misaal Social Leadership Development Program” which is amalgamation of many Oasis programs like Dream India Camp, Military Training, L3 Workshops as well as preparing participants as leaders/social welfare entrepreneurs. This program is to encourage students to serve, learn and earn in the process.
Training Program of Misaal Honourship Explorer Batch 20-22 at Oasis Valleys
 Prevention of Covid
Covid 19 Care System Checklist:

Travel to Oasis-
  1. Participants allowed only after signing Covid Agreements
  2. Travel Care Instructions from hometown to Vadodara
  3. Stay Care at Vadodara, if relevant
  4. Safe Travel help from Vadodara to OV
Upon Arrival-
  1. Measuring vital Parameters upon arrival
  2. Sanitising luggage, shoes, cloths etc
  3. Filling up form for medical history
  4. Questionnaire for recent illness incidences in family
  5. Tracking last fortnight’s movements & exposure
At Institute & Premises-
  1. Regularly Sanitised Dorms, Halls and other spaces
  2. Reduced capacity of Institute for safe handling
  3. Only 1 person per Bunk Bed allowed instead of 3
  4. Masks for all compulsory at all times
  5. Maintaining Social Distance everywhere
  6. Hall Sitting Discipline with distances
  7. No handshakes, hugs etc allowed
  8. Hand wash in break times encouraged
  9. Covid Care Instructions at Key Places
  10. Posters for spotting symptoms and reporting
  11. Strictly No Permission to go Outside Farm
Special Care-
  1. Keeping health first for all, topmost priority
  2. 30 mins Covid Review everyday in evening
  3. Labelled Dedicated Quarantine cum Treatment Rooms
  4. Anti-cold-cough Food Care Menu
  5. No fast food or unhealthy items allowed
  6. Regular exercises focusing on lung health compulsory
  7. Immunity Medicines handy for Needy
  8. Ayurveda COVID Care Mix for low immunity cases
  1. Emergency Numbers for all purposes ready
  2. Policy to send a participant home at initial illness phase only
  3. Supporting all participants as family in all cases
Basically, boosting one’s immunity and maintaining the same is the key to fight COVID-19.  In fact, that’s what all vaccines do eventually. So while Covid situation is not in our control, our own immunity is definitely within our power. At Oasis, we are fully exercising this power and choice.
Sample of Posters Displayed at Oasis Valleys 
Special Actions to Take Care!
Response to Illnesses
As dry cough, fever and breathlessness are major symptoms of COVID-19 as also of common cold, flu and seasonal allergies; these ordinary kind of symptoms can today panic people out of proportion. This may in fact result in acute stress, which can trigger a vicious cycle of lowering of immunity and in turn, susceptibility for diseases.

At Oasis, we have adopted an attitude of taking such symptoms both seriously and yet in a relaxed manner so as to help persons having such symptoms feel at ease. Anyone developing these symptoms is quarantined in a specially allocated room, can rest, read books etc while being provided all services, monitoring and medications. Usually they feel better in a day or two, and resume their normal duties and participation.

In Case of COVID-19 Infections

In case someone displays COVID-19 like symptoms, their families would be notified immediately and the person will be safely and promptly transported to their homes in the most efficient manner.

In special cases like core group members and staff, if the said person/family categorically consents and wishes to be treated under the supervision of Oasis, (only limited to cases where Covid like symptoms are mild and home quarantine/treatment is advised) Oasis may decide to allow and administer in-house care. This is purely for cases where there is no reason to panic.

Oasis will recommend help of medical professionals’ and medical care systems only for severe cases of COVID-19.
Maintaining Social Distance and Rules of COVID to Stay Safe & Healthy
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